Are you satisfied with your sex life? Few tips!

There are several men including those above 40 years who feel concerned a lot about sex and their potential to carry out sexual activities successfully. It must be of the most popular concerns in the life of a man and it has an effect on his all round temperament in a good or bad way.

A man suffering from anxiety will most probably be one whose sex life is not very gratifying or who is convinced that he does a thing or two wrong when it comes to sex. It doesn’t make a difference if the spouse is not whining, the man nevertheless feels inadequate.

Some males in fact invest a great deal of time pondering about this or that and they can’t be reassured to get their minds relaxed.

The biggest concern for any man who enjoys sex and wishes to have just as much as feasible is the classic “Am I good enough?”.

This dilemma implies numerous elements, based on what the person sees as an obligation. It could imply “Am I big enough?” if the man under consideration has an average-sized or little sized member.

It can also imply “Am I mindful enough?” for the worried lover who likes to get the dining and foreplay part right.

It could also mean “Am I truly providing her an orgasm?”. One of the big left unanswered concerns for males is whether their female partners fake it ?

Your overall fitness and the amount of body fat you have can also be major factors in your sexual life. While decreased free and total testosterone levels can lead to increased fat mass, it could also be suggested that the decrease in testosterone levels in the aging male is the consequence of an increase in fat mass. In other words, there is a likely bi-directional relationship, the exact mechanism of which is still not fully known.

Sexual health and fitness is the newest idea to drive its way into the widely accepted tradition of our times and, like the majority of other guidelines, it may sound straightforward, but needs a great deal of commitment.

And whether you’re among those people who like to night out with the buddies at the pub, or one of those who jog in the park and wish to be considered health-oriented, you must pay care about this new idea making headlines today. The rising sales of Sexual supplements and enhancement pills like Vigrx Plus is a testimony to this fact.

The fundamental notion is straightforward: your reproductive health is associated with your state of overall health, meaning any misuse of your system will result in a loss of sexual efficiency.

Any man who desires a superb love life ought to learn to deal with his body and, most significantly, to maintain his heart in top condition since a strong erection is determined by the normal blood circulation through the body.

Processed foods which have toxins, in addition to any meals abundant with cholesterol should be retained to a the very least, whilst cigarettes, vast amounts of alcohol and all types of leisure medicines must disappear. A glass of alcohol occasionally will do you no damage, but do not consume over this smallest amount.

Shedding off a chunk of weight along the way is not an awful idea, particularly if you are a handful of pounds obese and would love to eliminate that spare tire across the waist.

It’s also a good idea to heal up your body with juices and organic foods. Yes, it all helps!

Enhanced blood circulation to the pelvic area can be had via workouts that involve the lower section of the body, such as the quadriceps, hamstring and lower back.

Stress, harmful foodstuff, long working hours, numerous pills and insufficient physical exercise are all components of this issue since they reduce the body’s potential for energy and, as a result, the capability for attaining robust and fulfilling orgasms.

Simply adhere to these lifestyle tips and you will appreciate powerful erections well into your senior years. Physical activities maintain the proper blood flow, retain your heart fit and boosts the manufacture of testosterone, three things which can be essential for your sexual conditioning.

Influence of aging on sex

Many symptoms that are found to accompany the process of aging and Andropause in most men are somewhat similar to hypogonadism. We can associate some of the symptoms to reduction in testosterone levels which also includes the following –

Sexual functions, coital frequency begins to reduce very fast as a person grows in age. This is about 4 times in a week for persons who are in the age group of 25 years and once per week for those who have reached the age of 50 years and 3 times a month for those persons who are in the age group of 70 years and 1.7 times in a month for persons who are within the age group of 75 and 79 years.

Additionally, the mistreatment that we do to our systems is worsened by the procedure of getting older. At the age of 15, the erection is most rigid, but every 10 years that pass takes something away from penile rigidity.

Impotence also tends to realize considerably as we grow in age. Though we might not find it very common in persons who are below the age of 30 years but it has been noticed that almost 8% of the individuals who are over 50 years of age, 20% of the individuals who are over 65 years of age and close to 40% of the individuals who are over 75 years of age are impotent.

Body Composition. The total amount of lean muscle mass in an inactive individual reduces by around ten percent for each decade after age thirty. You may have lost 30-40 % of the lean muscle mass by age sixty.

Aging comes with a reduction in lean body mass (LBM) as well as a concurrent major rise in fat mass. The loss of muscle tissue is linked to free testosterone levels and thus Testosterone supplementation improves muscle tissue.

Obviously life style factors may play a role, especially heavy drinking as well as cigarette smoking. Within the past couple of years smoking has turn out to be recognized as a primary reason in reducing the blood circulation in the penile artery. When you are a smoker, letting go of cigarettes to help save your sex-life can be a stronger motivator than just merely protecting your life.

How HGH influences male sexuality

When the male potency tends to reduce, it can often be associated with the reduction of the growth hormones that is released within a human body. By the time a male reaches his puberty, the growth hormones are at its peak, during which period the boy will be in a persistent state of getting aroused though he might not be even aware of the reason why such arousal is taking place.

By the time he reaches into his young manhood, the time required between 2 erections starts to decrease. During this period, he is actually able to have sex each and every day and even several times in a day. By the time he reaches 40 years of his age, he might be down to about two to three times during the week and by the time he reaches 60 years of his age; he will be able to have sex just once per week or even less. During the same time, impotence begins to increase.

Each and every time a study was conducted regarding the sexual functioning of males, it is always found to decrease with age.  As most of the growth hormone therapy studies depict enhancement in the sexual appetite and sexual performances, some anti aging experts passionately believe that growth hormone does play a very important role in the sexual health of a human being.

Sexual hygiene

Cleanliness is a foundation of modern society. It could be stated that hygiene has turned out to be one of those items that are probably overlooked. Intimate hygiene is a component of the regular cleaning “ritual” and is deemed to be equally significant as all round hygiene.

The sex organs are more susceptible than other sections of the physique and often involved in close contact, which is why they must be as thoroughly clean as is practical.

As a way to wash the penis, you ought to begin at the tip Using warm water, carefully clean both the glans and the inner portion of the foreskin. These measures will not result in any discomfort provided that you’re cautious when dealing with the most delicate areas of your system. Ensure that the glans and foreskin are properly cleansed. It’s in the area between the glans and the foreskin that the white material referred to as smegma is created.


Incorporate growth hormone to improve your sex life. Learn how to enhance hgh levels naturally.
Avoid unhealthy foods and eliminate toxins. Beware of junk food, soft drinks , sugar and more!
Engage yourself in exercises especially those workouts which increase blood flow in the lower portion of the body.
Clear your sexual dilemmas. If required, opt for some sexual counseling or a good “better sex” guidance course.
Try yoga for better sex. Here are some good links –

Maintain proper sexual hygiene.
Focus on increasing Testosterone levels.

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