Dairy products and the process of aging

Dairy products and milk are the next important food groups which cause human bodies to really have difficulties. Remember, the milk which you find in supermarkets will not even keep a calf alive since the milk that we human drink is either pasteurized or heated. When this is done, it automatically removes all the nutritional benefits associated with raw milk.

But as they say, even cow’s milk, in its natural condition cannot be consumed by human beings and infact a cow’s milk is not created for humans to drink but rather it is meant for its calf as the original milk is too heavy and rich in calcium.

It can obstruct and block our system. If we go to think closely the commercial milk can be deadly. More than half of the American population is lactose intolerant. Therefore, we will never be able to digest cow’s milk even though it would not be reduced to some kind of non food state when we heat.

Milk as we all know is principally designed for kids and infants, so that these infants reach a stage where they will not require drinking milk any longer. We humans are the only species in the whole world who drink milk continuously throughout our growing stage, that too milk carried out from an altogether different species.

The fact is that, after drinking milk, we will not be able to process it and therefore it begins to clog inside our system. The content of calcium in milk is very heavy. Our body is not able to utilize milk as deposits in our joints which eventually builds up arthritis caused due to calcium accumulation over a period of time. It can really be fix but the question is how ? Well, most importantly, first and foremost remove or at least minimize the dairy products list from your diet.

Most of the dairy firms promote milk in such a manner that it becomes difficult for us to resist drinking milk. They pass milk as a nutrient that helps in providing strong bones which is actually not good for humans.

According to Dr. Spreen, from the ‘Health Science Institute’ has mentioned that homogenized and pasteurized milk does not even attain the qualification as food.

Dr. Spreen advocates that the homogenization process of milk breaks up and begins to eradicate its enzymes by way of heating. He additionally states that the enzyme Xanthine Oxidase, in its changed state can even enter the blood stream of human beings and begin reacting against the walls of the arteries which can cause our body to safeguard the area filled with a layer containing cholesterol. This can be very serious.

When milk is skimmed, it makes it harder for all the balance nutrients to get absorbed, according to Dr. Spreen. He further declares that ‘the calcium gets absorbed better when the milk fat is present (nevertheless the high levels of fat found in a whole milk is meant only for very fast growing baby cows or calf and not for baby humans).’

1- The calcium found in milk is not completely absorbed.

2- There is never enough quantity of magnesium that are found in milk.

3- There has been evidence that the antibodies made by our body for ingesting milk are very closely connected with the antibodies which destroys the islet cells (i.e. the producers of insulin) in the pancreas are found mostly in cases of diabetes in juvenile.

4- We must also realize that milk contains herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and also Bovine Growth Hormones.

Trans Fatty Acids

One of the worst types of foods that we consume today is food which contains Trans Fatty Acids. We can find this so called Trans Fatty Acids in most of the fast foods and other highly processed foods. One of the principal examples of this deadly acid is included in the famous ‘Oreo Cookies’. The job of Trans Fatty Acids is to cover the cells of our body.

Cells are having a special process for Osmosis by which the cells are able to carry in the nutrients and spread the waste materials. But then, Trans Fatty Acids decelerate and block this process thereby making the cells corrupt and fragile.

Non stop tiredness is regarded as a direct outcome of us eating meals containing Trans Fatty Acids. These acids also can create chaos in our brain chemistry. They tend to inhibit all the receptors and chemicals all over our body.

Too much toxins in your liver may slow down the quantity of calcium assimilated by the system. As outlined by author and restorative proponent Kevin Trudeau, you are subjected to organ-damaging contaminants right from your birth. Cleansing of the liver via a liver cleanse might help eliminate toxins and enhance your liver function for maximum calcium absorption. Having said that, liver cleansing is not clinically verified to assist liver function.

A great deal of toxins in your system can result in an overstressed and bombarded liver, declares chiropractor Dr. Edward Group. Getting rid of toxic compounds by making use of a liver cleanser might enhance the overall health of your liver for appropriate calcium absorption.

Liver cleansers could have antioxidant herbs and vitamins, for example milk thistle and the vitamins C and E. Fasting with water, lemons and an herbal-blend stimulates your liver to discharge toxins..

Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates:

Are you aware that experts now claim that heated carbohydrates are toxic and that heated fats are toxic, but we have not examined heated protein yet?

Is it perhaps because of the enormous power and dollars in the meat business which supplies their products like, over 40,000,000 hamburgers a day globally?

There are actually three forms of basic molecules that all meals are comprised of: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins.

Sugars and Starches are Carbohydrates (Carbs). Carbs can be found in fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, and bread.

Proteins can be found in meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, grains, and the majority of foods. Meat and dairy incorporate largely protein and fat. Nevertheless the protein levels in fruit and veggies is a lot more balanced and healthy.

And the protein quantities in nuts is greater than in fruit and veggies while also getting perfectly healthy. The protein in nuts is much more digestible and beneficial to your system than the protein in meat and dairy.

There is a catch 22 situation if you are considering eating meat for proteins. Fats can be found in meat, dairy, nuts, oils, avocados, olives, coconuts, and durian (an exotic fruit).

Meat and dairy can cause diseases when eaten unheated and the fats inside them turn into hazardous when heated as all fats do. Consequently meat and dairy are not appropriate approaches to acquire fats. Our tissues require fats. These should come predominantly from nuts, avocados, hemp seeds, hemp oil, flax oil, olive oil, flax seeds, olives, coconuts and durian in an organic state.

A more lenient anti aging diet would involve only healthy toxin free fish, if meat is to be taken.


Calcification is building up or hardening of unsolvable calcium salts in various parts of human bodies where they begin to interfere with the normal functioning of our body. Most of the times, the deposits are found in and around the joint area, but at the same time it can also be seen in the kidneys, arteries, nerve sheaths, heart valves, glands, gall bladder (formed as gall bladder stones), the middle ear and last but not the least, even our brains.

These salts get deposited in any part of the human body and they mostly get noticed only when it begins to cause trouble for us or when they are being noticed on X-rays.

ARTHRITIS – This is considered as one of the most common illness caused due to CALCIFICATION

Arthritis occurs when calcium deposits begin to settle within the joints of the human body. Calcium salts that stick to Synovial membranes or any kind of moving surfaces of a joint can be very rough and painful as the joints are considered to be highly sensitive.

Once these deposits begin to settle, it makes our movements very agonizing. As the building up of the calcium deposits progresses, it eventually becomes difficult even for mobility, until the deposits on both the joint surfaces reach together to cement the joint.

This process of cementing or fusion is known as Ankylosis. During this period, a patient will not suffer from any pain since there will be no more movements in the joints.


When calcium begins to build up in the arteries, the inner areas of the arteries first get roughened by crystals of uric acid which keeps sticking to it.

Uric acid is produced when we consume meat, mainly because animal cells include a high quantity of nucleic acid (RNA and DSA) which first begin to break down into purines and then further breaks down into uric acid.

After the uric acid further breaks down into allantsin which are so minute in the shape that it is able to pass even through the kidneys. To pass through the kidneys, it requires the use of the enzyme uricase which human beings are unable to produce but only carnivorous animals like dogs, cats and other omnivorous animals like rats and hogs (they are also known as scavenger animals) have enzyme uricase in them.

Uric acid travels past the kidneys at a very slow rate and causes the acid to build up within the blood stream in crystal form towards the veins and arteries and also allows the formation of stones within the kidneys.


When the uric acid crystals begin to provide a corrugated surface, there begins a series of cholesterol and calcium salts that get stuck to it, thereby creating a formation of atherosclerotic plaque which blocks the artery.

In more advanced cases, the walls of the artery begin to weaken and eventually deteriorate, and the deposits of calcium strengthen it, but ultimately make the artery very brittle and stiff.

Before this happens, reducing the opening of the artery can cause high blood pressure since the heart begins to pump with extra vigor to move the blood all through its system.