An essential amino acid, which means that our bodies are unable to produce this amino acid by itself but must obtain it from the foods we all eat.

Effects on GH

No doubt that arginine leads to the release of growth hormone. A 15- to 30-gram intravenous(injecting into viens) solution in water of arginine can be used as a regular endocrinological test to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone. Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw suggested arginine as well as ornithine as GH-releasers in their very first book, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach, making these amino acids into best-selling nutrients. Shaw took 10 grams of arginine per day before eating anything as the GH-releaser to speed up healing after breaking her foot. About forty-five minutes to one hour right after consuming arginine, the lady did about three minutes of bench presses while lying down on her back. With this regime, she shed twenty five pounds of body fat and put on five pounds of muscle in about six weeks.

Numerous clinical studies on different dosages of arginine and arginine in combination with lysine have demonstrated extensively varying results on growth hormone from simply no effect to a significant synergistic rise in GH. In one research by Mathieni in 1980, even200 mg was in fact sufficient to bring about a substantial increase in GH discharge.

It continues functioning even in the old age. A survey at the University of Turin, Italy, revealed that despite the fact that people in their 70’s experienced lower effect as compared to both children and young adults to arginine, the nutrient even now raised their level of GH in their blood to triple the normal for their age group!

Arginine also helps to enhance exercise efficiency, because it’s one of the primary ingredients, along with glycine, which the liver utilizes to produce creatine. Dietary supplements of creatine monohydrate are extremely hot today in the body building community simply because they enhance the level of high-energy creatine phosphates inside the muscle and nerve cells essential for high-intensity, short-duration workouts. So along with arginine you obtain much more return for your money- greater growth hormone levels and also the raw materials to your cellular batteries.

How it works

Arginine causes stimulation of GH simply by preventing the release of the growth-hormone inhibitor somatostatin. Furthermore, it significantly improves the effect of growth hormone-releasing hormone if they are provided together.

Anti-aging benefits

Positive remarks for arginine involves increase in fat burning and building muscle tissues possibly through the release of growth hormone, increasing the weight as well as activity of the thymus gland, improving immunity, combating cancer, supporting healing of burns as well as other wounds, safeguarding the liver and also detoxing harmful materials, and boosting male potency (vast majority of which are improved upon by GH). Furthermore, it restores sexual purpose in impotent males. The researchers think that arginine works because it is just a precursor of nitric oxide supplement, that performs a vital function in triggering and maintaining an erection.

Studies have shown that arginine possesses the benefit of inducing the secretion of growth hormone. A 15-to 30-gram intravenous infusion (injecting directly into the viens) of arginine can be used as a common endocrinological check to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone.

Beneficial study on arginine regarding raising Human growth hormone consist of improving fat loss and building muscle tissues possibly with the stimulation of growth hormone, enhancing the weight and actions of the thymus gland, improving immunity, combating cancer, encouraging healing of burns as well as other wounds, safeguarding the liver and detoxing harmful materials, as well as boosting male fertility (the vast majority of which are improved by GH).

Clinical usage

Arginine health supplements needs to be efficient in increasing growth hormone levels, particularly in people below fifty. You can even take it as a stack (muscle builder’s lingo for blend of drugs or nutrients) along with other amino acids, for instance ornithine, lysine, and glutamine.


2 to 5 grams with empty stomach 1 hour prior to exercise and prior to sleeping.

Side effects

The dosage necessary to significantly stimulate GH can result in stomach trouble and also nausea or vomiting on an empty stomach, which unfortunately is the way it must be consumed. This could be reduced or even removed simply by starting with a low dose of 1 gram and increasing gradually.