Is it necessary that I have to regularly exercise and also eat a healthy diet in order for the treatment of HGH to be effective?

There are no such rules which state that you will have to do regular exercises on a daily basis and also eat a healthy diet rather than whatever food consumption you are currently having in order for the treatment of HGH to be effective.

In the event you are currently in the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food at fast food joints and not exercising, there is no need that you have to change your current routine in order to undergo HGH treatment.

Well, though I do highly recommend avoiding the above lifestyle choices in order, actually have a healthy lifestyle and doing exercise regularly.

But I would also like to mention here that you will probably have a great feeling while using HGH treatment inspite of your unhealthy eating and living lifestyle which you have been continuing.

Could you tell me the time that it takes for my body to impart the changes once I begin with the HGH treatment?

The results of HGH treatment greatly depend from one person to another but many people who have been administered with injectable HGH treatment have encountered positive changes in their body within few couple of weeks/ month period. However there are few problems with injection therapy – 1). It’s expansive and 2). It requires a close monitoring under a really good anti aging expert, otherwise you might be jeopardizing your health.

With a good anti aging doctor, these positive results could be easily felt in their body and in the overall improved general sense of well being usually accompanied by an increase in the levels of energy.

Going the natural route is also a very good option, it’s without side effects and if combined with a smart workout plans, it can work wonders. There are people who have dramatically improved their health in like 2-3 months. There are some good natural hGH releasers on the market as well.

Are there any chances for me to purchase hGH injections online?

NO, I do not recommend anybody to purchase HGH injections online though you can find plenty of websites offering cheap HGH injections. You must only purchase after consulting with your physician. You will have to find out the level of your HGH and also undergo some physical tests on your body. The results are obtained only after the above mentioned procedure is complete and then the proper dosage of HGH will be provided to the patient, so that they do not suffer from any side effects. Therefore never rely on any online purchase of HGH injections.

The physician, who will provide you with the right type of HGH injection, will also call you on certain days to check out the effects of the HGH treatment on your body which you might not be able to get when you purchase an injection online.

When I begin using HGH treatment, will I get a chance for better performance in sports?

I strongly do not recommend HGH treatment to increase and improve the energy levels of a sportsman. But yes, HGH treatment can help in recovering faster during any injuries that occurs in sports. Therefore, it can be considered before you plan to return back to the competition. Read how growth hormone heals.

Can we say that HGH is a kind of steroid?

No! This is a common myth faced by many people. Let us speak on the technical part of HGH. HGH consists of a lengthy chain of polypeptide, a series of amino acids that are connected together. Therefore, HGH is considered to be a protein. Proteins are naturally produced in our bodies and we do not naturally produce steroids which are commonly sold in the market today. These are synthetics.

What is the minimum age during which I can begin administering HGH injection?

The best year for administering HGH injection is once a person attains the age of 40 years. But remember, it is very important that you conduct an HGH test before administering the treatment. Only when the physician feels that your body can adapt to this treatment, you can go ahead with this.

What will be the cost of an HGH injection?

When it comes to men, the cost of administering HGH treatment can run even up to $400 in a particular month, while for women since their requirement for HGH is comparatively lesser as compared to men; their cost will also work out to be less. If you wish to take oral HGH treatment instead of injections, the cost will work out to be a lot cheaper at just about $20 per month.

What will happen in the event I stop undergoing the HGH therapy after few couple of months or a year period?

Well, there are no side effects which can harm your body in the event you plan to stop this treatment midway. The only drawback which you might face is that your energy levels might change back to where it was before you began administering this treatment – that is all.