Are amino acids in an ingredient sufficient enough on their own to enhance HGH?

Well, it’s been quite a time that we see HGH anti aging products coming and going in the market. But, every now and then something creates enough curiosity in the anti aging market.

This year, according to Yahoo Finance, at The Academy of Women’s Health’s 2013 Annual Congress, SeroVital, a new HGH product changed the attitude of many healthcare providers on the rising popularity of growth hormone therapy.

Here is what other news channel have to say about Serovital, interesting news indeed.

This is the actual report they’re referring to.

Few things to note in this study –

– Just an amino acids based product is not going to be of much help
– GABA, Phosphatidylcoline, Deer antler velvet are crucial ingredients that can’t be missed
– An hgh product which is basically “pills” should include enteric coating.

Quality of ingredients is a big issue. Read more on what ingredients should be on the list.