It goes without saying that the life expectancy of human beings has increased considerably in different countries of the world for the past 100 years.

The life span of an individual living in an industrialized nation has increased by a great margin of 30 long years mainly because of the vast improvement in the different health care facilities such as vaccinations, disease prevention and public health care services which has really helped many people in the last 100 years.

There are very few people who have been actually affected by some of the dangerous infectious diseases like smallpox, where today we can get the right kind of vaccination for such diseases.

Even pneumonia which for many years ago had no cure and treatment available can now be treated with precise medications.

The rising level of longevity and the declining rates of fertility are some of the main factors behind the current aging across the whole world including in some of the wealthiest countries such as Europe and the United States, as people of these countries ‘gray’ rapidly.

Let us begin with certain numbers. It has been noticed that on an average every year the death rate per day is about 150,000 people. That means every single day; on an average there occur two deaths every second. Out of this total, about two-thirds of the deaths occur due to aging.

Yes,that’s right! About 100,000 people are dead every second across the whole globe due to aging. If we go to calculate this proportion with the deaths that occurred during the Katrina cyclone and the number of deaths that took place at the World Trade Center, it works to about 60 Katrina’s and 30 World Trade Center incidents taking place every day.

The death proportion in an industrialized world associated with aging is approximately about 90 percent. Well, it means that the ratio of people that die every day from causes other than aging combined like such as homicide, AIDS or even road accidents to those who perish due to aging is 1:10.

In reality, the life span of a human being is expected to last about 125 years, although in the current century very few of them have actually reached that age. Why is that many of us are not even able to touch the magical figure of 100 years?

There are various reasons behind this, but a good deal of it is mainly because of life shortening medical conditions even as our body cells do have the ability to keep on dividing and keep on re-creating themselves.

Cancer and heart diseases are perhaps largest killers in America. Therefore, while it might not be actually possible for doctors to change pre-programming of human body cells, definitely going for prevention or otherwise better treatment for such kinds of killer diseases in case they occur will help us to get close to our unique Hayflick limit. (More information here.)

Biomarkers of Tissue and Organ Aging

Various body tissues and internal organs are modified as time passes at different rates, so improving their performance by following the steps we put together on TheHghBlog will probably impede your rate of biological aging and, perhaps even reverse it. You need to enlighten yourself regarding hgh and the aging proces.

Below are some of the most damaging signs and effects of aging.

1- Muscle Mass begins to decrease – As a person begins to age, their body muscle mass begins to decrease and therefore older people tend to have a lighter body weight. The reason why they begin losing weight is due to the fact that their muscles are not going to be well developed any further and they tend losing their muscle tone. Their skin begins to lack elasticity and the formation of wrinkles is a common phenomenon with aging.

2- Weakening of the circulatory system – As a person begins to age; their circulatory system also begins to disintegrate. When a person attains 50 years of age or even more, their circulatory system which, once upon a time was very clean and flexible starts weakening.

When unhealthy foods are consumed and at times even stuffing their body with excess food, it all can only lead to weakening the body even further.

Those who are often seen eating unhealthy food will only weaken their circulatory system, and usually by the time when the person has crossed 50 years of age all the toxins and chemicals get clogged in their system which further impacts the flexibility of a arteries and veins. Several conditions like impotence etc. can be caused due to poor arterial health.

3- Most of the body organs begin to deteriorate – As the time begins to pass by due to aging, most of the organs of a human body begin to reduce their levels of functioning. They either give up completely or begin to weaken slowly.

One of the most important organs that begin to weaken or give up completely is kidneys. Kidneys cleanse and filter the blood from the entire waste that a human body produces. In short, kidneys act like a purifier.

As and when a person begins to age, poor kidney health can be one of the main signs to be taken into consideration. People will have the feeling of urinary incontinence and will have difficulty in controlling their urge to urinate.

Why We Age ?

Have you ever given any serious thought to why or how we age? What makes us youthful, vibrant, and pleasant to look at? Gaining some understanding of the basic biological mechanisms goes a long way in explaining the many benefits and uses of natural hgh releasers and anti aging nutrients.

Accidental theories of aging

Accidental theories of aging emphasize on chance and are based on the concept that organisms get older because of a random series of events. Wear and tear on one vital organ might cause a domino effect, sparking a series of organ failures as aging accelerates faster than nature originally intended.

Toxic build up theory of aging

The scientific search for answers to the aging question goes back to at least 1908, when Russian microbiologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for a groundbreaking study on cells, the immune system, and aging.

He developed a theory that aging was caused “by a build-up of toxins from the intestinal tract, which over a period of a lifespan contributed to aging and ultimately death.”

Other scientists, physicians, and homeopaths also developed a maze of vastly different theories. In my view, the actual biological factors that cause aging might involve a handful or even a large number of these various ideas.

DNA programming theory of aging

Mother Nature has apparently programmed each person with an internal biological clock that tells our cells when to wind down and cease functioning.

You might call this a nature-mandated planned obsolescence for humans-something like cars built by auto manufacturers so that they’ll break down after a certain number of miles.

In humans, physicians have pinpointed a program that sets predesignated times when milestone events occur. This programming has been hardwired into the DNA of each cell in our bodies and everyone has been programmed differently.

Cellular theory of aging?

All the current theories of aging based on the cellular molecule mention that apart from the preprogrammed clock, we also grow older because of the unplanned series of unfavorable events.

Possibly you might have known or come across people who have aged very quickly all of a sudden or within a short span of time which might have occurred due to some severe injuries or due to some kind of illness which they might have suffered. We might find many people even some of the famous celebrities, who could have possibly benefited by a healthy anti aging lifestyle or by the use of some growth hormone releasers.

Neuroendocrine theory of aging

When we’re young, the neuroendocrine system enables hormones to regulate vital body functions, everything from reactions to stress and sexual activity to determining the individual’s ultimate height, weight, and organ growth.

Under the neuroendocrine theory of aging, these systems malfunction as we age. During our mature years, the hypothalamus, located within the brain above the pituitary gland, starts to regulate the release of various hormones without the great efficiency that it once achieved during youth. Thus, the signs of aging begin to emerge.

Free Radicals theory of aging

These days the term “free radicals” takes on a much different connotation than it might have during the rebellious, anti-establishment of 1960s. Within the medical profession, the free radical theory of aging (FRTA) has gained some degree of acceptance along with the “Wear-and-Tear” and “Random Events” theories.

Many of you might remember high school chemistry class where you learned that a radical-also called a free radical-is an atom, molecule, or ion, each with an unpaired electron that results in an open-shell configuration. The result is an imbalanced electrical energy that forces free radicals to attach to other molecules.

Negative environmental factors such as carcinogens or excessive radiation can cause the cells to generate free radicals, creating havoc in the structure of vital proteins, body chemistry, and metabolism-thereby creating extensive bodily damage.

Worsening matters, free radicals attack cell membranes and create metabolic waste products, including lipofuscins.

Although the word lipofuscin might sound like an evil character from the top-selling Harry Potter book series, in real-life biology these substances are wicked metabolic waste products that darken the skin of mature Caucasians-commonly known as those dreaded age spots or liver spots.

Even worse, these pigments interfere with our cells’ abilities to repair and reproduce themselves, while disturbing RNA and DNA syntheses and destroying vital cellular enzymes necessary for our body’s vital chemical processes.

We know that far more mature people suffer damage from free radicals than young adults and children. Could the body’s natural decrease in growth hormone among older people increase the likelihood that free radicals will occur in such individuals? The answer is “yes.”

Free radical theory of aging has made popular the use of antioxidants for antiaging.

Cellular changes connected with aging

Aging can cause functional adjustments in cells. Let us take an example; the rate at which the human body cells tend to multiply begins to slow down as we grow in age.

There are certain types of cells that are very much required for our body’s immune system to function properly. These cells are known as T-cell lymphocytes. These cells also tend to decrease as we grow in age and thereby weakening our body’s immune system.

Besides, aging also causes various alterations in our reactions to environmental exposures and stress such as heat, ultraviolet light, poor nutrition, toxins or poisons among others.

Age also begins to interfere with a very valuable process known as apoptosis. Apoptosis helps in programming cells to die or self destruct during suitable times.

This type of process is very much required for body tissues to remain active and healthy and it is also very important in helping to slow down the immune responses if we were affected by some sort of infection and was cured and eliminated from our body.

There are different types of diseases like cancer etc. that are quite common in elderly people and which can affect the apoptosis process in various ways.

Therefore, the cancer cells begin to multiply and take over or attack all the surrounding tissues of the body.

The cancer cells were actually programmed to die with the help of apoptosis but this disease that actually affects apoptosis itself.

There are also other types of diseases which make the cells die very early. In case of Alzheimer’s disease there is a substance known as amyloid that builds up and causes the cells of the brain’s neurons to die early which leads to loss of memory in human beings along with various other different types of brain defects.

Toxins or poisons that are produced as byproducts of nerve cell transmissions are known to have been associated with the death of the nerve cells in the cases of deadly Parkinson’s disease.

How Much Your Genes Matter ?

Your genes evidently decide about 20 to 50 percent of length of your life span. In America, females live close to 5 years more than men. For ladies, the most precise forecaster of their genetic impact is chronological period of menopause.

In truth, your genetic age can not be straight away established by your mother and father age, not even the immediate consequence of the gene combination they provided you.

Instead, your endowment with specific antiaging genes may increase your life span. As an example, if you possess the particular genes connected with a more normal blood pressure, you’ve got a far better potential for living for a longer period.

In the same way, if you were handed down specific genes related to superior fat metabolism, you will grow older less quickly that a person having some other hereditary attributes that induce the body to cope with fat significantly less successfully, which can be linked to greater chance of cardiac arrests and a and the higher chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Other genes which were proposed as significant in the aging process involve those connected with how well you take care of stress, or your body’s hormone reaction to stress; your amounts of hgh; how well your system handles degree of inflammation, which are proven to bring about cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes; and your cells’ potential to create energy.

Mitochondria are small biochemical power factories in cells that transform food into energy. Mitochondria incorporate strands of their unique DNA that are isolated from the cell nucleus, the area where genes are located. Experts claim that a high rate of mutation in mitochondrial DNA influences aging.

While we are getting to know new longevity genes at an incredibly quick rate, up until the time that gene treatment plans and therapies are on the market to modify your genes for good, it might not be that essential, or reassuring, to understand what kinds of genes you were handed down.


Most of the people when they begin to think about adding up their years of their lives end up with a wrong presumption regarding battling aging, most of the times we speak only about elongating the time period people spend with disease and debilitation.

But for that matter of fact, it is the opposite that is actually true. An effective anti aging program will eventually result in the removal of that period. This is done by delaying it so much that most of the people are not able to reach it.

Aging can be caused by lots of factors – toxic build up, free radicals, DNA programming, weakening of neuroendocrine system and so on. These processes combined with poor lifestyle, poor diet and eating habits may onset the aging process sooner than it should be. Here at TheHghBlog we’ll try to develop a plan to break out of aging process and possibly reverse it.

You cannot control your chronological years, but you can most assuredly control your biological age . . . in fact you can almost hold it to a standstill! A good healthy life is fantastic and satisfying!

It’s thrilling to be active, healthy, alert and to be of help and of service to this world! So open your mind, heart and soul and realize that you can be in control of your health and enjoy a healthy, long life!

I am convinced you’ll be able to live in a perfect state of agelessness. Let’s reason it out together. Every 3 months you get a completely new circulatory system, so it is not the bloodstream that gets old.

Every 11 months, every cell in the body has repaired itself . . . so you have a practically new body every 11 months. Every 2 years you get a totally new bone structure, so in 3 years you are really born again . . . the revival process has taken place!

Now, if you keep the body cleansed and purified by eating a diet that frequently cleanses the body, how can you get sick? How can you get old? The only thing that can kill you is a disease or an accident. Time cannot kill you!

I will describe the scientific and technological basis for my view that we can almost certainly get rid of aging as a disease and as a cause of death. However, it’s important you have a proper outlook and attitude towards aging. “I am getting old and I can’t do anything about it” – this line of thinking is even more dangerous.

I need to get you interested-not just in the sense of entertainment, or probably thinking this might be a good idea, but in the sense of understanding that as and when this becomes possible it will be rather a good thing. So, stay tuned as I post more information on how to break out of age!