Did you ever hear of the “French paradox”? Should you see the best-selling diet plan book called French Women Don’t Get Fat, you definitely are aware of this paradox indirectly.

It’s due to this: French people consume about fifteen more grams of total fat daily; yet on the entire, they’re less obese than Americans.

Unusually, a typical person in France consumes just about one-third extra fat from animal meat every day which is completely in contrast to an average American. It means that a French eats one-third extra fat than an American every day.

A French diet, on an average consists of plenty of butter, pork and cheese. All these are packed with lots of saturated fats which are completely ‘unhealthy for the human heart.’ The remainder of the fat for average Americans is derived from different types of vegetable oils, but mostly the oil that is used by Americans is Soybean oil.

What’s more, the French have a fairly low occurrence of heart disease, despite their diet being full of the kind of saturated fats found in meat and cheese that people usually warn people to consume less food of.

But the million dollar question is, why is it that American males suffer from almost three times more developments of cardiovascular diseases when compared with their counterparts from France, in spite of the fact that the American diet consists of one-third percent less fat than what their French counterpart consumes?

It is crystal clear that we need to figure out some of the best foods that have to be consumed is far more complex than what one actually thought.

As it turns out that trans fats (produced via manufacturing methods to solidify liquid oils) lead more to coronary heart issues than saturated fats. Americans have usually been eating lots of hidden trans fats until recently when producers needed to start listing trans fats on food labels. Consuming less of both trans and saturated fats continues to be a broadly recognized recommendation for improved heart health.

The worst component your food might contain is trans fat.

Otherwise, here is a quick run-down of a few of the horrible stuff that research indicates may be the result of a diet full of trans fat:

* Coronary Heart Disease (Raise bad cholesterol AND lower good cholesterol)
* Stroke
* Diabetes

There then exists some (albeit less) evidence that trans fat may also cause:

* Cancer
* Obesity
* Liver Dysfunction
* Infertility

Read more about the trans fats here.

Keep in mind that, trans fat may be the worst component your food could contain. And, you know what? Junk food is really the most typical place you will find this evil type of fat. Junk food is also the place you will find the greatest amounts of it.

It’s high time you should be thinking to eliminate the trans fats you have consumed so far by dissolving them and eliminating via organic green juices

The French drink Red wine , which to some extent is known as a heart friendly drink. The alcohol contents of the red wine along with some of the selected ingredients that are included in the wine are known as antioxidants which can prevent a person from cardiovascular diseases as it helps in increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels and also protects the artery against any damage.

Well, those reading this article will be very pleased and happy to know that red wine is a great drink and will probably hope of having a glass of red wine along with your evening meal but as we all know that physicians and doctors are against drinking any sort of alcohol as alcohol in general has plenty of dangerous ingredients which can affect our body in the long run.

Resveratrol might be one of the key ingredients that is included in red win which helps in preventing any sort of damages to our blood vessels and also helps in reducing the ‘bad’ cholesterol and controls blood clots.

Some of the studies have also proved that Resveratrol might also be linked to a low level of blood clotting and inflammation, which further reduces any likely chance of having a heart attack.

Different types of fats

Fats are classified into 3 different groups. They are known as saturated fats, Trans fatty acids & monounsaturated fats.

You must remember that Saturated fat must be eaten in very low quantity mainly due to the fact that eating more saturated fats can lead to an increase in your cholesterol level thereby leading to a higher chance of a heart disease.

Those who eat food which are high in saturated fats can run a higher risk of getting diabetes & certain types of cancer. Saturated fats are mostly found in meat & dairy foods such as pork, beef, butter and cheese.

Trans fatty acids are also a threat to the health of a persons heart and cholesterol level. Studies have proved that eating too much of trans fatty acids can lead a person to contract diabetes where the ratio can be higher as compared to a person who eats saturated fats.

Trans fatty acids usually gets formed mostly when fish oils & vegetables are hydrogenated. Most of the products which are high in trans fatty acids are French fries, chips, donuts, cookies & many other snacks. In short almost all fried or even baked foods are rich in trans fatty acids.

The best type of fat that is healthy for your health and which can be included in your everyday diet is known as monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fat is mostly found in plants like vegetable oils, avocados, nuts etc.

A human body makes use of such types of fat to help strengthen their cell membranes, support the nerves & hormone functions and even produce hormone type substances such as prostaglandins, which are mostly connected for preventing heart diseases & cancers.

Important fatty acids which help in decreasing health risks

There are 2 types of unsaturated fats which are very important for a human being to survive. They are known as Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid) & Omega-3 (Linolenic Acid). Since human bodies do not have the ability to manufacture both these unsaturated fats on its own, you must try to obtain these acids from the foods that you eat.

Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid) is very common and can be found in many vegetable oils. Always remember to buy your vegetable oils which come in amber (gold colored) or green colored bottles, since exposing other colored bottles to sunlight can destroy the freshness of the acid and can make the oil contaminated.

It is advised to purchase these vegetable oils from any health food store near you. Most of the normal vegetable oil which is found in grocery shops are often processed and produced for mass distribution, and hence there are high chances that these oils are full of free radicals,(the substances which can damage cells) – & trans fatty acids.

Omega-3 is present in soy, walnut, flax, fish, and canola oils and in dark green, leafy vegetables. It is particularly crucial to ensure that you augment your food plan with sufficient omega-3 fats, because the American diet is usually lacking in this nutrient.

Any doctor who treats cancer patients will suggest getting enough omega-3 in the diet because it is a great protector from many types of cancers, particularly breast cancer. While the ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 should be between 3:1 and 4:1, research conducted recently demonstrated that most people have twenty times the level of omega-6 than omega-3.

Getting a sufficient amount of omega-3 by consuming fish also provides health benefits for
ladies. The well-known Nurses Health Study, which observed 84,000 nurses over 16 yrs, indicated that the more fish the women ate weekly, the lower their chances for coronary disease.

According to the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, eating fish or taking fish oil health supplements decreased cholesterol and triglycerides as well as decreased inflammatory markers (markers pertaining to heart attack) in postmenopausal women who were utilizing some kind of hormone replacement treatment, and yes it basically reversed some of the unwanted risks for heart disease brought on by HRT.

This is especially significant since a woman’s chance for cardiovascular disease after the menopause gets the same as a man’s.

Flax oil is yet another rich source of omega-3 as well as all other essential fatty acids, and that’s why bodybuilders usually blend it into their protein drinks. It is better ingested not in capsules but in liquid form to assure freshness and quality.

The next time you’re dealing with a green salad, try using a tablespoon of flax oil as the dressing, or half a tbsp. blended with sunflower oil or maybe a little vinegar. You may even lightly brush this over meat once it has been fully cooked.

Mixing flax oil together with low-fat cottage cheese helps your body to utilize it, considering that the sulfur content of cottage type cheese enhances the effectiveness of the oil. Ground flaxseed, which you can spread throughout your breakfast cereal or your salad, include in baked bread or muffins, or blend into a protein drink, is another great way to obtain omega-3.

Some other Resources for Unsaturated Fats

Some other acceptable providers of unsaturated fats contain Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise, Kraft Light Mayonnaise, Smart Balance Soft Spread (no trans fatty acids), and unsaturated corn oil. Products for example Promise, Take Control, Fleischmann’s Margarine