Do all men behave oddly once they reach the age of 40 ?

Is their behavior due to aging or is it just a normal mid life crisis?

What is the reason why we require anti aging solutions and products in the first place?

How many times have you ever heard someone saying that it is just a normal mid life crisis?

These days, men who have crossed 40 years of age are gaining popularity mainly because of their mid life crisis & male menopause which result in them behaving oddly. The question is whether a mid life crisis & male menopause are same ? If that is the case, what is the meaning of Andropause?

It has been noted that there are many men who behave very abruptly during their 40s through their 50s. There are many movies in Hollywood that are being made to have this theme of male menopause.

A reader of our site says – “I had faced similar experiences with my former partner who had been with me for many years. It actually began secretly. Once he crossed 40 years of age, I began to notice a considerable amount of changes in his behavior & attitude.

At first, he began to question whether it is time that he quit his job and search for a better one, though he used to enjoy his current work a lot. Then, the next couple of years his exercise regime began to grow a lot, he always seemed to be preoccupied with something or the other, felt more irritable & even more competitive. Then the worst began to happen, he began to dress up very strangely, drinking excessively, changing bars often, began to cheat on me and eventually left the family.

I am really confused what this is actually known as. Is it just some sort of marital unhappiness, a normal midlife attitude, depression or just hormonal changes. Can it be really the hormonal changes?”

Medical community & men have realized that there is something that is going on once they touch 40 years and above. Research has proved that men does experience some changes in their hormones which begins from midlife and results in testosterone loss, HGH, DHEA & adrenal hormones, making unavailability of testosterone due to increase in proteins & aromatase which actually begin to convert testosterone into estrogen. Contrary to women where their menopausal differences are quite abrupt, the male menopause does not occur at an early age but rather somewhere it begins about 40 years and 55 years. Their symptoms & effects are very hard to understand mainly due to the fact that they are physiological and psychological. Most of the time during this phase men tend to begin feeling different.

There are chances that hormonal changes which occur in healthy men can either be very little or even go to extreme level to an extent that they might have to undergo hormone replacement therapy. Some of the main reasons that relate to androgens (male hormone) reductions are:

1. Lack of sex drive

2. Emotional, behavioral & psychological changes.

3. Decrease in the muscle mass.

4. Loss of body muscle strength.

5. Increase in the upper & central body fat.

6. Osteoporosis or brittle bones & back pain.

7. Cardiovascular Risk.

As men grow in age, their body starts to change from more testosterone to estrogen (estradiol). Too much or excess of estrogen in a human body is not actually good for a persons health mainly due to the fact that estrogen contradicts testosterone. So, at times even men with adequate or normal testosterone levels might still undergo symptoms of Andropause since the ratios of testosterone & estrogen in their body become quite whacky.

What can be done about this problem of mid life crisis?

1- Stay lean and Strong

The best way to keep testosterone levels high & estrogen levels low is by keeping yourself lean, healthy and strong. Fat cells include aromatase. Therefore, more the fat cells; more are the content of estrogen. This is applicable even for women.

To build and maintain muscle mass requires considerable amount of free testosterone which in fact will ensure that the body is using testosterone effortlessly.

This seems to be the main goal of fitness freaks & nutrition programs which is actually good news.

2- Keep a watch on what actually goes inside your body.

Zinc, alcohol & other prescription drugs- Zinc prevents the aromatase actions inside a human body. It is therefore necessary and important to get sufficient levels of zinc through our daily diet which will help in keeping the level of estrogen down. Zinc is also important since it helps in manufacturing testosterone by the body. Those foods that are rich in zinc include poultry, meat, nuts, beans, dairy & whole grain foods.

Estrogen levels go up when a person consumes alcohol. This is mainly because liver tends to help excrete chemicals and hormones from the body thereby reducing the functions of the liver and hence results in high estrogen levels.

There are some prescription drugs from medical stores which can actually mess with the levels of hormones in a human body. It is advised to check with your family doctor in case you feel that you are undergoing symptoms relating to low testosterone.

3- Listen to what other people say

All men, including you, if you have crossed 40 years of age and if your family members or even your friends or your spouse complain about you acting weird or out of your actual character, it is time that you discuss this matter with your doctor. It might as well not be ‘her hormone’ level disturbances but rather might actually be your own hormone level.

Oral hgh sprays or Guaranteed scams !

Hgh products can help reverse the process of reverse aging if you are using quality products. But unfortunately, scientific studies have shown most oral Hgh sprays don’t work. Growth hormone according to studies does not have the capability of passing through the membranes of the mouth.

Why oral sprays don’t work ?

A lot of people have asked me why I say bad things about hgh oral sprays when there are quite a few companies out there that happen to deliver popular oral sprays products and their website has tons of testimonials. Well simple, they are just not worth buying. Let me repeat again:- they should not be bought.

Starting with oral sprays that claim to contain real hgh

SCAM! There is no way to make a spray out of the real pharmaceutical growth hormone. No scientific method or formulation exists by now. And even if they could make it somehow, how can a company legally sell a drug (real hgh) without a prescription. You need a prescription to purchase it. Have you heard of a viagra spray, alli spray ? Real HGH like viagra is an FDA approved and monitored drug that requires prescription.

Why people fall into such scams ?

Because they think that they are getting real hgh and since it’s in spray form, it’s a lot cheaper than the injectable alternative. Please stay away from these companies.

Nutritional hgh sprays

Such products claim that you can get all the ingredients, required vitamins and minerals for hgh release in few sprays. It’s a joke! Only few sprays can’t provide you with adequate amount of such ingredients to make any positive changes take place. If you want to take such ingredients it’s always better to take them in pills form.

Homeopathic hgh sprays

Homeopathic remedies do not work the way most of the homeopathic hgh products say they do. Though homeopathy itself is an effective methodology, these products just don’t do that. When it comes to products that claim to have homeopathic real human growth hormone, this is not legal either. Have you seen homeopathic Viagra or Valium? Moreover, According to Homeopathic medical theory taking homeopathic hgh would be a remedy for too much hgh in your body system : the way vaccines work or the concept of fighting poison with poison. So you know it’s silly if those companies say their product is backed by homeopathy. Even the homeopathic experts believe that the companies behind these products are giving homeopathy a bad name.

Hopefully you now realize the truth behind hgh oral sprays.

HGH supplements reviews

Many experts feel that supplementation with human growth hormone enhancers offers exciting possibilities to adult bodybuilders, especially those aged over thirty and to all those who want to regain or enhance their youth, vigor and vitality. They should not be taken by anyone aged under twenty.

In the past growth hormone was available only in injectable form but recent years have seen the development of HGH precursors and more advanced delivery systems. The most popular means of taking growth hormone boosters today include sub-lingual spray, homeopathic pills and capsules containing HGH secretagogues.

The market for human growth hormone supplements is targeted primarily toward those who wish to turn back the clock. People who seek to delay the effects of aging are drawn toward human growth hormone supplements because of their reported effects, such as increased muscle mass and healthier skin.

Hgh supplements are usually a patented combination of more than one natural hgh releasers. They employ the technique that makes it possible to help your pituitary gland secrete more of hgh through tablet supplements.

This is the logic that drives today’s HGH supplement products, and the good news is that reputable brands (those that pass through rigorous GMP standards) do not have any established side effects to the body.

You shouldn’t worry about the price as well. Back then, injections can cost over 15,000 dollars. But with the current techniques of amino acid engineering, the price can be slashed to only a fraction of the original method, and you can still have the same benefits.

One hgh product based on amino acid engineering that I really like is GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System consisting of hGH releasing pills and spray. It is an excellent, affordable alternative to expensive HGH injections, because it encourages your body to naturally produce more HGH on its own.

HGH supplements are suggested to be taken for about 6 months if you are a new user. If you want to find out how quick your chosen product works, you should have a consistent intake for at least 3 months, and then try to feel the results. Take into consideration though your pre-supplement HGH level.

These products will work more swiftly on bodies with very low HGH levels. Some users claim to have better a better sleep and energy recovery, and physical improvements like muscle tone development, so may want to compare your own results with these assertions.


Hgh supplements are in high demand now a days but you got to know which are most efficient and which are outright scams. For example, most hgh oral sprays and homeopathic products don’t work and are scams most of the times. You can read my article on why oral sprays and homeopathic products fail to deliver and are not worth your money ?

Effects and Side effects

There are no acknowledged side effects with natural HGH releasers and most hgh supplements. Many studies have been made in all age categories, and no side effects whatsoever have been proven. Just make sure the product you use is made in a GMP authorized or FDA certified laboratory.

While doctors warn against unmonitored use of human growth hormone supplements, their role as a legitimate form of treatment has grown in recent years. The Food and Drug Administration now approves of the use of human growth hormone supplements in order to treat adult men and women who suffer from deficiencies related to the pituitary glands.

While taking hgh supplements one should remember that the product can take some time to deliver. Whether it be for bodybuilding or anti-aging purposes (increasing hormonal levels), when you first start taking a product or supplement you do notice some effects the first week.

The second stage is that you get used to these “surface” effects and it might seem like nothing is happening. The third stage is when you start to notice the deeper more long lasting effects.

List of hgh supplements

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The endocrine and metabolic control systems offer many of the greatest opportunities for preventing disabilities associated with aging. Thyroid disease is common and often undiagnosed, but early detection and treatment can prevent unnecessary disability. Diabetes mellitus is extremely common, and normalizing blood glucose levels reduces its devastating vascular and neurologic complications. Hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism are clinical masqueraders. Early diagnosis by screening for hypercalcemia leads to proper treatment, preventing disability.

Menopause, a normal state of ovarian hormone deficiency, dramatically affects older women, often producing disabling consequences. But estrogen replacement therapy can largely eliminate them.

Hypogonadism in older men has been less thoroughly studied, but many cases of male sexual disability can be improved by proper diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, a growing knowledge of the importance of lipoprotein (particularly cholesterol) metabolism disorders has led to improved prevention and treatment, helping reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis and its consequences.

Changes in Hormone Levels

With aging, many aspects of the endocrine system change. Some endocrine organs and axes become hypoactive, either from diseases or physiologic down-regulation; some change little or not at all; and a few become hyperactive. These diverse and at times striking changes result from changes in hormone production and secretion rates, metabolic clearance rates, and tissue responsiveness or sensitivity (based on changes in hormone receptors or postreceptor mechanisms). Thus, an analysis of observed changes may be extremely complex.

Serum hormone levels reflect the sum of all these changes . Many changes are interrelated, one often serving as a compensatory response for another. For example, pituitary gonadotropins rise as gonadal hormones decline; insulin rises because of age-associated insulin resistance.

Raising your hormonal levels back to your youthful levels can be a crucial step in anti aging.

Sexuality and aging

A comprehensive national survey of sexuality has never been done for any age group. Therefore, the nature and frequency of sexual activity among the elderly, including its association with marital or health status or any other variable, is unknown. Available data consist of the important but now historic and limited Kinsey studies (1948 to 1949), the physiologic investigations of Masters and Johnson, and the findings of both the Duke Longitudinal Studies and the Baltimore Longitudinal Study on Aging. Questionnaire surveys of self-reported sexual activity have been conducted by mail (eg, by Consumers Union).

The most important conclusion is that contrary to prevailing beliefs, sexual desire and satisfaction are important to many elderly persons. A number of factors (eg, low intrinsic drive dating back to youth, physical disability, poor marital relationship, or the death of a spouse or companion) may be responsible for an older person’s being disinterested in sex or having an inhibited sexual drive.

A sexual history, with emphasis on current sexual function, should be part of the general medical evaluation of an older person. Physicians should handle sexual issues with dignity and skill. The discomfort physicians may feel in discussing the subject is often the result of negative stereotypes, personal anxieties, objections to the expression of sexuality by the elderly, or simply ignorance.

Social, Emotional, And Psychologic Issues

Sexuality is associated more with intimacy than just with the act of sexual intercourse. Sexuality in old age is often described in terms that include the opportunity to express passion, affection, admiration, and loyalty; the affirmation that one’s body is functioning well; the maintenance of a strong sense of identity; a means of self-assertion; a protection from anxiety; a renewal of a sense of romance; a general affirmation of life, especially the expression of joy; and a continuing opportunity to search for new growth and experience.

However, not all older persons have such positive attitudes. Even physically and mentally healthy persons may internalize the negative image of the typical older person as a desexualized invalid. Another social prejudice is one that falsely characterizes an elderly person who seeks sexual satisfaction as either a “dirty old man” or a “lecherous old woman.” The inability to come to terms with aging may lead some people to envy the young and to feel hostility and bitterness toward them, to show prejudice against other older people and refuse to associate with them, to reject an aging partner, and to make frantic attempts to appear young.

Feelings of guilt and shame may surface. Brought up during an era of Victorian-like prudery, some older persons are probably misinformed about issues of sexuality and feel guilty about their desires. They may refuse to discuss the issue of sexuality or to accept help when problems are obvious. Reassurance and information from a physician may help these persons achieve a more positive self-image.

Boredom, fear, fatigue, grief, and problems with a mate affect the sexual behavior of all persons. However, the elderly are also more likely to experience depression and illness or incapacitation of a partner. While some people look forward to the freedom of retirement, others react to it with feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.

With advancing age, women outnumber men, and women living alone are more likely to be poor and to have complex physical and psychosocial problems. Over 50% of older women are widows, 7% have never married, and 2% are divorced. Thus, about 60% of older women are without a spouse, in contrast to about 20% of older men. Partners are in short supply, especially for women. When opportunities do arise, older persons often feel unfamiliar with the practices of dating and courtship. They may not have undertaken such activities for decades. Physicians should be aware of their older patients’ needs and should be especially sensitive about the reluctance of those who have lost their companions to reenter the world of dating.

Negative societal attitudes about masturbation and homosexuality also can interfere with sexual expression. Some men require sexually arousing photographs and videos to assist fantasy as well as physical manipulation by their partners to achieve an erection. Both men and women without partners, heterosexual or homosexual, may seek out pornography or prostitutes. An estimated 10% of the population including the elderly is homosexual, and while long-term relationships are common, many elderly homosexual persons have not publicly revealed their sexual preference. Their relationships and physical problems are not much different from those of heterosexuals and require the same thoughtful approach and treatment.

Raising Growth Hormone Naturally: A look at hgh releasers

The Vitality Boost

There must have been countless times when you have put off several activities such as exercise, sex and even playing with the kids. You always have the same alibi, that is, “I don’t have the energy”.

It is understandable if you hear this statement from someone who has done a wearisome task or has been from a strenuous exercise.

However, there are times when some people especially those over 40 feel weary even when there is no valid reason.

This is the common complaint of patients as they consult their doctors, even if all they did the whole day was sit in front of a desk. After a series of tests, doctors disregard a cause related to disease and just say “it comes with age”.

There must be an explanation why people feel fatigue. After all, there is no scientific evidence that lack of energy is caused by old age. This may be the doctor’s findings because they, also, go through the same situation. When most people have a common condition, we tend to consider it as normal.

This feeling of exhaustion usually accompanied with aging is caused by 2 factors – decrease in HGH levels and lack of proper nutrition.

Actually there is a group of natural substances that have been studied and proven to be important to the energy produced by the body.

Problem is they are not present in required amount in an average American diet. This, therefore, results to fatigue, slow metabolism, poor tolerance to exercise and mood swings. These nutrient deficiencies make it hard to lose and maintain weight.

It is not normal to experience fatigue when you are not sick of any disease or you do not do strenuous work. Most of all, you don’t say that you will just “learn to live with it.”

So, boosting your energy and overall quality of life, you need to tackle these 2 problems. These 2 problems can be tackled with a smart “anti aging supplements” intake plan which should contain natural hgh releasers, multivitamins, antioxidants etc.

For ease, I have put them all in 2 groups – “hgh releasers” and “The HGH Plan nutrients”. Some of these products are meant to supplement a widely varied natural foods diet, (not replace it). In this context, health experts generally agree that supplements can play an important role in a health and longevity program.

Why you need to read the following list of nutrients ?

Don’t take this list of nutrients lightly. This is a comprehensive list and actually meant to benefit you in many ways.

Which products you decide to be part of your anti-aging team would depend largely on your needs and your lifestyle preferences. What they have in common is their capacity to alter your biochemistry and help you live longer.

When you replace or supplement your missing human growth hormone using the miraculous, natural anti-aging hgh releasers pointed out here, practically everyone who does so experiences some or most of the following age-reversal effects.

• For most people, within a matter of months, if not weeks, their skin tightens, gets thicker and more elastic, and those unsightly wrinkles begin to go away.

• Men and women, but especially women who have observed bone thinning, will notice a steady improvement in bone density. That should help to prevent fractures and osteoporosis.

• Stamina improves. Chronic fatigue disappears completely. With the newfound physical vitality comes an improvement in motivation and outlook on life.

• Optimism goes up; depression goes down.

• Mental clarity and sharpness return. Memory improves.

• Sleep quality grows more consistent. Things like obstructive sleep apnea, common in men over the age of fifty, where they stop breathing at night-becomes less intense and may disappear completely.

• Immune system functions strengthen. Natural killer cell activity, a key to resisting viruses and infections-intensifies. Your system is able to heal itself faster and you get sick less often.

• Metabolism goes up, muscle reappears and gets stronger, and fat actually starts to disappear.

• Hair thinning stops and hair color can even return to its natural shade.

• Heart function gets enhanced and strengthened. The heart muscle gets stronger, beats with more force, which is important to cardiovascular health. Sex drive goes up dramatically, as does sexual performance, and with it, your pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Those who are now in their forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond, will start looking younger and feeling younger as a result of using these natural substances.

That’s why these products are true anti-aging miracles, a veritable fountain of youth. The overall quality of life for users goes up dramatically. They prefer fewer pharmaceutical drugs. They encounter fewer illnesses. They’re hospitalized less.

All of this collectively makes taking these anti-aging miracles a cost-saving medical method that will not only save you money in the long term, but will lower the overall medical bills for society as a whole. That should count for a lot in this day and age when Medicare and Medicaid costs are out of control.

Also think about this: Most of us see our parents, grandparents, and other relatives who are in their seventies, eighties, and nineties languishing in nursing homes.

These are human warehouses, for the most part. The people out there exist on a steady diet of prescription drugs and have got little or no hope about the future. These are some of the very people for whom these nutrients would provide the most dramatic new lease on life.


If you’re wondering whether you need to supplement your diet with these supplements, the following self-evaluation can help you determine your level of energy and vitality.

Exercise frequency (weekly) 0-1 2-4 5
Exercise intensity easy medium hard
Exercise duration (minutes) 10-15 15-30 30+
Feelings after exercise exhausted tired invigorated
Caffeine intake (weekly) cups of coffee/tea 4+ 2-3 0-1
caffeine sodas 4+ 2-3 0-1
Energy level generally low medium high
Energy slumps(especially after lunch) frequently sometimes never
Alert on awakening never sometimes often
Sugar cravings frequently sometimes never
Ability to cope with stress low medium high
Clarity of mind low medium high
Consistency of energy erratic medium good

List of natural hgh releasers and “The HGH Plan nutrients” (anti aging nutrients)


The essential part of the Growth Hormone Increasing Program is the usage of GH releasers or stimulators, chemicals that stimulates the production of growth hormone from the pituitary. With such agonists(or stimulators), you are able to stimulate your pituitary for secreting more GH, which you may then boost to full potential with the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program, dietary adjustment as well as GH-releasing exercises.

The latest scientific research says that aging pituitary cells also secrete as much Hgh as a person in his 20s, when they are properly stimulated to do so.

Here we are discussing the natural substances that have been proven to raise the levels of GH and IGF-1, as well as a number of new products which have been uniquely formulated with the aim of elevating GH level. Most of these can be obtained from your nearby local health store as well as from online vendors.


Ornithine – a non-essential amino acid, by non-essential it means that our body can synthesize it from other food sources. Ornithine can be produced from arginine and is also quite similar in structure.


2 to 5 grams at bedtime.

Side effects

If you have taken high dosage of arginine ( approximately 170 mg per Kg), it can probably cause runny, watery diarrhea.


Arginine causes stimulation of GH simply by preventing the release of the growth-hormone inhibitor somatostatin. Furthermore, it significantly improves the effect of growth hormone-releasing hormone if they are provided together.


2 to 5 grams with empty stomach 1 hour prior to exercise and prior to sleeping.

Side effects

The dosage necessary to significantly stimulate GH can result in stomach trouble and also nausea or vomiting on an empty stomach, which unfortunately is the way it must be consumed. This could be reduced or even removed simply by starting with a low dose of 1 gram and increasing gradually.

Pycnogenol Plus L-arginine

Great sex requires a strong erection: which relies on the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle and dilation of blood vessels, which are triggered by the chemical nitric oxide (NO). Pycnogenol, a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree, increases the production of your own nitric oxide.

When Pycnogenol is combined with L-arginine: the supplement formed has been shown to produce a significant improvement in sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction, without any side effects. The best dose is 40 milligrams of Pycnogenol„ two times a day, and 2 grams of L-arginine once a day. I have personally used this combination of supplements and can attest to its effectiveness for men with or without erectile dysfunction.


Niacin is a potent GH-releaser. A couple of clinical tests demonstrate that 200 milligrams of niacin provided intravenously elevated GH levels eight-fold with the GH peak manifesting a couple of hours following the administration. It did not stimulate GH in people who were one and a half to twice their ideal weight, which is not surprising since obesity blocks GH release . Pearson and Shaw state that a 200-milligram dose of niacin “will cause a mild GH release – about the same as a non-exercising teenager.”


200 milligrams to 1 gram

Side effects

Niacin can cause a harmless, though initially scary, reaction known as flushing, when the skin turns red, feels very hot, and may itch or tingle. This can happen in doses as low as 100 milligrams taken on an empty stomach and is caused by dilation of the arteries and a release of histamine. The reaction is harmless, generally subsiding within twenty minutes.

To minimize flushing, start with small doses and slowly build to 1 gram. Tolerance to flushing usually develops within one week. If niacin is used alone as a GH-releaser, taking it with food will also minimize flushing.

If using it in a stack with arginine, take it on an empty stomach at bedtime. You may be asleep by the time the flushing occurs. If not, lie back and enjoy it! The niacin flush is basically the same as the “sex flush” documented by Masters and Johnson that occurs with histamine release during orgasm.


Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acid in your body. This is a conditionally essential amino acid, that means our bodies might not be capable of synthesizing all it requires if it is under physical stress.

Effects on GH

Glutamine stands out as the most recent amino acid to be treated as a GH-releaser. One research revealed that a very small oral dose of around 2 grams of glutamine elevated the growth hormone levels even more than 4 times above those of the placebo. Much more interesting, age didn’t reduce the effect.


2 grams Bed time.

Side effects

If you go with the suggested dosages there are virtually no side or adverse effect and is also low in toxicity.


Tryptophan is an important amino acid which is a precursor(precedes) to serotonin- the neurotransmitter which helps to bring about sleep.


GABA, an HGH releaser influences the brain environment in a productive fashion to stimulate the production and release of growth hormone.

Effect on GH

All the five studies or researches reported that there is a small rise in the growth hormone level with doses of about 5 grams.

In one research, an injection into vein a solution of about 5 to 7 grams during the period of fifteen minutes induced reasonable increase of serum GH between thirty to ninety minutes after administration.

In the studies, approximately fifty percent of the subjects responded and rest all became sleepy. Tryptophan is actually transformed to serotonin, which in turn raises growth hormone during sleep.


500 mg to 2 grams at bed time.

Side effects:

Sleepiness, throbbing headache, nose blockage, bowel problems. Must not be used before driving.


I have identified the following vital nutrients that are the keys to metabolic efficiency and will help in regaining the vigor and vitality.

Some of these nutrients are required for the efficient production of energy in the body. When they are present at optimal levels: the body produces all the energy you need to work, play, and enjoy life. The nutrients needed to fuel the energy cycle are:

1- ALPHA-KETOGLUTARIC ACID (AKG) – Though the name suggests something which can be found in the lab of a chemist, AKG is actually a very essential nutrient which is found to be present in every human body.

AKG is considered to be an important constituent of the energy producing cycle and therefore its levels also help decide the metabolic efficiency in a human body.

During a routine study with volunteers it was found that AKG supplementation developed in increasing oxygen delivery and even improved a human being’s tolerance during exercise. AKG is required to get the optimum metabolism of fats (hence it also helps in weight loss), carbohydrates and proteins. Its recommended dosage is 200 to 400 mg every day.

2- Comprehensive Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement

Every human being requires a complete multivitamin and mineral supplement on a daily basis. Daily dosage of multivitamin minerals will help increase the micronutrient profiles upto 35%.

While purchasing multivitamin minerals, you must ensure that there is a minimum of at least 100% of all the Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA such as B1 (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and folic acid. You will also require having 2000 milligrams Vitamin C, about 400 mg Vitamin E, about 100 milligrams magnesium.

Your complete multivitamin must contain a minimum of about 20 micrograms Vitamin K along with other minerals such as Copper, Zinc and Selenium (15 mg). In case you are on a blood thinner (like Coumadin or Warfarin Sodium), it is best advised to discuss with your doctor and find out the requirement of Vitamin K that you can consume under such circumstances.

It is advised to read and go through the labels of your medicines very carefully which will provide you with the exact quantity of Vitamin A that you must consume.

Excess intake of Vitamin A will lead to bone loss and toxicity. Patients can also avoid toxicity caused due to Vitamin A by consuming Beta-Carotene, whereby your body automatically changes to Vitamin A.

A good multi vitamin product I like is from a company Fushi called Fushi Multi Essentials Vitamin Complex.

Fushi offers 100 per cent natural and suitable products for vegetarians. They have no pesticides, harmful detergents or chemicals and are sustainably and fairly sourced, employing organic ingredients wherever possible. You may read below why is that important!

Their supplements also do not have any bulking, binding agents and fillers and are made from pure herb extract and nothing else.

3- VITAMIN B6 – This is a key metabolic nutrient vitamin. Vitamin B6 is required for both anaerobic and aerobic energy creation.

Vitamin B6 is also considered to be a building bar for various bio chemicals which even includes the enzyme that is required for the production of DHEA and it also plays a very important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

This is the type of vitamin having nutrients which are very likely to get destroyed through high heat cooking or food processing. The mixture of Vitamin B and AKG has proved to reduce the amassing of lactic acid in working muscles.

As we all know that lactic acid also contributes to muscle soreness which causes a lot of people stop their exercise regime for a temporary period. Hence, controlling the level of all these nutrients will help our exercise enjoyable and easy. Dosage request is 15 to 20 mg every day.

Prescription drugs that increase HGH production in the body – L-dopa for hgh

It is recommended that you use nutritional supplements found in nature rather than synthetic drugs to stimulate growth hormone release. But there are a number of prescription drugs that can enhance the growth hormone response. These are drugs that thousands of people have used for many years for anti-aging purposes without any serious side effects.

While these are all FDA-approved drugs whose safety and reliability has been confirmed in hundreds of thousands of patients, none of them has been approved for the purpose of raising GH levels.

And because prescription drugs are usually synthetic and not found in nature like the nutrients listed above, they tend to have more side effects and more serious ones. But let’s discuss them here for several reasons.

First, some of them are quite effective in raising GH levels. Second, you may have read about their use elsewhere. Last, but not least, we believe that you should know what all your options are and make up your own mind based on the best available information. The goal is to stimulate replacement levels, not superphysiologic levels, of growth hormone.

Remember, none of this should be tried without close monitoring by a physician specializing in anti-aging medicine. It is imperative that you read carefully the dosage levels, side effects, cautions, and risks associated with their use.


The following four drugs have long been used worldwide for life extension purposes. Recent studies have shown that all four significantly raise growth hormone levels in people, and in some cases restore the release of GH in elderly people back to youthful values. At the low dosages in which they are used for GH stimulation and anti-aging, no serious side effects are associated with their use. And while there are risks involved in chronic use even chronic use of low-dose aspirin can be injurious to health – the benefits in terms of GH release appear to outweigh the risks.

L-dopa or Levadopa (Sinemet: The Longevity Awakener)

This is actually an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human body. It is available only by prescription for use in Parkinson’s disease. The metabolic precursor of dopamine, is converted in the brain to dopamine

Effects on GH

L-dopa is one of the most effective GH-stimulators in both animals and humans. A 1976 National Institute on Aging study by Joseph Meites, one of the most distinguished researchers in hormones and aging, found that .5 gram of the drug per day increased the GH output of men over sixty who did not have Parkinson’s to levels approaching that of young adults! And there were no adverse effects at this dosage.

How it works

L-dopa is a precursor of dopamine, one of the important neurotransmitters in regulation of growth hormone. Drugs that raise the levels of dopamine in the brain are among the most powerful stimulants of GH release. It is also a building block for the transmitters norepinephrine and epinephrine, which have all been shown to increase GH secretion.

Anti-aging benefits

L-dopa attained cinematic fame in Awakenings as the drug that jolted patients out of their fifty-year trance caused by a form of sleeping sickness. It may also serve to awaken although not as dramatically older people from the lethargy of aging. A number of studies in animals reveal that L-dopa has remarkable anti-aging and life-extending effects. In a classic longevity study, Dr. George Cotzias, the developer of L-dopa for Parkinson’s disease, fed three groups of mice varying amounts of L-dopa one milligram, 20 milligrams, and 40 milligrams, respectively, per gram of diet. A control group had no L-dopa in their diet. The group on the highest dosage 40 milligrams lived the longest, with almost twice the number of animals in this group still alive at 18 months compared with the untreated controls (73 percent versus 39 percent).

L-dopa helps restore the sensitivity of hypothalamus to feedback from the hormonal signals from the rest of the body, which is impaired with age. This in turn improves the homeostasis of the body. Since lack of responsiveness to hormonal signals could be involved in the decreased secretion of GH with age, the use of L-dopa may reverse this communication breakdown.

Some people who have used L-dopa as a GH-releaser and for life extension purposes claim that it is a great sexual stimulant, another well-known effect of GH.

Clinical usage

In low doses, far under those used for Parkinson’s patients, L-dopa is effective in raising GH levels without side effects. Since it works through a different mechanism from arginine and ornithine, it may be a useful addition to amino acid stacks.


125 to 500 milligrams at bedtime as directed by a physician; best taken as carbidopa (sinemet).

Side effects

This is a serious prescription drug that must be used with medical supervision. Side effects mostly seen at doses higher than 500 milligrams include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, involuntary body movements, orthostatic hypotension, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, confusion, psychosis, depression, and gastrointestinal bleeding.


Greater adverse effects with pure forms (not carbidopa) or at high doses.


Hydergine is an ergot derivative closely related to bromocriptine, hydergine is prescribed for age-related decline in mental capacity, Alzheimer’s, and other dementing conditions.

Effects on GH

Hydergine is one of the few GH-releasers that has actually been shown in clinical testing to be active in elderly people.

How it works

It is believed to work through its stimulation of dopamine, but it also affects noradrenalin, another neurotransmitter that stimulates GH. The drug is actually a mixture of ergot derivatives, one of which, dihydroergocornine, is one of the strongest GH-releasers of the various ergots.

Anti-aging benefits

Hydergine gained wide popularity after Pearson and Shaw touted it in their book as a “smart” drug. According to them, it helps prevent or correct aging in the brain by increasing protein synthesis in the brain, which is required for memory; stabilizing brain EEG energies under conditions of low oxygen supply; slowing the rate at which the age pigment lipofuscin accumulates in the brain; improving memory and learning; and stimulating the growth of neurites (nerve-cell connections required for forming new memories, which are lost with age).

People who have used it for anti-aging purposes report that it increased feelings of well-being, energy levels, and fat loss. Considering that almost all these changes are similar to the ones seen with GH replacement, it is likely that many of the effects attributed to hydergine are due, at least in part, to the restoration of youthful growth hormone levels in later life.

Clinical usage

This is a “best bet” for prescription drugs used to stimulate growth hormone. It is extremely safe and has been used on a daily basis for decades by older people in Europe to preserve brain function and increase energy levels. Hydergine, like L-dopa, seems to have significant effects for several months, although there are no long-term studies on people to see if the effect is sustained for a longer period of time.


One milligram 3 times a day for memory enhancement. Six milligrams found effective for GH release. Can increase up to 12 milligrams as directed by a physician.

Side effects

Rare, but may include nausea, drowsiness, slow heart rate, rash. Can potentiate the effect of caffeine, causing headache and insomnia. Build up dosage level slowly.


Clonidine (Catapres) is a blood pressure-lowering drug that is also used for many diverse conditions, including Tourette’s syndrome, migraines, ulcerative colitis, painful or difficult menstruation, and hot flashes from menopause, and to promote growth in children whose growth is delayed.

Effects on GH

In animal and human studies of the acute response to clonidine, it effectively stimulates GH secretion. When the Italian scientists gave injections of clonidine to old beagle dogs along with growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), the GH peaks were more frequent and higher than with GHRH alone. And this response was only slightly reduced in old dogs compared with young adult ones.

The Florida scientists also note that in animal studies chronic use of clonidine raised pulsatile GH levels. Two groups reported increased pulsatile GH secretion in rats. And the University of Milan scientists found that in old dogs, fourteen days of clonidine administration increased the frequency and amplitude of the spontaneous growth hormone bursts as well as the overall GH secretion. In fact, the secretory patterns of growth hormone, say the researchers, was indistinguishable from that of untreated young dogs. In other words, clonidine completely reversed the loss of GH release that occurs with age!

Anti-aging benefits

It appears to have some potential as a “smart” drug. In one study it improved the mental function of some alcoholics with Korsakoff’s psychosis, alcohol-induced brain damage; patients had better recall, were mofe alert, and had improved learning ability.

Clinical usage

Clonidine works to lower blood pressure by another route, stimulating a set of nerve endings called alpha-adrenergic blockers. While its effectiveness in raising GH has not yet been established in clinical studies, the Milan studies in animals show that it may have the potential for reversing the loss of GH pulsatility with age.


0.1 to 2.4 milligrams as directed by physician.

Side effects

In dosages that are in the clinical range, it is safe and well tolerated. Most common side effects are dry mouth, drowsiness, and sedation. Other common side effects include constipation, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Less frequently reported are orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure upon standing), loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, pain or swelling of glands in the throat, breast pain or swelling, arrhythmia, rapid heart rate, EKG changes, painful blood vessel spasm, diminished libido, elevated blood sugar, and general feelings of ill health.


It can not be taken with a beta blocker as the combination has caused blood pressure to rise in some people. Abrupt withdrawal from clonidine may cause rebound high blood pressure.


Dilantin is an anticonvulsant drug, related to barbiturates, used to prevent seizures in epileptics.

Effects on GH

The studies on Dilantin show varied results from no change to a significant elevation of growth hormone. A 1984 Italian study showed that Dilantin probably affects the hypothalamus-pituitary regulation of growth hormone. In this study five epileptic patients had a higher growth hormone response to L-dopa after one month of treatment with Dilantin.

In the most interesting study from the point of view of using Dilantin as a GH-releaser, a group of New Zealand researchers gave six healthy subjects 500 milligrams of the drug at night and then had them exercise on a stationary bicycle at 100 watts for forty minutes the following morning. The researchers also measured the GH levels of the same subjects doing the same exercise at the same intensity without Dilantin. Both times, their growth hormone concentrations rose at the end of the exercise, but after Dilantin, the peak was considerably higher. The study also found that Dilantin plus exercise caused an increase in free fatty acids and glycerol, which suggests, say the investigators, that Dilantin increases lipolysis, or the destruction of fat cells.

Clinical usage

Side effects do not appear to be a problem in the very low dosages used for increasing intelligence, altering mood, or anti-aging purposes. It may be particularly helpful as a GH-releaser before exercising.


50 to 400 milligrams a half hour to one hour before exercise as directed by physician.

Side effects

Although Dilantin appears to be safe at low dosages, it is still a drug and should be used with caution. The drug is usually well tolerated, and the Dreyfus Medical Reasearch Foundation reports that the few side effects associated with this drug are reversed when the drug is stopped. The following side effects have been reported in the Physician’s Desk Reference: unusual growth of gums, nystagmus (uncontrolled eye movement), uncontrolled twitching, double vision, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, nervousness, confusion, slurred speech, fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, fever, rashes, hair loss, weight gain, joint pain, elevated blood sugar, coarsening of facial features, lip enlargement, hirsutism, Peyronie’s disease, liver damage, blood disorders.

Ornithine hgh precursor

Ornithine – a non-essential amino acid, by non-essential it means that our body can synthesize it from other food sources. Ornithine can be produced from arginine and is also quite similar in structure.

Influences on GH

As per Pearson and Shaw, on the per gram basis, ornithine is approximately double the efficiency and price of arginine. These people report that 5 to 10 grams of L-arginine and 2.5 to 5 grams of ornithine taken on an empty stomach at night induce GH release. Research of ornithine have demostrated the same variation in individual responses as occurs with arginine.

Anti-aging advantages

Ornithine possesses much of the qualities of arginine, however it has been proven to regrow the liver in animals.

Medical usage

It can be best used as a collection along with other amino acids such as arginine, lysine, or glutamine.

The combination of L-ornithine and Acetyl-LCarnitine (ALCAR) could possibly be the most effective option to naturally release Hgh. It’s so powerful that several cautions are to be taken into account that will be mentioned momentarily. Below is a short description of every component involved:

ALCAR is a nutrient produced in our body from the amino acids lysine along with methionine. Clinical tests reveals that ALCAR may possibly delay cognitive drop as well as enhance overall cognitive performance in the elderly. It can furthermore delay the oncoming of Alzheimer’s disease.

L-ornithine is definitely an amino acid which by itself is approximately two times as powerful for releasing Hgh as L-arginine. Consumed collectively in just the proper amounts at the correct time this combination of ALCAR and L-ornithine naturally raises Hgh in your body. The Ornithine eliminates somatropin (a HGH inhibitor) while the ALCAR boosts the energy capacity of cells in your brain. Simple fact is that combination of these two working releases human growth hormone.


2 to 5 grams at bedtime.

Side effects

If you have taken high dosage of arginine ( approximately 170 mg per Kg), it can probably cause runny, watery diarrhea.

Arginine: The GH-Precursor – Benefits of arginine supplements

An essential amino acid, which means that our bodies are unable to produce this amino acid by itself but must obtain it from the foods we all eat.

Effects on GH

No doubt that arginine leads to the release of growth hormone. A 15- to 30-gram intravenous(injecting into viens) solution in water of arginine can be used as a regular endocrinological test to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone. Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw suggested arginine as well as ornithine as GH-releasers in their very first book, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach, making these amino acids into best-selling nutrients. Shaw took 10 grams of arginine per day before eating anything as the GH-releaser to speed up healing after breaking her foot. About forty-five minutes to one hour right after consuming arginine, the lady did about three minutes of bench presses while lying down on her back. With this regime, she shed twenty five pounds of body fat and put on five pounds of muscle in about six weeks.

Numerous clinical studies on different dosages of arginine and arginine in combination with lysine have demonstrated extensively varying results on growth hormone from simply no effect to a significant synergistic rise in GH. In one research by Mathieni in 1980, even200 mg was in fact sufficient to bring about a substantial increase in GH discharge.

It continues functioning even in the old age. A survey at the University of Turin, Italy, revealed that despite the fact that people in their 70’s experienced lower effect as compared to both children and young adults to arginine, the nutrient even now raised their level of GH in their blood to triple the normal for their age group!

Arginine also helps to enhance exercise efficiency, because it’s one of the primary ingredients, along with glycine, which the liver utilizes to produce creatine. Dietary supplements of creatine monohydrate are extremely hot today in the body building community simply because they enhance the level of high-energy creatine phosphates inside the muscle and nerve cells essential for high-intensity, short-duration workouts. So along with arginine you obtain much more return for your money- greater growth hormone levels and also the raw materials to your cellular batteries.

How it works

Arginine causes stimulation of GH simply by preventing the release of the growth-hormone inhibitor somatostatin. Furthermore, it significantly improves the effect of growth hormone-releasing hormone if they are provided together.

Anti-aging benefits

Positive remarks for arginine involves increase in fat burning and building muscle tissues possibly through the release of growth hormone, increasing the weight as well as activity of the thymus gland, improving immunity, combating cancer, supporting healing of burns as well as other wounds, safeguarding the liver and also detoxing harmful materials, and boosting male potency (vast majority of which are improved upon by GH). Furthermore, it restores sexual purpose in impotent males. The researchers think that arginine works because it is just a precursor of nitric oxide supplement, that performs a vital function in triggering and maintaining an erection.

Studies have shown that arginine possesses the benefit of inducing the secretion of growth hormone. A 15-to 30-gram intravenous infusion (injecting directly into the viens) of arginine can be used as a common endocrinological check to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone.

Beneficial study on arginine regarding raising Human growth hormone consist of improving fat loss and building muscle tissues possibly with the stimulation of growth hormone, enhancing the weight and actions of the thymus gland, improving immunity, combating cancer, encouraging healing of burns as well as other wounds, safeguarding the liver and detoxing harmful materials, as well as boosting male fertility (the vast majority of which are improved by GH).

Clinical usage

Arginine health supplements needs to be efficient in increasing growth hormone levels, particularly in people below fifty. You can even take it as a stack (muscle builder’s lingo for blend of drugs or nutrients) along with other amino acids, for instance ornithine, lysine, and glutamine.


2 to 5 grams with empty stomach 1 hour prior to exercise and prior to sleeping.

Side effects

The dosage necessary to significantly stimulate GH can result in stomach trouble and also nausea or vomiting on an empty stomach, which unfortunately is the way it must be consumed. This could be reduced or even removed simply by starting with a low dose of 1 gram and increasing gradually.

Are Synthetic HGH injections for you ?

The Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been tagged as the wonder hormone. It helps provide numerous benefits in the body including an increase in muscle mass.

For such a reason, HGH injections have been found effective for helping out athletes, bodybuilder, and even every kind of fitness buff to attain the needed strength and agility and muscle bulk they need for them to perform well.

Aside from HGH injections, strength training can help you achieve that fitness goal but for some people it might be a long journey before they actually see any noticeable results and so lot of patience may be required. So, that’s one reason why people might resort to HGH injections – to see quicker results of turning their flabby body into a muscled one quickly or for the need for working out harder and frequently.

HGH Injections, The Pros and Cons

HGH injection is a short cut to having an amazing body that is strong and bulked. But that’s not simple. Although HGH injections are effective, they are also quite very costly. They are definitely not for everyone. Prescriptions of HGH are usually two to four times a day with an average of $30 per injections. Regular injections can go from $800 a month to as high as $2,500 a month.

HGH injections are also known for potential side effects. You have to understand that you are exposing yourself to several health risks if you decide to go through this path.

If you want to build muscles quickly, using human growth hormone injections may sound appealing to you because they can certainly make your workouts more efficient. Plus, you do not have to frequent the gym too much. But if you are wary about the risks associated with HGH injections, you can try HGH supplements or releasers instead.

When Scientists discovered a way to produce HGH synthetically, they offered a brand new method for individuals to enjoy the “elixir of life”. Synthetic HGH injections has been associated with amazing benefits such as increased bone density, improved sexual performance, increased muscle mass, weight loss, and delaying the symptoms of aging. It has been accounted for a slimmer, youthful, and more vibrant self!

Looking Deeper into Synthetic HGH injections

Synthetic HGH injections are quite very appealing for those who want to enjoy the youthful glow without much work. It is the solution to the modern lifestyles of people who are almost always busy climbing up the corporate ladder. Although they want to look good, they have very little time left to make an effort. With synthetic HGH injections, they find a convenient way to be busy with everything else and still ensure that their body is in shape.

Synthetic HGH injections promises weight loss and reduced body fat without the need for exercise or even dieting. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa was quoted writing that his patients have claims of not just losing weight but feeling better and thinking far more clearly. Then again, he also stressed that synthetic HGH is considerably more expensive than the other pharmaceutical drugs available for the rejuvenation of body and mind.

Unfortunately, synthetic HGH injections may not be all around safe for everyone, especially for long-term use. They expose individuals to several side effects that may either come mild or severe, depending on the patient’s case.

HGH injections may cause mild to serious side effects. Some of it are carpal Tunnel Syndrome, gigantism, insulin resistance, and water retention. Those side effects are mostly related to the quality of the drug as well as the dosage so it is imperative that you get a prescription before heading on to usage.

Taking the right product with the right dosage is significant to ensure that you are not throwing money to waste and you are not exposing yourself to life-threatening risks. Taking very little of HGH will hardly account for any benefits. Taking too much, on the other hand, will give you increased risks for serious side effects.

In the 1996 Olympics, which was held in Atlanta, several cases of HGH injections among participating athletes have been discovered. According to the Dr. Donal P. O. Mathuna of Thompson American Health Consultants, synthetic HGH injections overdose young people with the growth hormone, potentially causing headaches, fluid retention, insulin resistance, and gynecomastia.

Also, there is no sense to rely on expensive and potentially dangerous HGH injections to enjoy the benefits of the wonder hormone. Overdose is quite common and it is something that you need to keep track of.

Synthetic HGH injections are usually advisable for those who lack the right levels of the hormone in the body. Those who need a boost of the hormone can ask for a prescription at any age but they have to be sure about their safety with the therapy.

Learning more about HGH injections can definitely help you decide whether or not this is the right treatment for you. Your body already has the natural ability to combat aging-associated weight gain by producing HGH. However, it takes some effort to release it.

If you are going for the synthetic hgh route, it’s highly recommended that you do so under the supervision of a highly qualified anti aging doctor or specialist or some experienced bodybuilder who has been using HGH in case bulking up muscle is your goal.

Before giving it a go signal, make sure that you check with a medical professional regarding the efficiency and possible side effects of the drug you are going to use. Do not just believe what the advertisements are saying. Make sure that your doctor checks what you are using and will monitor you for its effects.

Consult a qualified medical professional who is an expert in prescribing medical HGH to ensure your safety while using this treatment.

The Experts Speak on HGH

In an article that appeared in the 1990 New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Daniel Rudman and his colleagues at The University of Wisconsin released the results of their treatment of 12 men aged 61 to 80 with intramuscular growth hormone. After 6 months, these 12 men had lost 14% of their body fat and gained an average of 8.8% muscle mass. Their bone density increased and their skin became thicker and firmer. Wrinkles disappeared and sexual performance was improved in several participants.

Dr. Rudman concluded that, “The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. These injections appear able to reverse 10 years of aging with one year of treatment.”

Besides that particular study done by Dr. Rudman, there have been many similar studies that have highlighted the positive effects of synthetic HGH on the body.

Buying Synthetic HGH injections brands


Somatrophin, which is a popular brand used by bodybuilders and fitness buffs, has an alter-ego Jintropin, which is a Chinese brand. It has not been proven to be as effective as Somatrophin so people are generally not safe with it.

If you are still for the convenience of buying HGH injections online, consulting a Live Person certified Physician is advisable. In this case, it is like consulting a doctor, only not personally but virtually. For a small fee, you can have all your concerns addressed regarding HGH use. To be safe rather than be sorry, it is best that you go for HGH injection brands that offer 100% money-back guarantee.