Is HGH really the fountain of youth and anti aging?

The cells of our body get their potential to perform as controlled by the DNA, a type of genetic material. DNA is found to be located in the cell nucleus and which has got control of all the hormones, enzymes and proteins that is required to make the cell function.

The DNA is nothing less than an army that is under continuous attack from the various ultraviolet light, oxygen free radicals, the heat from human bodies and some other types of harmful entities. In spite of the fact that the DNA is able to fix all these attacks all by itself, it begins to lack in its ability to fight back and protect itself as a person begins to age.

At the same time, the damage will begin to start accumulating within the main cell power center, known as mitochondria which has its own DNA. Mitochondria are an organelle that is found mostly in eukaryotic cells and ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 micrometers in diameter.

Until this period most of us could limit the DNA’s wear and tear by consuming antioxidant health related supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help assist our very own defense.

But, now with the recent studies and research that have been conducted, it has been found out that the growth hormone (GH) and IGF-1 can actually go a step ahead and take up all the required responsibilities which antioxidants were not able to handle.

Both growth hormone and IGF-1 perform functions like carriers by bringing to the cell all the necessary raw materials that are required for its repair and its restoration process. IGF-1 reveals transporting the DNA, RNA and the nucleic acids directly in the cell nucleus where mostly the DNA exists.

The nucleic acids can repair the damage caused to DNA and also help in cell division. Growth hormone prompts amino acids to be transported along with nucleic acids into the cell cytoplasm which is an area located outside the nucleus.

Thereby, the growth hormone and the IGF-1 do not simply proceed to limit the harm caused to the cellular structures and the DNA, infact they help in healing the cellular structures and the DNA. These are the two hormones that are infact considered to be the blueprint of aging.


Does growth hormone extend the life span? When gerontologists talk about life span, they are actually referring to two different kinds. The first is the common life time, the age achieved by 50 % of the population.

It has tripled since Roman times and is now about seventy-seven years in the United States. The other is the maximum life span, the age attained by the oldest individuals in a population. Right now, this appears to be about 121 years old. Most gerontologists wish to “rectangularize the curve,” that is, shift the median life expectancy nearer to the maximum to guarantee that a minimum of 50 % attain the post-one hundred mark.

This is exactly what Blackman, who’s running the growth hormone trials at Johns Hopkins, thinks can happen with interventions, such as GH. “We tend to be incorporating years to life towards the intrinsic life span of people. Unfortunately we cannot suspect that any treatment will probably affect the intrinsic maximum life span of people, but rather push people

Life Expectancies in the US

Currently, life expectancy is at 77.5 years. This means that, on the average, a person lives to be 77.5 years old, barring unforeseen accidents or life-threatening conditions. However, it has to be noted that, as a person ages, his or her life expectancy also increases. That is because the person has already surpassed or survived many potential causes of death with every year that passes.

Everywhere in the world, and for as long as anyone can remember, people have been obsessed with longevity or prolonging life. Literature is teeming with stories of great quests for the fountain of youth and many others. Each one is a testament to man’s fascination with immortality.

In many ways, this fascination with immortality still lives on, though in a different form. Science and technology, while deemed to be key in improving the human condition, is also the vehicle by which the crusade for the fountain of youth continues.

Breakthroughs in modern medicine all aim to make people feel better and live longer. Research institutions all over the world are operating in full force to find cures for dreaded diseases such as AIDS, and other age-related illnesses. In essence, the goal of these enterprises is longevity, if not immortality.

As we might find, men and women who are taking HGH, some sort of life extension is already occurring. Should you go by your feelings when you awaken in the morning, awake and excited as a child prepared to start your day, instead of feeling like you have to move yourself through another twenty-four hours, then when it comes to what you might accomplish, using growth hormone is like being handed twenty years.

Consider, how often have you said to yourself, only if I were thirty years- old, I’d commence a new business; build a home; write a novel; sail all over the world; take up scuba diving, horseback riding, or in-line skating. With growth hormone replacement treatment, there isn’t any reason to believe you are too old to complete anything you have dreamed of doing. You can have all those years back again.

There is certainly enough evidence, that growth hormone treatment reduces your odds of dying prematurely from disease, that is yet another way of stating that it increases your odds of celebrating your 120th birthday.

If growth hormone can restore the thymus in human beings, and there is no reason to think that it won’t, then we have to enjoy the same freedom from illness in old age that we do at age ten.

How can we be so certain that growth hormone remedy will lengthen the average life span? Simply because we realize what hormonal replacement can do. The outcomes of the biggest life extension experiment ever are already coming in. Estrogen replacement therapy in postmenopausal women has cut their rate of cardiac problems in half and prolonged the life span.

Anti aging and calorie restriction

Usually, when we begin to grow older, the quantity of growth hormone and the IGF-1 begins to reduce along with protein synthesis. New manufacture of Protein is required for handling all the work of the tissues and the cells.

But specialists have found out exactly the opposite that has occurred in all the diet restricted animals. They have found out that young rats that were administered with a mild food restricted diet actually had lower levels of the secretion of growth hormone. And by the time they reached twenty six months of age, which is considered to be the old age for rats, their pulses of growth hormone were similar to that of a normal non-aged rat.

To summarize, restriction of calorie diet is known to reduce the metabolic rates and account the body to develop lesser damaging ‘free radicals.’

Another belief is that it helps in reducing the triiodothyronine (T3) a thyroid hormone, which further brings down the rate of process of metabolism and the aging tissue.

What we were trying to explain above and relate, is that animals that are calorically restricted at a particular age have greater chances to synthesize proteins in their tissues.

Many people who are thinking about life extension have without a doubt started their very own food restriction programs, reducing calories by 20-30 percent over what they usually eat. But this test shows that one of the key elements in life extension could be the rise in growth hormone.

You are able to achieve the same goal without undertaking a spartan diet that may be next to impossible to maintain.

And that future is golden indeed. Scientists predict that the use of antioxidants, the first technology of anti-aging medicine, will add ten years to the average life span of seventy-seven years. Growth hormone and other hormone replacement therapies are the second tier of anti-aging technology that may add another thirty years to the life span.

Most medicines are designed to achieve a specific end. Diet pills can make you lose fat, antidepressants can lift your mood, and sleeping pills can fight insomnia.

But growth hormone can do each one of these things and so much more.

The awesome power of GH to bring about total rejuvenation unlike any medicine that has ever existed can perhaps best be appreciated by the stories of the people who have experienced it firsthand.

Other longevity factors

There are several factors that contribute to longevity. Some more pronounced than others. Some are myths, while others have been scientifically proven. In order not to add to the confusion, I find it better to focus on those that hold water.

There are those who say that delaying aging is tantamount to delaying death. This may sound like something a person peddling anti-aging pills in the market would say. However, there is a grain of truth to this statement.

How does one delay aging?

It is through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and maintaining a good disposition. A person who succeeds in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind has a greater chance of living longer as he is able to ward off age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s. Keeping the mind at optimum condition enables you to make healthy choices that can lead to a longer life.

Reducing stress level also prolongs life.

It may seem like a long shot but this has scientific basis. Notice how you experience shortness of breath or sometimes hyperventilate when you get angry or agitated? Blood pressure rises and, even after the stressor is gone, you still feel lightheaded?

Frequent exposure to stress wreaks havoc in a person’s internal balance and may lead to more problems. A stressed out person generally becomes immuno-compromised that makes him or her more susceptible to sickness.

Apart from these tried and tested roads to longevity, the advancement of anti-aging technology also shows much promise. As research delves deeper into the secrets of long life, people can look forward to living better and longer in the future!

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