While taking hgh injections are an efficient method of increasing growth hormone, they come with their side effects. Moreover an anti aging program must also use a supplemental, metabolism-enhancing formula that includes amino acids and nucleic acids, which, along with growth hormone, helps supply the high-test fuel that allows the cell to function at its maximum level.

However, if you follow the advice given below, you will be able to get rid of the problems of growth hormone replacement therapy. You will need to find a good doctor who must have handled several such therapies. You will need to follow your doctor’s advice and have regular follow-up meetings with him/her. Based on the diverse study of the patients who have undergone the growth hormone replacement therapy, here are some tips that will help you in more than one way.

1: Follow the “natural hgh pattern” to replace the growth hormones –

Instead of going for pharmacological doses, you must give serious thought to taking physiological doses on a regular basis. You will need to start with low doses in the beginning. Slowly with time, you can increase the doses. In case, there are any side effects, you can reduce the doses. Dr.Chain is in favor of such high-frequency and low-dose method. More than 90% of his patients get around 4 and 8 IU per week, which is divided into two shots. One shot is given at the bedtime for enhancing the GH pulses and the other one is given after they wake up. This is done for six days and on the 7th day they are not given any shots. This is to ensure that their body still produces the natural growth hormones. The maximum limit is 12 units per week. According to his study which he did with Cass Terry, there were no side effects seen in patients. This study was conducted on 800 patients.

2:The IGF-1 levels –

The IGF-1 levels are kept at a normal level for people in the age group of 30 to 40 years. The patients on whom the Chein’s study is based were taking the high 200s or low 300s of the IGF-1 units. The benefits the patients received due to keeping the IGF-1 levels at normal level were unbelievable. Patients experienced an increase in energy, strength, muscle mass, endurance and overall well-being. This treatment is the best way to ensure that the growth hormones are getting replaced properly. If the levels are given above 350 then there might be problems due to excess growth hormone in the body.

3: Replace all the hormones that decline with age in a balanced way. Growth hormone doesn’t behave in a vacuum within the body. It’s a leading hormone which affects the DHEA and reproductive hormones and as a result is afflicted with them and also by melatonin. If we are young all of these hormones operate in harmony within the body. Returning all of the hormonal levels which drop with age, says Chein, reinstates the equilibrium which preserves health as well as prevents disease. For example, when DHEA, the anti cancer hormone, is provided together with testosterone, or melatonin is given to individuals over age fifty, several positive health benefits will be seen along with reduced cancer risk considering that DHEA is probably the most powerful anti-oxidants ever found and this has been proven to contain anti cancer benefits.

4. Negative Effects from GH-RELEASERS

If you utilize nutrient based growth hormone releasers in the indicated doses, you must not experience any undesirable side-effects. Having said that, perhaps the most simple substance, for instance wheat or nuts, could cause a hazardous reaction within a vulnerable person. And something strong enough to generate a wanted effect has got the possibility of creating an unsatisfactory one. For that reason, it’s likable that you work along with a doctor.

If you would like test out prescription drugs where you can find identified side-effects, it is actually vital that you visit a doctor both to get the prescribed medication as well as to keep track of the effects. Once more, the general rule is actually to individualize the medication dosage by starting off in the low end and then increasing gently, reducing if complications appear.