Soft Drinks Fail To Be an alternative to Drinking water.

An incredibly informative article which examines the advantages of drinking water to Coca Cola has been published on multilple web sites for some time now. I don’t know about the author, but the content matter of that article is mighty important and must be included here:



• 75% of People in America are chronically dehydrated. (This most likely is applicable to 50 % the world population).

• In 37% of Americans, the thirst system is so weak that it is often wrongly recognized for craving for food.

• One glass of water turns off midnight food cravings for nearly 100% of the people on diet.( researched by University of Washington).


• Study suggests that 8-10 glasses of water a day can substantially relieve hack and joint pain for approximately 80% of affected individuals.

• Even MILD dehydration will decelerate your metabolism by around 3%.

• Insufficient water is the #1 cause of morning and daytime tiredness and lethargy.

• Just a 2% fall in body water can bring about unclear short-term memory, issues with solving easiest math problems, and hardship in concentrating on the computer screen or on a printed document or newspaper.

• Consuming 5 glasses of water every day diminishes the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can cut the possibility of breast cancer by 79%, and there is 50% less chance of someone acquiring bladder cancer.



Are you ingesting the quantity of water you need to daily?

Before you go for a Softdrink or cola to satisfy your thirst, bear this in mind:

• It is possible to put a T-hone steak in a bowl of coke and it will go away in two days.

• In several states (in the USA) the highway patrol has two gallons of Coke in the trunk to clear away blood from the the roads following a motor vehicle accident.

The bitter side of sweetened drinks

Have you ever noticed that during hot climate, we tend to gulp plenty of soft drinks instead of water with the feel that no matter what it is, both come in liquid form? In the bargain, we end up drinking plenty of gallons of aerated soft drinks a year.

Snagging a sugar-laden cold drink on a hot day may seem an harmless, if not diet-friendly, enough action, but research recently demonstrates daily consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, including carbonated drinks and sweetened fruit juices, raises the risk of heart attack by about 20%.

The risk increased with the number of drinks drank per day (independent of overall diet quality and body mass index). This research was carried out in over 40,000 men, but comparable outcomes have been discovered in women.

Investigation in almost 90,000 women established that taking in more than two sugary drinks per day enhanced the risk of heart attack by almost 40% compared with less than one drink per month, separate from other dietary and lifestyle factors.

Added sugar may increase waist Circumference, blood pressure. or blood triglyceride. cholesterol and blood sugar levels (together known as metabolic syndrome when these measures are above a specific level) and possibly cause the development of type II diabetes, all of which elevate the likelihood of cardiovascular illnesses. Sugar-sweetened drinks can also spark the body’s inflammatory response, an identified risk factor for heart disease.

Before deciding to drink a bottle of soft drink to destroy your thirst remind yourself that each bottle contains apart from water, sugar (which is 6 teaspoons ever 8 ounces at 15 calories each teaspoon) plus coloring, carbon dioxide, flavors, acids, caffeine, preservatives, sodium, potassium, sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame sucralose & acesulfane.

Caffeine is something we find in coffee which is addictive in nature. Similar group of chemicals found are morphine, purvine, cocaine, strychnine etc.

Most of the soft drinks contain caffeine which draws water from our body and those soft drinks that contain sodium allow a body to hold water.

In fact, sodium is a substance that make a person feel the need to drink more… and who is benefiting from all this? Do I need to explain? I guess not.

Many soft drinks contain Aspartame also commonly known as NutraSweet, which is famous for creating disorders in human beings right from headaches/ nausea to rashes, seizures, brain damage and even blindness.

One more substance present in a lot of soft drinks is benzene. Benzene is a cancer causing substance.

It is typically launched into the air from emissions from vehicles and burning up coal and oil.

Heat and light exposure can result in changes in all those beverages which contain benzoate salts and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) causing their composition to create benzene.

DIET DRINKS NO Significantly better

It’s common for soft drinks to include dangerous amounts of sugar. Thus, sugar substitutes are often replaced to reduce the number of calories and therein lies the concept of diet drinks.

Although drink producers assert these foods have a lesser number of calories, they can still bring about elevated body weight through toxic build up.

FDA guidelines require that the flavors employed in any refined food, such as soft drinks, be an extract of a real product, even so, often these agents are actually synthetic compositions.

This drastically enhances the level of toxins in these products, causing them to be much more hazardous.

One particular flavoring agent employed by soft drink corporations is caffeine. Caffeine is addictive and besides that the consumption of caffeine can result in increased levels of anxiety, irritability, and depression, trouble focusing and hyperactive conduct.

Choosing diet drinks as opposed to regular sugar-sweetened drinks is probably not a healthier choice, too. In diet soft drinks, the artificial sweetener, aspartame, is employed as an alternative for sugar.

Despite the fact that aspartame consists of no calories, it increases a number of health risks, such as cancer.

One research revealed that daily usage of artificially sweetened drinks was connected with a more than 40% increase in the risk of heart disease.

Like sugar-sweetened drinks, diet drinks can raise the risk of metabolic syndrome and, eventually, heart disease.

Having said that, study on diet drinks is sort of inconclusive and the way in which artificial sweeteners may increase heart disease risk is uncertain.

The American Heart Association suggests restricting sugar intake to about 5 teaspoons per day in women and 9 in men (one typical can of soft drink is made up of about 8 teaspoons of sugar.

In case you want to know if a particular diet drink is better for your health, then find out whether its ingredients contain NutraSweet(Aspartame) or not.

If it contains, than probably you have an answer to yourself and chances are that you might be getting frequent headaches after drinking diet drinks.

Most of us have the habit of drinking Crystal Light Pink Lemonade during afternoons to refresh our mind and get back to work with the feel that lemonades do not contain sugar & come without calories. But, we end up with severe migraine which is mainly caused due to Crystal Light.

Acidulants mainly act as preservatives & provide a soothing flavor. The two main ingredients which are mostly found in soft-drinks are citric & phosphoric acids.

At times even tartaric & malic acids are used. Excess intake of phosphoric acids inside our body is very harmful for our health mainly because it upsets the calcium phosphorus balance of our body and pulls out calcium from our bones, which can cause serious illness such as osteoporosis (which means the bones of our body begin to weaken, which can have an adverse affect when we get old).

Moreover, hydrochloric acid inside our stomach is attacked leading to indigestion & bloating.

Now we know sweetened drinks provide little if any nourishment, they in fact INCREASE the human body’s requirement for water.

Soft drinks and sodas may cause premature aging. This habit of consuming fizzy drinks forces you to grow old in advance of your time, experts have warned. Studies have shown that phosphate, which gives many sodas their tangy flavor, can speed up ageing.

The nutrient, which is also combined with refined and packaged meats, cakes and breads, can make the skin and muscles deteriorate and may additionally harm the heart and kidneys.

Even though studies were done in mice, the scientists think that the outcomes of their study show the possible repercussions of high doses of the mineral.

Weakening of bones, pancreatic cancer, muscle weakness and paralysis have already been associated with soft drinks, with just two cans per week considered enough to boost the risk.

For durability and a long healthy life, a healthy diet plan and retaining the balance of phosphate in the diet can be much more critical than it might seem. Steer clear of phosphate poisoning and revel in a healthy life.

Eliminating toxins- Eliminate soft and diet drinks

For the reason that your body is an extremely robust miraculous resource, it can take a long time for the abuse manifesting from a poor lifestyle.

But ultimately once the body gets to its total capacity for being overloaded with detrimental stuff like grease, salt, sugar, preserved, refined and junk fast foods, sickly, blocked blood vessels are formed!

Thereafter illnesses materialize – Cataracts, Arthritis, hearing issues. Varicose veins cripple the legs, stomach and colon problems. Heaps and lethal fissures invade the rectum. These are over 4,000 devastating ailments that can make life miserable.

Nature is a harsh teacher, first comes the ailment, then comes the lesson. Go to any clinic and discover the poor, wretched, struggling humans, those who never realized the truly great natural laws.

They couldn’t quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, cola and soft drinks and stuffed their bodies with refined and dead foods.

Consumers in the world’s developed nations eat plenty of fresh meat as well as a myriad of smoked, salted and preserved meats. These days folks throughout the world consume several products made out of processed white sugar and today the toxic sugar substitute – aspartame.

In addition to being a lethal toxin,, aspartame really plays a role in putting on weight by triggering a craving for carbs. Learn more about the fatal health conditions resulting from Monsanto’s toxic sweetener on this site:

Lots of individuals are afflicted by bowel irregularity due to dehydration since they don’t consume enough water.

Bear in mind salt, black tea, coffee, alcohol, cola, soft drinks are dehydrating. One purpose of the lower digestive tract is to get rid of excess water from the waste.

Potassium and sodium are essential for the body and tend to be undamaging in modest quantities. Sodium accounts for controlling and transporting fluids inside the body.

Having said that, its intake should be restricted; consequently, diet sodas, being loaded with sodium, must be eliminated completely by anyone who has kidney disease, adrenal, thyroid or pituitary gland functional issues, diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Minimize soft drinks, Eliminate toxins

Find alternatives to soft and diet drinks. Drinking is good for you, depending on what you drink of course. Well, juicing can be a great alternative and so can a drink from Solaltech.

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They also have a specific Detox Drink having liver-detoxifying and kidney flushing nutrients and herbs such as spirulina, chlorella, milk thistle, vitamin B, and curcumin.

These help eliminate toxins from the body such as metabolites from alcohol that cause hangovers and all those toxins you have accumulated through years of drinking diet sodas and colas and so on. Also helps with metals and environmental chemicals.