Using hgh for better brain health

Growth hormone is made in the brain. However, in recent times the scientists have found out that growth hormone has strong effects on brain itself and the overall body.

As one grows old, the growth hormone level falls down. This can make the brain cells shrink in size. However, this problem can be solved with the help of HGH.

HGH has shown ability to regrow the size of the brain. HGH protects brain cells from injuries and makes sure that adequate oxygen supply is reaching brain cells.

Another excellent discovery is done by Dr. Bengtson and his group in Sweden. According to their findings growth hormone is similar to Prozac. As outlined by another study on one patient, growth hormone was more efficient in relieving his depression than Prozac was.

HGH works on the brain cells, it affects the brain tissue and is also capable of offering several benefits for nerve tissue. HGH has superb effects on the other body parts as well. HGH helps in repairing, stopping and reversing the shrinkage in organs.

Healthy attitude resides in a healthy brain

Do you really love life? Do you arise each morning having a delicious feeling of anticipation, questioning just what the day could bring?

Will you have a feeling of expanding perspectives, a feeling that you can do things you have never ever done in the past, begin a new company, change professions, go to peculiar and amazing places, get back on school to have an advanced college degree?

Do you feel that you’ve the power, interest, and passion necessary to enjoy life towards the hilt?

If your answer to the following questions wasn’t a sudden unqualified yes, well then remember whenever you were a kid or possibly a teenager or a young adult, did not you used to feel that way?

One thing that occurs with age is the fact that there’s a delicate diminishment within our joy of life. We tend to burn off our strength, our capacity to bounce back.

We become a little more wary, a lot less able to try new stuff whether it’s a food or maybe a person or a potential lover. We’re feeling that it requires a lot energy, a lot effort.

It is a lot easier to keep at home at evening, zone in the front of the Television, take into consideration reducing work or perhaps retiring completely.

For hundreds of years philosophers have discussed the mind body connection when it comes to our own existence.

At the moment science marshals a tremendous body of proof to indicate that we , our own minds, our individuality, our identities all usually are governed by the structure, existence, and biochemistry in the brain.

No matter if you’re even an “intellectual” or not, you’re prone to encounter a reduction in your skill to understand and remember things while you grow older.

The skill sets that weaken differ broadly for every person, everyone exhibits some extent of drop with time, like with reductions in skills such as riding a bike or perhaps judging distances correctly.

Loss of memory, or not being able to bear in mind exactly what you’ve previously learned, can be a scary occurrence whether it’s minimal lapse of memory or even the disastrous outcomes of Alzheimer’s disease.

Some extent of lapse of memory is common, however, one should always be able to remember the names of your partner, kids, friends, and so forth.

Actually, you must never forget the names of your near relatives and friends, because failing to remember who they really are would certainly be abnormal.

Reinvigorating the brain with human growth hormone

Growth hormone not just regrows organs and then restores physical function, it actually reinvigorates the brain, reversing the outlook, attitudes, and anticipations connected with aging.

You feel a lot more sexier, energetic, and better-looking, and abruptly there’s a totally new outlook – “I am not old any more.”

It’s a lot like what goes on when people who’re unsatisfied with their look undergo plastic surgery and instantly boost their self esteem.

The psychological high which they obtain is even bigger than the lift through the nose job, ear trim, or perhaps tummy tuck.

In the same manner that HGH powers brain neurons growth at the time of early childhood, it’s likely able to assist the brain cells (neurons) divide and then repair by themselves.

Every neuron within the brain has many different branching extensions known as dendrites. Such dendrites have several endings known as synapses. As we grow older, these synapses and dendrites slowly die out.

Currently, the outcome of how hgh has an effect on brain structure and performance have all been optimistic.

And although HGH has not led scientists to the ultimate goal of neurological exploration the “regeneration of neurons” – it has demonstrated numerous benefits on brain health, memory and improving the general sense of well being along with healthy attitude.

Making HGH work for your brain

One way to boost brain health is via exercise. While many studies depict the role of exercise in having a healthy attitude and also in enhancing brain function, many people lose the ability to exercise effectively as they grow old.

HGH supplementation (via the natural hgh releasers and anti aging nutrients) can boost your exercising potential and brain health dramatically. Many supplements I mention in “The comprehensive guide to hgh releasers” also help with better brain function.

Apart from those supplements, if you really want to enhance the positive effect of hgh on brain, you must seek to add plenty of brain-boosting foods to your diet.

There are lots of wonderful brain Superfoods. I persuade folks to make an effort to eat at least five of these brain Superfoods everyday.

Here are the Top Twenty Brain Superfoods:

To improve the brain health in human beings it is very essential to add a handful of foods which are brain boosters in each and every meal.

One of the most famous and widely known brain super-foods which have got a vast fan base is Chlorella.

Chlorella truly deserves the given title ‘Brain Super-food’ mainly because of the various benefits it provides, both directly as well as indirectly to help improve brain health.

Chlorella also helps in removing all the pesticides and heavy metals that are in human bodies and also helps in enhancing the digestion system and reduces constipation problem.

Simultaneously, begin adding specific type of nutrients, food supplements and herbs to your daily diet.

This will aim at inflammation and also helps in supporting healthy functioning of the brain for attaining highest brain health.

These nutrients, food supplements and herbs are just like an insurance service provider for a human brain.

Therefore, try to have an appropriate lifestyle for brain building. You will be surprised to see that it is not at all difficult to combine natural boosters for your brain in your daily lifestyle.

So making use of these supplements along with brain superfoods you’ll be able to develop a stronger brain and memory, you’ll feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more energetic too.

Growth Hormone and the Aging Brain

The aging brain is a crucial problem which Human Growth Hormone (HGH)) can rightly address. Not only does it treat aging brain, but also it can prevent the brain from aging.

A group of scientists from New Zealand through a study conducted on various complications that occur due to brain injury, stroke, neuron-degenerative disease & aging, found out that IGF-1 is able to actually stop & control brain cells from dying.

Peter Gluckman, Barbara Johnston & their whole team of scientists gave IGF-1 to prenatal (or pregnancy) lambs. The treatment ensured that they were able to save the neurons that were damaged and prevented the brain from encountering any further unexpected cell death.

This treatment was created in such a manner that it stopped cell death among all the different parts of the brain which also includes those cells which are linked with memory & thinking power and play an important role in treating Parkinson’s disease in human beings. IGF-1 treatment also ensured a complete reduction in the seizure rate in brain dead animals.

The perfect method to administer hgh injections for anti aging

A primary concern with hgh therapy is that while a person is undergoing the therapy, his blood levels for igf-1 have to be closely monitored.

Not only that, there are side effects to worry about and too high dosage or too frequent injections can cause problems.

So, can there be a perfect or optimum dosage of hgh and how shall hgh injections be administered with maximum results and minimum side effects.

Dr. Chein and Terry, well renowned medical professionals in anti aging field believe that the positive clinical results they accomplished in their study were majorly because of the method of HGH dosing they had developed.

Their goal was to increase the blood concentrations of IGF-1, the hormone stimulated by the breakdown of growth hormone in the liver, which actually does most of the work of GH in the body

The level of IGF-1 they chose was 350 nanograms per milligram, the same amount that Rudman found “increased lean body mass, decreased body fat, increased vertebral bone density and increased skin thickness,” say the researchers.

But there were problems – side effects.

Although it brought about the desired bodily changes, it caused serious side effects because it did not mimic the body’s normal pattern of GH release by the pituitary.

It was observed that high dose low frequency injections that Rudman used did not match the natural production of hgh in the body.

Dr. Chein and Terry had gone in exactly the opposite direction with their high-frequency, low-dose (HF-LD) strategy.

They used one-quarter to one-half of Rudman’s weekly dosage, 4 to 8 IU a week, or .3 to .7 IU twice daily. And they taught their patients to administer HGH subcutaneously before sleep and upon arising six out of seven days a week.

The seventh day without HGH is to stop the negative feedback on the pituitary itself so that it continues producing that hgh which it is producing.

The nighttime and morning injections cause two daily bursts of GH, one during sleep and the other during the day.

The results were encouraging – Remarkably reduced side effects!

The main reason of their success was that their pattern of giving hgh shots to the patients were high-frequency, low-dose that closely resembled the natural production of body’s own hgh.

In their own words –


Most significant is the fact that there were no documented cases of cancer among all the patients treated at the clinic.

This is particularly reassuring since some investigators have been concerned that growth hormone could cause undetected cancer cells to divide more rapidly.

More impressive is the fact that the levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels, an identifier of prostate problems such as cancer, did not elevate among any of the male subjects.

And in one scientific study, growth hormone actually seems to have reversed the course of prostate cancer.

Dr. Chein points out that the growth hormone prompted the immune system, along with the natural killer cells, which systematically eliminated the cancer cells.

In his words-

Exercise and dietary strategies are also crucial in increasing natural hgh secretion.

In summary, heavy intensity exercise induces the secretion of human growth hormone (hGH), encouraging the consumption and burning of fat as fuel.

This, in return, spares muscle carbs, helps to keep body fat down and muscle mass high and improves adaptation to specific exercise stimuli.

The benefits are clear, but simply switching to high intensity workout for the whole year is not the answer; rather, a comprehensive workout program to beat aging is more recommended for a variety of reasons.

And hiit (high intensity interval training) can be an important part of this comprehensive workout program.

Stay tuned as I update “The HGH Plan” workout program to maximize the hgh production in the body.

11 Better exercising tips for 40+ men and women

Here are 11 tips or “smart exercising suggestions” for 40+ to get you started quickly with exercise and see full benefits –

1. Have the stamina to get started.

While the best thing you can do is to just get started with exercise. Sometimes people might have a negative subconscious fear that they just might not have the required stamina.

That is true with some people. Think of as many ways as you can to help develop your stamina. One way to do that is to take the vitality nutrients and natural growth hormone releasers (“The Hgh Plan” nutrients comprising of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants). More information here.

If you are a beginner and are not sure of your physical capabilities, just get started with walking and build your stamina over time. Don’t Underestimate walk!

Walking is really easy: you don’t require equipment or perhaps a gym; and when you walk significantly enough as well as quickly enough, you feel the majority of the positive aspects of aerobic fitness exercise.

Getting yourself into the habit is an essential “step.” Walk for 45 minutes to an hour or so daily for three weeks, and then, you will definitely find it tough not to walk. Choose a regular time (mornings would be best) which means you will not delay and skip days.

Eating organic super foods will also go a long way in developing stamina. To exercise for a longer period, drink organic fruit juices. beetroot juice, which is high in nitrate, and eat more nitrate-rich foods such as spinach and lettuce.

A couple of medical reports conducted at Britain’s Exeter University in 2010 found that cyclists who drank a half-quart of beetroot juice many hours before racing increased their endurance by 20 percent because nitrate in the juice decreased the energy requirements on muscles.

Other scientific studies discovered that beetroot enhances heart performance by lowering blood pressure. (Be sure to drink organic juice!)

2. Use your imagination.

There are a lot of ways you can innovate and make exercise fun and enjoyable. Heard of Wii Fit ?

There are many fitness apps for smart phones that will not only make exercise less monotonous but also motivate you. Here is a small list for reference –

Endomondo – (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone)
Cardio Trainer – Android
Pocket Yoga – Android, iOS
Runkeeper – Android, iOS , Windows
adidas miCoach – Android, BlackBerry, iOS
Instant Heart Rate Pro – Android, iOS
Total Fitness – BlackBerry
Lose It – Android, iOS
Tap & Track – Calorie Counter – iOS

There are other ways you can use your imagination. When you drive to the workplace, park your car as far away as possible and walk the remaining path to work; time yourself and then try to beat this speed on following days.

You may employ exactly the same rule for running tasks: so next time when you drive to the post office or maybe the coffee shop park your car several blocks away.

Use stairways wherever possible rather than using the escalator or lift. Choose a cafe about a mile away from your office, and go walking to lunch.

Take control of the dog-walking responsibility at your home. Also take the neighbor’s dog for walk.

Carry out a couple of sit-ups in bed before getting up, you’ll be amazed to find it simpler as compared to doing them on the floor. Once you wake up, perform a few stretches.

Purchase some dumbbells so that you can perform biceps curls every now and then.

Try out running in place for some moments just before you get dressed. When you visit the supermarket, bag your own groceries and lift up them into and out from the cart.

Something that will certainly lose a few extra calories and get your bloodstream flowing is great. Exercises are collective, you don’t need to do all of it simultaneously.

3. It’s possible daily.

Consistency is crucial. Actually, it doesn’t take very long to get hooked on exercise.

Every time you opt for that fairly fast walk, along with cytokines, your body is loaded with a huge selection of other chemical substances, which includes endorphins and serotonin.

Endorphins are all natural pain-medication bodily hormones which enhance your mood, help you feel much better, improve pleasure, as well as reduce pain.

Having said that, it is much too straightforward to sign up for the popular notion that “any exercise is greater than none.”

We realize lots of people who think a half-hour walk a few times 7 days, or maybe a weekend bike ride, a treadmill weekly holiday to a fitness center is perhaps all they have to stay healthy and maintain the weight off.

When you are within this category, you’re not exercising nearly enough. You have to rethink your strategy and move exercise up the size of issues that are very important inside your life. Any exercises are superior to none, and not very much better.

As outlined by U.S. government dietary guidelines, which some fitness experts call conservative, you require at the very least 30 minutes a day of “moderate-intensity physical activity” to scale back the potential risk of chronic disease.

And also you need An hour of “moderate-intensity” exercise most days of the week only to avoid packing on weight. Should you genuinely wish to lose weight, you would like 60 to 1 hour 30 minutes on a daily basis.

Among the secrets of staying on target with your work out program is to constantly remind yourself of the benefits.

A couple of hours every day isn’t really much when you consider you’re reducing the odds that you’ll have a very stroke or come down with heart related illnesses, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer etc.

If you are an employer, motivate your employees to exercise as well. Employees who exercise miss fewer days of work as a result of illness, and they have more energy that will focus better than peers who don’t.

Be a joiner! One way to ensure you exercise regularly is to get involved in physical pursuits which involve group activities that keep you motivated about yourself and life. Do youthful activities and have youthful thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to “think” old.



4. Learn calorie awareness.

A lot of people sabotage their workout benefits by consuming more calories than they might burn off with just 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise.

As far as calories go, one Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino coffee with whipped cream will just about erase the benefits of the hour of intensive exercise.

Likewise, have two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla caramel fudge frozen treats (580 calories), and you need some serious workout again.

If you got to maintain your weight, you should exercise enough each week burning at least 1,200 calories. If you need to shed weight, raise this to 2,000.

We aren’t suggesting you get fanatical about counting calorie consumption, but it makes great sense to learn calorie awareness, understanding what calories you intake daily and how many you happen to be getting rid of during exercise.

I recommend Tap & Track – Calorie Counter for your smart phone.

5. Raise your heart beat.

The chief function of workouts would be to raise your heart and your breathing rates to a stable high.

True aerobic exercises occur when you involve large muscles in your body (for example your leg or arm muscles) for not less than twenty minutes so that your heart rate is elevated to between 60-80 % of the maximum level.

That specific array of elevation in your heartbeat is called your “training range.”

Make use of an aerobic fitness equipment like treadmill in the gym or at home.

Most gyms have equipment with built-in computer monitoring devices that measure your pulse rate and provide other useful information, such as calories you’ve burned.

In my experience, it takes three to four minutes on a bike or jogging machine to raise one’s heart rate to the “training range.” Begin with this gradually and over time build up to Twenty minutes.

Aerobic exercises may includes dance, swimming, bike ride, and also fast walking.

Despite the fact that jogging as well as running also are eligible, they’re not appropriate for nearly all people above forty, as their high-impact character may possibly lead to lower limb joint pain or injury.

6. Pump iron.

Resistance training has many benefits. Research has proven that 6 months of resistance training increased “hgh production” regardless of whether the involved people engaged in low-intensity or high-intensity exercise training.

They significantly increased their nocturnal secretion of growth hormone while also cutting off abdominal fat.

Belly fat is bad for you. People with excessive abdominal visceral fat suffer from reduced spontaneous growth hormone secretion, while simultaneously raising their risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome (risk factors which include obesity, increased levels of triglycerides, high blood pressure and raised fasting plasma glucose.)

Resistance training enhances your heart health, allows you to acquire muscle, as well as make you lose body fat.

Resistance training also enhances muscle strength by putting the muscles against a force, like when you make use of a dumbbell or barbell.

You can employ your body weight itself in Resistance training, which can provide the resistance when you do pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups are all types of strength training.

Isometric exercises, that you push the hands against a doorway or contrary to the opposing limb of exercise partner, also qualify. Of all forms, the application of free weights or resistance machines is definitely the preferred method.

One can increase both testosterone and growth hormone using Resistance training. And both these hormones actually make you more fitter for workout again. It’s an upward spiral.

When you pump iron, a stream of extremely positive events develops, which includes a rise in glucose metabolism, enhanced amino acid transfer around cell membranes, enhanced protein synthesis and burning off of body fat, and a much better immune function.

If you were non-active for a long period, you’ll have to build up slowly to carrying out the more extreme exercises. Begin with the nominal to average activities and gradually develop up to carrying out more.

I suggest that you simply begin by carrying out just five to ten minutes per day of a resistance exercise which you may easily execute and after that raise the intensity of your workouts gradually.

Never get disheartened if you are taking months to move from the very long-standing inactive lifestyle to doing some of the more challenging exercises.

7. Warm-up, calm down.

Warmup prevents injuries and tends to make a better workout. It is actually very important for 40+ men and women. It lubricates your joints, warms the connective tissues, activates your central nervous system, and charges your circulatory system. Always do some stretches before you do any exercise, and commence out slowly, increasing your speed or intensity carefully.

Begin having a low weight or resistance enabling someone to do 30 or more reps, so the specific muscles and joints that happen to be being exercised can warm-up. Then boost the weight or resistance to about 15 reps, and after that increase it again to 10 or fewer.

8. Don’t flout your limits.

At 60 you could have the physique, the stamina, and twice the strength you had when you were much younger. However, your joints will have lost some of their resilience, and your muscles won’t have the capacity to quickly live through simple injuries.






A survey by National Ambulatory Medical Care demonstrated that sports injuries would be the number 2 cause for visiting a doctor’s office in America, directly behind the common cold.

It may well be news back that, among men, twisted or broken ankles from playing basketball are number 1 for the sports injury list.

Take heed: in case you are over 40, don’t play this sport on a competitive basis-it is simply too dangerous.

If you are unsure of your limits, start low without risk and make sure you don’t skip workout because you don’t know your potential.

Regardless of how limited you might be in your physical potential, you can find some level of workout which you can perform each day to keep your hgh stimulated and your life-force energy circulating.

9. Be stretching.

Stretching is necessary to anyone’s fitness routine. It is possible to literally stretch the entire day: a handful of stretches once you get up each day, just before getting into a car, if you are using a chair, while waiting for whatever, following lunch and again before dinner, while you listen to music, prior to going to bed.



For an advanced serious yoga practitioner, stretching could even be the main focus of exercising. However, yoga is often a method of “static” stretching and isn’t the best ways for warm up prior to do workouts, weight training, or any sport.

Dynamic stretching, however, involves constant motion; you stretch a muscle and release, and then stretch it again. A fairly easy example will be the neck rotation stretch, that you slowly rotate your neck inside a full circle as you maintain your back straight. Everyone 50 plus should do this stretch one or more times every day.



The proper way is to rotate your neck completely three times, stop and take a deep breath, then rotate in other direction. Repeat a couple of times, or as often as you like.




10. Make necessary lifestyle choices

Your diet and lifestyle are going to play a major role to make you fitter day by day for workouts.

You must adopt a nutritious diet with anti-aging super foods being consumed throughout your life, regardless of your age. Also train yourself to have balanced sleep patterns.

Stress ages us. Sleeping and rest are the antidotes to stress and help to generate hgh. Use melatonin to help stimulate sleep if you’re having sleepless nights. It’s a supplement that should be in your life.

An organic and natural super food smoothie is also a great choice before doing exercises. Make use of organic super foods. Also ensure you keep your digestive system healthy. (link)

11. DANCE To your HEALTH

Don’t like to visit the gym, and you simply don’t like walking, jogging, or tennis, and you can’t swim ? Lots of people are like you but those who really wish to maintain a healthy weight and turn into fit have found an amazing, social way to get their main exercise: they go dancing.

Traditionally, dance studios have catered to professional or serious amateur dancers who would like to maintain their good form, but nowadays, a whole new wave of consumers gets the dance business booming throughout the US plus in several countries.

These customers, mostly beginners, want to dance and they have found that it is good way to stay fit.

Through dancing, you work out virtually all of the muscle tissue. Provided you dance vigorously, it’s also aerobic, burning off numerous calories similar to riding a bicycle.

And not as low-impact as swimming, dancing continues to be easier for your knees along with joints than jogging.

The key reason why lots of people lose weight and boost their aerobic capacity by dancing is always that, because it’s just so enjoyable, they tend to get it done longer.

So, here are the suggestions. Take note and exercise the smart way!

Effect of hgh on ‘apoptosis’ and brain aging

The point that HGH could stop apoptosis or programmed cell death implies a realm of possibilities.

Programmed cell death affects some portion of the heart tissue which will never ever beat again once a person suffers from heart attack. Immediately once a heart stroke strikes a patient, it can instantly spoil a person’s ability to walk, talk or perhaps even concentrate properly.

This might make it difficult for the person to focus properly, recall names or even respond swiftly. It might further result in causing serious illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or even multiple sclerosis among other various neurodegenerative illnesses.

As a matter of fact, there was a very interesting report that proved that a decline in the mental function in humans begin at a rather earlier period in life. The study says that the decline in our cognitive function begins when we are in our early 40s.

Today, it seems that every other person is affected in some way or the other by diseases such as cancer and heart attack. These diseases are often passed on through parents, spouse, family members or friends.

Perhaps we too might just experience any of these diseases in the near future in case any of our family member or relatives have already been affected by it.

But even more surprising is the fact that besides these two primary killers that have taken a record number of lives in North America, there is another dangerous disease which actually overpowers both of the above mentioned diseases.

Scientists have predicted that in the coming 15 years, brain diseases are going to affect human beings so gravely that it will directly disable or kill a lot more American population than what heart diseases and cancer are doing TOGETHER.

When we are speaking about brain health, even the brain cells that are about to die are equally important as the ones that are living.

There is a kind of innate procedure inside the brain which is something similar to the neurological death.

This is known as ‘apoptosis’ (A Greek word which means a flower that has begun to lose its petals). This is a process where the brain begins to appoint particular type of cells for demolition.

The cells begin to get damaged somehow or the other due to toxins, pathogens, trauma or even insufficient oxygen which ultimately results in death.

They begin to dehydrate quickly and eventually die very fast and therefore you will not find any inflammation that occurs. The scavenger cells then begin to absorb the debris and reuse it to all the other living cells.

This programmed death of brain cells is brought on so that all the remaining cells of the brain are very strong, vital and healthy while the damaged cells prevents from bringing about any further damage.

The speed at which this process of ‘apoptosis’ happens and these cells are destroyed completely depends upon the health of the human brain.

In case the process is fast, it means that the brains will not get sufficient time for creating new cells to help replace the ones that are already worn out or destroyed.

While on the other hand, in case the process is slow or is absent, the risk of being administered with the deadly disease such as cancer and other types of brain disease tend to increase.

The reason is because the already damaged cells in the brains will begin to create havoc and start destroying other healthy cells in the process.

HGH and Neurodegenerative Illness

Scientists are convinced that HGH prevents the aging process within brain cells. Various lab experiments have demonstrated the ability of hgh to deal with apoptosis.

With growth hormone combined with cell therapy, we could decelerate and perhaps stop aging, even switch it back a bit ?

The findings from the scientific tests done on animals claim that IGF-1 can in fact replenish nerve tissues which are destroyed through illness or injury .

There are stories of Parkinson’s patients who used to have a terrible time with movements until IGF-1 came along. One of those that the hormone has mobilized is Gordon Cooper, a famous astronaut who is now suffering from the debilitating Parkinson’s disease. He was videotaped kicking his heels, running around, happy!

Growth hormone is also present in brain cells which control motor action, that makes it promising for the management of Parkinson’ disease.

Several studies have shown how HGH leads to remarkable effects on other parts of the body – providing repairment, preventing or reversing shrinkage in organs, and so on.

Since it works at the cellular level hgh has an effect on brain and nerve tissue.

Simply by maintaining adequate amounts of growth hormone to nourish the brain, you will enjoy a young and operational brain all over your life-span.

Cass Terry, expert in neurology from the Medical College of Wisconsin, believes that brain function declines over time and growth hormone can definitely do something about it.

Since HGH can enhance nerve growth factors, this indicates the possibility that by boosting HGH levels to an optimal point, hgh affects brain betterment by the repairing of brain cells.

Researchers have been able to show that hgh can stimulate renewed dendritic connections.

Despite the fact that HGH has not led experts to the holy grail of neural research ie. the regrowth of neurons – it has shown numerous benefits.

Above all, HGH can be a powerful tool in helping us maintain our identity, to continue to be who we have always been as we go through the process of getting older.

Proper Nutrition to Keep You Youthful

We must not forget that as we begin to mature and grow in age, our ability to appear young and the feeling of youth will involve a lot more factors besides Human Growth Hormone (HGH), although HGH can be the most important part of anti aging.

In order to achieve this, exercise, selecting the right kind of food to eat, proper sleep, vitamins and minerals combine as a team to play key roles as stimulants for anti aging.

Those people who have a balance of all these factors in their lives can foresee themselves towards a healthy and quality filled aging and also reduce the chances of any chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer.

It does not matter whether you are a very young or a person grown in age, but going for nutritious foods is essential for maintaining an exceptionally healthy body along with longer life. That is exactly the reason why I place lot of emphasis on healthy nutrition and making use of anti aging nutrients.

Nutrition will give a proper definition of what you are basically made of as this is considered to be a vital foundation for each and every living organ and cell in a human body.

Nutrition supplies the human body with all the required fuel meant for survival and maintenance. It also supplies energy, strength and vitality and at the same time helps human body fight illness and diseases.

Hunger is considered as only a reason for consuming food. However, the crucial craving for food serves as a human body’s vital communication and conveys the need for having nutrients.

Whenever you plan to consume any natural or nutrient dense foods, you mostly please your body’s need to deliver high quality fuel which further helps in empowering a human body’s immune system to help fight any type of diseases and illness.

Calorie restriction diets for anti aging and longevity?

Here are two sure shot ways of getting anti aging benefits through dietary practice.

1- Reduce calorie intake from the food you consume
2- Consuming high nutrient foods and supplements.

There is also a third option wherein you will require fasting for one day in a week, and reducing calorie intake by having only super foods.

Those who fast for a minimum of one day or more every week are making a wise move, whether they are aware of it or not.

Research and studies conducted on humans as well as animals have proved that reducing calorie intake which is found can help a human body against cardiac ageing & even control cardiovascular illness, some kinds of cancers & other diseases.

There are other surprising benefits where it has been discovered that low calorie intake can even clean out parasites which went unsuspected and were lying in the digestive system.

Fasting at regular intervals or even adopting the Okinawa or Mediterranean diets can highly reduce calorie intake, in fact these diets are great to attain longer life span.

There have been hundreds of scientific studies and research conducted providing the advantages for reduced calorie intake.

In fact, scientists from Cornell University found their first breakthrough in the year 1935 where they fed two groups of rats, one group with low calories and the other with normal calories.

They discovered that rats which ate low calories food had a life span increase of 33% and suffered less illness as compared to rats which was fed with normal food.

Here is a summary of just a few pieces of the medical evidence

• A July 1996 study in the journal Science concluded that “restriction of caloric intake lowers steady-state levels of oxidative ‘stress and damage, retards age-associated changes, and extends the maximum life-span in mammals.”

• In a May 2003 study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences it was found that intermittent fasting in lab animals regulated glucose and neuronal resistance to injury in ways that could extend their lives.

• The Journal of the American Medical- Association featured an April 2006 study in which a group of men and women were placed on a calorie-restricted diet for six months at the end of which the study authors concluded that “our findings suggest that two biomarkers of longevity (fasting insulin level and body temperature) are decreased by prolonged calorie restriction in humans.”

• A twenty-year-long study of aging in rhesus monkeys conducted at the University of Wisconsin, and published in a July 2009 issue of Science, found that those monkeys eating a third less food than control study monkeys aged much more slowly.

• An Archives of Neurology study in February 2009 determined that adherence to the Mediterranean diet with its emphasis on low calorie foods and olive oil resulted in study participants having a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment and a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

• The January 2009 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences carried a study article titled “Caloric restriction improves memory in elderly humans,” which detailed “significant increases in verbal memory scores after caloric restriction,” an effect that was also correlated with decreases in fasting plasma levels of insulin showing a protective effect against several diseases.

Know which foods to eat and which foods not to eat to remain young

Nutritionists prefer dividing food into many different types of groups. My suggestion is that you must plan dividing the food into two different food groups. One of the groups will produce acids when digested while the other group will produce alkalis when digested.

We must remember that our bodies regularly produce waste products which are in a similar fashion as the exhaust which comes out from the silencer of our car.

Waste products are considered to be acidic and are known as toxins. Toxins are the ones that cause pain, tiredness and aging in humans. Therefore it has to be taken into consideration that in the event you wish to have more energy in your body with less body pain and no signs of aging, the best way is to eat food that produces less acid.

Food which produces acid are proteins and carbohydrates. ‘Foods’ like coffee, tea, sugar, soft drinks, artificial sweetener, preserved meats, flavorings all contain a lot of acid which means it contains plenty of toxins. And pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals are considered to be even worse.

In order to neutralize acid, we have to consume alkali. Some of the main foods that are full of alkalis are vegetables, fruits such as leafy and green vegetables like parsley, cabbage and sprouts.

That is the reason it is always recommended that people must eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to avoid getting aged faster.

Eating raw vegetables are best suited. And when you go opt for steamed food, it is a much better option than getting food boiled (since in steamed food, the minerals and vitamins are retained). You can also go for yogurt and organic cottage cheese.

Foods which usually cause degeneration and aging are:

* High levels of carbohydrate
* Sugar
* Milk (especially homogenized milk) and cheese
* Caffeine – Including Tea, Coffee, chocolate, cola, chuppa chups, guarana (Try Chaga – The Coffee Substitute that is very good for you)
* Chocolate (MUCH worse than you ever realized)
* Cigarettes
* White flour
* Microwaved food
* Chemicals such as fluoride (which is a rat poison)
* Artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame / nutrasweet)
* Alcohol
* Processed foods
* Artificial Colorings (as in Gatorade)
* Additives
* Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
* Preserved meat
* Moderate to high levels of meat
* Meat from animals on unnatural diets (eg pork)
* Margarine
* Vegetable oil
* Canola oil
* Cotton seed oil
* Olestra
* Hydrogenated oils
* Oil that is not cold pressed / expeller pressed (use olive oil, butter or ghee)
* Deep fried foods
* Chips / French fries
* Puffed grains
* Soy products other than soy sauce, miso and tofu (eg soy milk & soy oil)
* Meat and eggs raised by `normal’ methods which have many toxins and hormones.
* Seafood which are garbage eaters (eg oysters)
* Foods with high levels of mercury. This includes most fish, such as tuna.
* Aluminium. Especially from aluminium cookware.
* Genetically Modified Food (GMOs). At present this is about 50% of * All soy and corn. Even organic soy and corn can have GMOs in it unless otherwise stated.
* All types of alcohol, especially whiskey, scotch, vodka, and gin bacon and cured meats
* Canned or frozen fruits
* Canned soups
* Fried foods in any form
* All types of gravies
* whole milk
* ice cream
* salted peanuts
* Processed cheese products
* Processed luncheon meats
* Soft cheeses
* Soft drinks and sodas
* Tuna that is canned in oil
* Canned or frozen vegetables with salt additives
* White or brown sugar
* White flour products
* White rice products
* White vinegar
* Fruit syrups
* Aspartame and other synthetic sweeteners
* High fructose corn syrup, which appears not only in many soft drinks but also in thousands of other processed food products.
* Foods high in fat content, including cake, cookies, doughnuts, ricotta cheese, cream cheese, crescents, regular crackers, breaded or fried fish, whole milk ice cream, butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, de-boned or chuck steaks, dark meat from turkey or chicken, bologna, salami, hot dogs, and sausage.

Foods which can help regeneration and anti-aging include

* Chaga. From Siberia. A great replacement for coffee.
* RAW seeds, soaked and sprouted grains. Also raw nuts, but not as much.
* RAW Fruit and vegetables especially sprouts
* Green leafy vegetables
* Lentils – learn Indian cooking to make them interesting
* Beans that have been soaked for 8 hours. (That is, ‘sprouted’. This makes them alkaline)
* Brown rice that has been soaked for 22 hours. This makes it alkaline
* Organic Cottage cheese and yogurt. They are alkalline. The bacteria has changed the original milk.
* Goji Juice & Berries
* Super Food
* Seeds
* Bee Pollen (not for everyone-some are allergic to pollen from some areas)
* Kambucha
* Celtic sea salt
* Spirulina
* Seaweed
* Wheatgrass juice
* Barley greens
* Aloe vera
* Antioxidants (eg vitamin C, vitamin E, pycnogenols, coenzyme Q10)
* Olive oil
* Evening primrose oil
* MSM (organic sulphur)
* Foods with omega 3 fatty acids (eg flaxseed oil) and
* Foods with omega 4 & 5 fatty acids (eg evening primrose and fish oil).
* Gentle sunlight (vitamin D)
* Fulvic Liquid Minerals!!!!
* Cold pressed oils like sesame, sunflower, safflower.


Whenever possible I recommend vegan or near-vegan diets, eliminating or significantly lowering the amount of animal flesh and animal products that you consume. However, occasional broiled or baked lean meats, fowl, or fish become acceptable when eaten in lower quantities.

In anti-cancer diets and for weight management, vegetables have proven especially beneficial and healthy, especially cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, beans, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Foods containing natural digestive enzymes, including bromelain from pineapples and papain from papaya are also highly desirable.

You should always avoid fried foods, simple sugars, salt, flour, and any cured meats such as salami, sausage, bologna, pepperoni, canned meats, Spam, hot dogs, and similar foods.

Among other primary foods that we highly recommend to treat or prevent certain aging-related conditions:

Citrus foods: While also helping to prevent cancer, citrus foods containing bioflavonoids, terpenes, Iimonene, and citrus pectin aid the cardiovascular system while serving as antioxidants.

Red grapes: These fruits contain plant flavonoids called “pycnogenol,” also present in pine bark extract. Red grapes serve as one of the strongest antioxidants, also helpful in strengthening bone and cartilage tissue while enhancing immune function.

Hawthorne berries: This food and extracts from such fruits help strengthen bones, tendons, cartilage, and cardiac muscle, while serving as a natural treatment for hypertension.

Green tea: Three or four cups per day have long been known to Asians as helpful in preventing cancers-even common killers like lung cancer. Plaxseed Jignan fibers: An excellent hormone regulator, this food source helps protect against breast and prostate cancers.

Healthy oils: Selections such as corn, olive, canola, and soy are monosaturated, which is important in the production of good cholesterol. Oat bran and wheat germ: These natural foods help lower “bad cholesterol,” while increasing “good cholesterol.”

Green super foods: These selections include wheat grass, rye grass, barley grass, and blue green algae, nutrient and trace elements, and are an excellent source of making the body more alkaline than acidic. These foods also combat acidosis, a hallmark of inflammatory conditions and cancer. Remember that active cancers lower the body’s PH and promote acidity, a condition that favors cancer growth

Soybeans: We know that this excellent anti-aging food, which is high in protein, remains a delight to people who prefer to avoid eating meat.

The chemicals in soy contain strong antioxidants, hormone regulators, and cancer-prevention qualities, especially in battling breast and prostate cancers.


Many people eat soy products, thanks to the cancer-therapeutic properties of these foods. (Be sure to avoid genetically modified soybeans by purchasing only certified organic products!)

Healthy dark chocolates: Derived from natural cocoa, chocolate without sugar or milk products serves as an essential antioxidant.

Raw or lightly cooked whole grain cereals

Raw or lightly steamed vegetables and sprouts raw or fresh fruits, including the skin

Lightly cooked beans, lentils, and peas preferably unsalted raw nuts and seeds

Low-fat dairy products, especially low-fat cultured yogurt

Occasional lean meat: fish, or poultry, usually limited to one or two times weekly.

9 groups of organic ‘super foods’ you need in your anti aging diet

I have always been a great fan of organic foods and antioxidants. But I never actually took organic foods seriously unless I read some studies highly advocating their use and I promised myself two things that day.

First, I would make the most of my knowledge and I would try to implement that into my lifestyle in whatever ways possible. Secondly, I’ll drink at least one of these “organic super foods” juices daily.

I also decided to add more diverse nutrition to my cooking – garlic, onions, basil, cinnamon, cumin, mustard, turmeric, black pepper, jalapeños (hot!). All this adds nutrients without extra calories.

Nine groups of organic super foods for anti aging

(Caution: Avoid genetically modified foods, whose long-term safety is unproven; GMOs are becoming especially common in soybeans and corn.)

greens such as kale, spinach, broccoli, beet tops, and all dark green leafy vegetables in both whole and juice form; also nopal cactus, nettle leaf, and cabbages

maca root from the Andes and maca root juice

mushrooms, in particular these: reishi, cordyceps, maitake, chaga, mesima, lion’s mane, turkey tail, shitake

kelp and sea plants

spirulina and chIorella: these include Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae

herbs and spices such as garlic, dandelion leaf, nettle, and parsley: the most potent spice is curcumin from the turmeric plant, a staple in Indian cuisine.

bee pollen and royal jelly

dark red and purple fruits and berries: these include blueberries and raspberries. Also, goji berry juice and Hawthorne berry.

taro root, orange tomatoes, carrots, and orange vegetables. Packed with vitamin C and lycopene, tomatoes induce the production of the amino acid known as carnitine. Carnitine enhances the body’s fat-burning capacity by one-third. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that cuts the risk of heart disease by twenty-nine percent.

Why You Should Always Eat Organic Super Foods

1. As a smart consumer, you must be aware of the residue of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides that are present in the fruits and vegetables you buy. Washing the produce with water does not totally get rid of these residues. These chemicals can cause health issues like Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurodegenerative disorder.

2. Organic super foods have advanced phytochemical levels. Medical science studies documented these nutrients as essential to healthy living and longevity. Plants produce phytochemicals as a defense mechanism against insects, disease and stress. When synthetic chemicals are used in the development of these plants, they give out reduced levels of essential phytochemical nutrients.

Why I Emphasize the Value of Certain Foods

Whenever I have the chance, I urge people to take vegan diets or something close to them. This allows you to eliminate or lessen the amount of animal product intake. You can, however, take reduced quantities of broiled or baked fish, fowl and lean meats on certain occasions.


Following an effective food selection or eating plan needs to be much of your vital part of any serious anti-aging program. More information here.

While keeping a trim, ideal weight may appear basically vain or narcissistic, a variety of professional medical research over time highly signify that extreme or unwanted weight makes a contribution to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes mellitus. Preserving an ideal body weight can go quite a distance when it comes to stopping or at least reducing the chances of these kinds of unfavorable health factors.

The South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, and Modified Atkin’s Diet make an effort to cut down simple sugars, while maximizing proteins and healthy fats. One more food-selection process, the Mediterranean Diet, also has been regarded as successful. These diets generally are great as low-glycemic or in offering the most healthy form of carbohydrates. Experts can measure the effect that carbohydrates have on blood glucose levels, employing a system known as the “glycemic index.”

Easy step to take most of these superfoods

As I said earlier, the object of TheHghBlog is not just to help you with anti aging but also with losing weight. I think adding the following juices in to your diet will help you make changes in your life that will enable you to change your way of eating, and thereby lose weight and look and feel more young.

Reason why people fail ?

People begin eating healthy foods but don’t stop eatig unhealthy foods. And slowly, they lean towards more unhealthy foods and even some finally give up. To actually stick to these healthy organic super foods efficiently, you’ll have to curb your unhealthy eating patterns.

A great way to do that is to avoid “Trigger foods”.

Have you seen the famous commercial which says, ‘Bet, you can’t eat just one?’ Well, the advertisement is referred to the potato chips and yes, the saying is so true as it is just not possible to eat only one chip.

There are some people who can eat only about a handful of these chips and then move forward.

While for others, even an entire bag will not suffice their requirements. In case you are one among those millions of people whose appetite does not stop with one bag of potato chips, then probably potato chips are one of the worst food that will trigger you.

Such types of trigger foods can trigger a person for wanting more. These are the kind of foods where most of us will not mind going to the supermarket during a snowstorm or during the middle of the night even when there is plenty of food available in our homes.

These foods are found to be having excess fat or sugar and at times both. These foods don’t have much to do with hunger (but when you are really hungry, these trigger foods are usually very difficult to resist).

In case you feel that you are not able to control with regards to a particular type of junk food, then it is time that you plan to eliminate this kind of food from your life.

Let us take a simple example – If you love eating ice cream and you are not able to stop with one or just two scoops but prefer eating almost half a gallon of ice cream, then in such cases, it is preferred not to have ice cream lying in your home in the first place.

Green vegetables have chlorophyll in high levels and Green Buzz juice has algae’s in high levels, both of which are like liquid sunshine for human body.

Both of these will alkalize the body, act like an anti-inflammatory, help boost immune system, remove all carcinogens and all drug deposits, help stop any growth of bacteria, fungus and yeast, counteract the radiation effects, increase alertness and help emulsify fat and cholesterol.

Green buzz is filled with vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals which our body requires in order to heal and protect and all by itself.

It’s particularly important to buy organic produce that’s free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. As long as you buy organic produce, you don’t have to worry about peeling your vegetables before juicing.

Try organic green juices!

One of the best and simplest way to consume most of the required organic green superfoods is juicing. If you’re new to green juices, the flavor may take some time to grow on you. I’ve included fruit in several of the recipes to take some of the bite out of the greens.

Here are just 5 of the recipes. You can try more by incorporating all the 9 kinds of organic super foods. Feel free to make any variations.

You can also dilute the juice with some additional water and squeeze in a bit more lemon or lime juice, to taste. You can add 1 teaspoon blue-green algae to your juice to pump up the chlorophyll and add protein.

Spinach, spring mix, mustard greens, together with other dark leafy greens are great resources for fibre and provide adequate nourishment as well. Research indicates that leafy greens’ abundant supply of vitamins and antioxidants helps in curbing appetite while also reducing your chances of acquiring any heart disease, cancer, cataracts, and memory loss.

Beans and Legumes

Legumes are the most useful sources of fibre. They stabilize blood sugar and keep you regular. They are also rich in potassium, a crucial mineral that minimizes dehydration and the chance of high blood pressure and stroke.

One legume, soy, is particularly great for losing weight. Isoflavones present in soy foods speed the meltdown of stored fat.

In one research, those who consumed high amounts of soy products dropped three times more weight than did other participants who ate no soy.

Why does HGH decline with Age?

Growth hormone decreases with age in every single animal group that’s been examined so far. In human beings, the volume of growth hormone after age 21-31 falls around 14 % for every 10 years, and the entire 24 hour growth hormones creation rate is definitely reduced by 50 % by the age of 60.

The best way to measure growth hormones within the body is usually measuring plasma IGF-1 levels. Less than 350 IU is believed proof of deficiency.

In between the ages of 20 and 40 yrs, under 5% of healthy guys have under 350 IU for every litre of IGF-1 levels. However after age 60, 30 % of seemingly healthy guys have this lower amount. And just after age 65, about 50 % of the society is partly or fully lacking in growth hormone.


Nobody has been able to find a satisfactory answer to solve the above question. Studies have proved that the aging pituitary somatotroph cells can still release growth hormones if they are sufficiently stimulated.

This basically means that the faults might be lying somewhere in the factors which regulate its release. There might be something that is occurring within the feedback loop during the discharge of IGF-1 inside the liver & the hypothalamus.

Usually when IGF-1 declines in its performance, it immediately passes a message to the hypothalamus that is situated in the brain to prompt the pituitary to produce extra growth hormones. But what usually happens is that when a person grows in age, the feedback loop begins to break down.

Researchers are of the belief that the main problem usually lies with Somatostatin, commonly known as the natural prevention of Growth Hormone. Somatostatin increases with age & has the tendency to block actions that enhance Growth Hormone. Researchers tried the Somatostatin examination on rats.

They removed Somatostatin action in old rats and it was found that the Growth Hormone pulses in old rats grew as big as that of young rats.

Many other researches believed that Precursor Hormone, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) which is the main factors that releases Growth Hormone turns to be less responsive when it comes to feedback signals.

There are also chances that both things might be happening at the same time.

Natural Decreases Remain Inevitable. The body’s power to absorb, digest, and absorb proteins reduces as people age, losing a chance to digest protein and proper amounts of hydrochloric acids through digestive enzymes.

Called hypochlorhydria, this problem will become evident in many digestive diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, chronic hepatitis, osteoporosis, and chronic autoimmune malfunctions.

The regular or chronic use of antacid drug therapy or anti-inflammatory drugs might impact these digestive issues.

Also, mature patients occasionally exacerbate these troubles by reducing their body’s production of hydrochloric acid by eating or drinking foods or drinks high in carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol, caffeine, and refined meals.

Growing older occasionally brings about increased stress or trauma, probably resulting in the hypothalamus to lose its ability to produce and discharge growth hormone releasing hormone-GHRH.

Adding to the problem, a lack of certain nutrients in the diet might bring about the downturn in production. In diabetics, high blood sugar levels reduce growth hormone-releasing activity.

Experts are finding that in a natural reaction to stress, the body generates glucocorticoid hormones that inhibit the effect of growth hormone production. And high levels of blood sugars and glucocorticoids stimulate the inhibitory hormone, somatostatin.

Everyday HGH secretion rate is decreased steadily with ever-increasing age. Total daily HGH secretion diminishes as we grow older therefore that elderly stages are attained by 35-40 years old.

Remarkably, scientific tests of individuals suffering from pituitary disease reveal that the losing of hormones within that gland adheres to a specific pattern.

It starts with growth hormone levels reducing, accompanied by the gonadal hormones, luteinizing hormone (LH), and then follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and lastly the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and adrenocorticotrophin (ACTH).

Therefore the decrease of growth hormone through the pituitary is the beginning within a downward stream on the pituitary hormones.

How stress and aging damage your HGH levels

The decrease in hgh levels with age, occasionally called somatopause, is specifically related to many of the signs of aging, including: wrinkles, gray hair, reduced energy and vigor, decrease in libido, increased body fat and cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, elevation of moods and the reduction of depression, and much more.

After you are 30, hgh levels beign to fall and after age 40, it declines even more rapidly so much so that daily hgh secretion reduces with age to the extent that a 60 year old may secrete less than 25% of the hgh secreted by an average 20 year old.



Nature’s Ingenious Hormone Triggers

Three distinct mechanisms or triggers play a critical role in the pituitary’s release of growth hormone and other hormones:

1. Daily brain interactions. These characteristics, sometimes called “circadian rhythms,” hinge on essential, daily sleep-wake cycles.

2. Negative feedback interaction. After a target organ gets some hormone that satisfies its needs, the pituitary stops production of those hormones-temporarily.

3. Other intervening influences. Factors such as stress, emotional trauma, nutritional illnesses, infections, and other actions in hormonal glands influence the secretion of the Master Hormone.

Doctors call the normal physiologic decline in hgh as we age “somatopause“, something like menopause in women and andropause in men. While researchers have yet to proclaim a specific reason for this decline, numerous factors might contribute, for instance a drop in available amino acid precursors required for the actual production within the pituitary gland.

Furthermore, the hypothalamus might sustain a decrease in its discharge of stimulatory hormones that produce growth hormone, while the hormone that inhibits its production-somatostatin might increase.

With aging comes a turmoil in major hormones in the body

Growth Hormone Axis

Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) mediates the peripheral actions of growth hormone (GH). The plasma levels of both GH and IGF-I decline with age. (The body composition changes previously discussed areas associated with these alterations in GH and IGF-I.)

The GH–IGF axis also plays a major role in metabolism efficiency and in antagonizing the adverse effects of chronic stress on the immune system. GH and IGF-I also have neuroprotective effects; therefore, reduction of these levels also has been shown to be associated with poor cognitive functioning.

Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal Axis

Although basal levels of cortisol are unchanged with age, peak cortisol levels and increased duration of a cortisol response to stress, such as after surgery, remain higher in older persons. This is due to a decline in sensitivity to the negative feedback inhibition of cortisol on the hypothalamus. Chronic stimulation of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis can lead to hypersecretion of glucocorticoids, in turn leading to deleterious affects on multiple organ systems.


There appears to be a decrease in thyroid hormone (serum T4 and serum T3) with age; however, this decrease in thyroid hormone correlates with the decrease in metabolically active tissue (lean body mass) with age. The thyroid gland also atrophies with age.

However, it appears that when the thyroid gland is stimulated, it can normally produce thyroid hormone. There is tremendous individual variability in these neuroendocrine changes. Exercise has been shown in several experimental studies to increase both GH secretion and insulin sensitivity.

Declining Testosterone and Andropause

Andropause is synonymous with a low testosterone level in older men that is certainly triggering symptoms. Testosterone levels decrease in males at the rate of 1% per year after 30 years of age.

Simultaneously, sex hormone-binding globulin levels increase. This results in even lower levels of free or bioavailable (free plus albumin-bound) testosterone.

Somewhere around 3% to 5% of men 40 to 50 years of age, and 40% to 70% of men 70 years of age, are hypogonadal. Many experts have estimated that there are 4 million to 5 million hypogonadal men in the United States.

The signs and symptoms of hypogonadism in older men are a decline in libido (enthusiasm for sex) and a diminished quality of erection. Testosterone energizes nitric oxide synthase, and so as it declines, insufficient levels inhibit the ability of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (e.g., Viagra) to produce adequate erections.

You will need to understand that low libido is also the consequence of a variety of other conditions such as depression, medical illness, and social factors.

Low testosterone levels are connected with a decline in muscle mass, strength, and function.

Testosterone replacement can alter these difficulties. Testosterone induces the production of satellite cells, suppresses the formation of preadipocytes, stimulates protein synthesis, and inhibits protein degradation with the ubiquitin-proteasome system.

Testosterone management induces visuospatial cognition. Low testosterone levels at middle age predict an increase in Alzheimer’s disease in older persons.


As you can see aging is a complex process and brings about many hormonal changes in the body. While decline in hgh, the master hormone that has the most comprehensive effect on your wellness as you age, other hormone levels are crucial as well.

To beat the aging process, one needs to follow a smart diet and workout plan along with nutrients that can ignite the fire of youth once again.

The effect that occurs in the body is somewhat similar to what usually happens with other hormones or insulin’s. Usually with age, most of us tend to have less sensitive to insulin.

This leads to non-metabolism of glucose efficiently, thereby causing an increase in blood glucose.

All across the globe about one-third of the older generation population, the insulin resistance that is related to something like that of a spare tire obesity which comes with aging, can it be termed as a severe disease?

Type 2 diabetes, which is not so familiar than Type 1 diabetes, it is not that our bodies do not manufacture insulin, but what often happens is that the body tissues behave as though there is no more insulin present. The latest research proved that a similar occurrence takes place with Growth Hormones.

The Growth Hormone that is made accessible to the tissues not only lessens with age but also our tissues often do not respond to the Growth Hormone that is already available. Therefore, aging is often considered as an ailment of Growth Hormone resistance similar to the type 2 diabetes which is considered as an ailment of insulin resistance.

Why am I getting old ?

It goes without saying that the life expectancy of human beings has increased considerably in different countries of the world for the past 100 years.

The life span of an individual living in an industrialized nation has increased by a great margin of 30 long years mainly because of the vast improvement in the different health care facilities such as vaccinations, disease prevention and public health care services which has really helped many people in the last 100 years.

There are very few people who have been actually affected by some of the dangerous infectious diseases like smallpox, where today we can get the right kind of vaccination for such diseases.

Even pneumonia which for many years ago had no cure and treatment available can now be treated with precise medications.

The rising level of longevity and the declining rates of fertility are some of the main factors behind the current aging across the whole world including in some of the wealthiest countries such as Europe and the United States, as people of these countries ‘gray’ rapidly.

Let us begin with certain numbers. It has been noticed that on an average every year the death rate per day is about 150,000 people. That means every single day; on an average there occur two deaths every second. Out of this total, about two-thirds of the deaths occur due to aging.

Yes,that’s right! About 100,000 people are dead every second across the whole globe due to aging. If we go to calculate this proportion with the deaths that occurred during the Katrina cyclone and the number of deaths that took place at the World Trade Center, it works to about 60 Katrina’s and 30 World Trade Center incidents taking place every day.

The death proportion in an industrialized world associated with aging is approximately about 90 percent. Well, it means that the ratio of people that die every day from causes other than aging combined like such as homicide, AIDS or even road accidents to those who perish due to aging is 1:10.

In reality, the life span of a human being is expected to last about 125 years, although in the current century very few of them have actually reached that age. Why is that many of us are not even able to touch the magical figure of 100 years?

There are various reasons behind this, but a good deal of it is mainly because of life shortening medical conditions even as our body cells do have the ability to keep on dividing and keep on re-creating themselves.

Cancer and heart diseases are perhaps largest killers in America. Therefore, while it might not be actually possible for doctors to change pre-programming of human body cells, definitely going for prevention or otherwise better treatment for such kinds of killer diseases in case they occur will help us to get close to our unique Hayflick limit. (More information here.)

Biomarkers of Tissue and Organ Aging

Various body tissues and internal organs are modified as time passes at different rates, so improving their performance by following the steps we put together on TheHghBlog will probably impede your rate of biological aging and, perhaps even reverse it. You need to enlighten yourself regarding hgh and the aging proces.

Below are some of the most damaging signs and effects of aging.

1- Muscle Mass begins to decrease – As a person begins to age, their body muscle mass begins to decrease and therefore older people tend to have a lighter body weight. The reason why they begin losing weight is due to the fact that their muscles are not going to be well developed any further and they tend losing their muscle tone. Their skin begins to lack elasticity and the formation of wrinkles is a common phenomenon with aging.

2- Weakening of the circulatory system – As a person begins to age; their circulatory system also begins to disintegrate. When a person attains 50 years of age or even more, their circulatory system which, once upon a time was very clean and flexible starts weakening.

When unhealthy foods are consumed and at times even stuffing their body with excess food, it all can only lead to weakening the body even further.

Those who are often seen eating unhealthy food will only weaken their circulatory system, and usually by the time when the person has crossed 50 years of age all the toxins and chemicals get clogged in their system which further impacts the flexibility of a arteries and veins. Several conditions like impotence etc. can be caused due to poor arterial health.

3- Most of the body organs begin to deteriorate – As the time begins to pass by due to aging, most of the organs of a human body begin to reduce their levels of functioning. They either give up completely or begin to weaken slowly.

One of the most important organs that begin to weaken or give up completely is kidneys. Kidneys cleanse and filter the blood from the entire waste that a human body produces. In short, kidneys act like a purifier.

As and when a person begins to age, poor kidney health can be one of the main signs to be taken into consideration. People will have the feeling of urinary incontinence and will have difficulty in controlling their urge to urinate.

Why We Age ?

Have you ever given any serious thought to why or how we age? What makes us youthful, vibrant, and pleasant to look at? Gaining some understanding of the basic biological mechanisms goes a long way in explaining the many benefits and uses of natural hgh releasers and anti aging nutrients.

Accidental theories of aging

Accidental theories of aging emphasize on chance and are based on the concept that organisms get older because of a random series of events. Wear and tear on one vital organ might cause a domino effect, sparking a series of organ failures as aging accelerates faster than nature originally intended.

Toxic build up theory of aging

The scientific search for answers to the aging question goes back to at least 1908, when Russian microbiologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for a groundbreaking study on cells, the immune system, and aging.

He developed a theory that aging was caused “by a build-up of toxins from the intestinal tract, which over a period of a lifespan contributed to aging and ultimately death.”

Other scientists, physicians, and homeopaths also developed a maze of vastly different theories. In my view, the actual biological factors that cause aging might involve a handful or even a large number of these various ideas.

DNA programming theory of aging

Mother Nature has apparently programmed each person with an internal biological clock that tells our cells when to wind down and cease functioning.

You might call this a nature-mandated planned obsolescence for humans-something like cars built by auto manufacturers so that they’ll break down after a certain number of miles.

In humans, physicians have pinpointed a program that sets predesignated times when milestone events occur. This programming has been hardwired into the DNA of each cell in our bodies and everyone has been programmed differently.

Cellular theory of aging?

All the current theories of aging based on the cellular molecule mention that apart from the preprogrammed clock, we also grow older because of the unplanned series of unfavorable events.

Possibly you might have known or come across people who have aged very quickly all of a sudden or within a short span of time which might have occurred due to some severe injuries or due to some kind of illness which they might have suffered. We might find many people even some of the famous celebrities, who could have possibly benefited by a healthy anti aging lifestyle or by the use of some growth hormone releasers.

Neuroendocrine theory of aging

When we’re young, the neuroendocrine system enables hormones to regulate vital body functions, everything from reactions to stress and sexual activity to determining the individual’s ultimate height, weight, and organ growth.

Under the neuroendocrine theory of aging, these systems malfunction as we age. During our mature years, the hypothalamus, located within the brain above the pituitary gland, starts to regulate the release of various hormones without the great efficiency that it once achieved during youth. Thus, the signs of aging begin to emerge.

Free Radicals theory of aging

These days the term “free radicals” takes on a much different connotation than it might have during the rebellious, anti-establishment of 1960s. Within the medical profession, the free radical theory of aging (FRTA) has gained some degree of acceptance along with the “Wear-and-Tear” and “Random Events” theories.

Many of you might remember high school chemistry class where you learned that a radical-also called a free radical-is an atom, molecule, or ion, each with an unpaired electron that results in an open-shell configuration. The result is an imbalanced electrical energy that forces free radicals to attach to other molecules.

Negative environmental factors such as carcinogens or excessive radiation can cause the cells to generate free radicals, creating havoc in the structure of vital proteins, body chemistry, and metabolism-thereby creating extensive bodily damage.

Worsening matters, free radicals attack cell membranes and create metabolic waste products, including lipofuscins.

Although the word lipofuscin might sound like an evil character from the top-selling Harry Potter book series, in real-life biology these substances are wicked metabolic waste products that darken the skin of mature Caucasians-commonly known as those dreaded age spots or liver spots.

Even worse, these pigments interfere with our cells’ abilities to repair and reproduce themselves, while disturbing RNA and DNA syntheses and destroying vital cellular enzymes necessary for our body’s vital chemical processes.

We know that far more mature people suffer damage from free radicals than young adults and children. Could the body’s natural decrease in growth hormone among older people increase the likelihood that free radicals will occur in such individuals? The answer is “yes.”

Free radical theory of aging has made popular the use of antioxidants for antiaging.

Cellular changes connected with aging

Aging can cause functional adjustments in cells. Let us take an example; the rate at which the human body cells tend to multiply begins to slow down as we grow in age.

There are certain types of cells that are very much required for our body’s immune system to function properly. These cells are known as T-cell lymphocytes. These cells also tend to decrease as we grow in age and thereby weakening our body’s immune system.

Besides, aging also causes various alterations in our reactions to environmental exposures and stress such as heat, ultraviolet light, poor nutrition, toxins or poisons among others.

Age also begins to interfere with a very valuable process known as apoptosis. Apoptosis helps in programming cells to die or self destruct during suitable times.

This type of process is very much required for body tissues to remain active and healthy and it is also very important in helping to slow down the immune responses if we were affected by some sort of infection and was cured and eliminated from our body.

There are different types of diseases like cancer etc. that are quite common in elderly people and which can affect the apoptosis process in various ways.

Therefore, the cancer cells begin to multiply and take over or attack all the surrounding tissues of the body.

The cancer cells were actually programmed to die with the help of apoptosis but this disease that actually affects apoptosis itself.

There are also other types of diseases which make the cells die very early. In case of Alzheimer’s disease there is a substance known as amyloid that builds up and causes the cells of the brain’s neurons to die early which leads to loss of memory in human beings along with various other different types of brain defects.

Toxins or poisons that are produced as byproducts of nerve cell transmissions are known to have been associated with the death of the nerve cells in the cases of deadly Parkinson’s disease.

How Much Your Genes Matter ?

Your genes evidently decide about 20 to 50 percent of length of your life span. In America, females live close to 5 years more than men. For ladies, the most precise forecaster of their genetic impact is chronological period of menopause.

In truth, your genetic age can not be straight away established by your mother and father age, not even the immediate consequence of the gene combination they provided you.

Instead, your endowment with specific antiaging genes may increase your life span. As an example, if you possess the particular genes connected with a more normal blood pressure, you’ve got a far better potential for living for a longer period.

In the same way, if you were handed down specific genes related to superior fat metabolism, you will grow older less quickly that a person having some other hereditary attributes that induce the body to cope with fat significantly less successfully, which can be linked to greater chance of cardiac arrests and a and the higher chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Other genes which were proposed as significant in the aging process involve those connected with how well you take care of stress, or your body’s hormone reaction to stress; your amounts of hgh; how well your system handles degree of inflammation, which are proven to bring about cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes; and your cells’ potential to create energy.

Mitochondria are small biochemical power factories in cells that transform food into energy. Mitochondria incorporate strands of their unique DNA that are isolated from the cell nucleus, the area where genes are located. Experts claim that a high rate of mutation in mitochondrial DNA influences aging.

While we are getting to know new longevity genes at an incredibly quick rate, up until the time that gene treatment plans and therapies are on the market to modify your genes for good, it might not be that essential, or reassuring, to understand what kinds of genes you were handed down.


Most of the people when they begin to think about adding up their years of their lives end up with a wrong presumption regarding battling aging, most of the times we speak only about elongating the time period people spend with disease and debilitation.

But for that matter of fact, it is the opposite that is actually true. An effective anti aging program will eventually result in the removal of that period. This is done by delaying it so much that most of the people are not able to reach it.

Aging can be caused by lots of factors – toxic build up, free radicals, DNA programming, weakening of neuroendocrine system and so on. These processes combined with poor lifestyle, poor diet and eating habits may onset the aging process sooner than it should be. Here at TheHghBlog we’ll try to develop a plan to break out of aging process and possibly reverse it.

You cannot control your chronological years, but you can most assuredly control your biological age . . . in fact you can almost hold it to a standstill! A good healthy life is fantastic and satisfying!

It’s thrilling to be active, healthy, alert and to be of help and of service to this world! So open your mind, heart and soul and realize that you can be in control of your health and enjoy a healthy, long life!

I am convinced you’ll be able to live in a perfect state of agelessness. Let’s reason it out together. Every 3 months you get a completely new circulatory system, so it is not the bloodstream that gets old.

Every 11 months, every cell in the body has repaired itself . . . so you have a practically new body every 11 months. Every 2 years you get a totally new bone structure, so in 3 years you are really born again . . . the revival process has taken place!

Now, if you keep the body cleansed and purified by eating a diet that frequently cleanses the body, how can you get sick? How can you get old? The only thing that can kill you is a disease or an accident. Time cannot kill you!

I will describe the scientific and technological basis for my view that we can almost certainly get rid of aging as a disease and as a cause of death. However, it’s important you have a proper outlook and attitude towards aging. “I am getting old and I can’t do anything about it” – this line of thinking is even more dangerous.

I need to get you interested-not just in the sense of entertainment, or probably thinking this might be a good idea, but in the sense of understanding that as and when this becomes possible it will be rather a good thing. So, stay tuned as I post more information on how to break out of age!

How to slow down your aging clock with hgh?

Some People are lucky to have higher levels of hgh even as they age!

There are certain fortunate people who, thanks to their genetic programming, coupled with heavy exercise and great dietary habits, are able to maintain their growth hormone levels higher for longer than most other people.

But even in these individuals, its production still diminishes with age, just more slowly.

An estimated one in five people worldwide won this genetic lottery and will live longer and stay in better health than everyone else because they carry a “centenarian gene.”

That’s according to a January 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. They got lucky. Their bodies are programmed to produce a lot of growth hormone for a long time. They will stay the healthiest. They will look the youngest. They will live the longest.

But what about the rest of us ordinary people? Are we doomed to age faster, get sicker more often, and die younger simply because we didn’t get a winning ticket in the genetic lottery?

The answer is no! Let me tell you why. The rules of the game have changed. All of the rules of aging have changed because the Master Hormone needn’t be in short supply in your body any longer.

Production of it can be stimulated using natural supplements, proper diet and a smart workout program. Levels of the Master Hormone can be replaced.

You cannot only stop the decline in your growth hormone, but you can also put its levels back to where they were when you were in your twenties. And guess what? When you do, you’ll start feeling like you’re back in your roaring twenties again!

You can slow down the aging clock. Here at The Hgh Blog we will discuss a game plan, for living a long life with optimum good levels of hGH.

Hgh for anti-aging

Fact: Aging is BAD!

Everybody knows that aging is frightening. We notice how it affects those who we know and care about. We can see it everywhere, when people who are part of our lives, have physically aged before our very eyes. We can compare our past and recent photos and those of others.

As you look in the mirror each day, you may see the negative effects of aging and ask yourself “What has become of the youthful-looking person, which I used to be”?

There may be times when you start the day without the energy and determination that you used to have. You don’t feel young or act like one. It is perhaps because you have accepted the fact that feeling old is just something normal.

Do you experience any of the following conditions?

You no longer have a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

You can’t get rid of your excess weight no matter how often you exercise or how careful you are with your diet.

Your skin is showing signs of wrinkles and discoloration, which are actually aging spots and not sunspots, as you call them.

Your hair is becoming thinner and turning gray.

You have lost your sexual desire and ability to perform sexually.

You bones are becoming weak and brittle. You are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

Your memory is starting to fail you and you are no longer sharp as before.

You are becoming more vulnerable to diseases as your immune system is becoming weaker.

You no longer have a positive attitude towards life

When you take your annual health examinations, results show that you have high cholesterol, slow metabolism, poor reflexes and poor organ functions.

These are among the visible signs of aging. Why do they occur and are these negative effects bound to happen?

Try to recall how you looked and felt when you were only twenty-five. You have noticed a lot of physical changes as you have aged since that time.

Actually, it has something to do with your body’s biochemistry and hormone levels. This allows you to look and feel older. The latest scientific breakthroughs have identified the exact reasons behind these.

A look at hgh replacement therapy

HGH replacement therapy is swiftly becoming a major rejuvenating medicine practice.

Many studies have demonstrated that as we grow older our body’s natural GH generation goes down.A lot of the warning signs of body decline are noticed on account of this reduction.

Furthermore, medical data and current research obviously illustrate that HGH replacement therapy can considerably eradicate these signs, decrease excess fat, improve lean muscle mass, reinforce the heart and boost sexual efficiency.

The extraordinary advantages of HGH treatment do not come risk free. The use of HGH injections invite some serious side effects. If you are thinking to go for hgh anti aging therapy, you must do so under a highly qualified and experienced anti aging doctor.

This is very important as raising hgh levels through injections needs to be done under thorough monitoring of the amount and timing of the dose and expertise. However, raising hgh levels naturally using a comprehensive program is without any risks and recommended.

SKIP hGH THERAPY(via injections) IF YOU HAVE

1. Pituitary stimulation testing not performed: or if performed, you passed the test and are not hGH deficient
2. A cancerous malignancy
3. Past history of malignancy (with the exception of basal cell carcinoma)
4. Diabetic proliferative retinopathy
S. Sclerosing diseases of the liver or lungs
6. Benign intracranial hypertension
7. Uncontrolled diabetes

You can always take natural hgh supplements proven to increase hgh production in the body.

Before beginning to take any supplements or injections for HGH treatment, it is always advised to consult with your doctor relating to the side effects.

Apart from the above mentioned side effects, there are some patients who are even allergic to the ingredients that are contained in HGH injections or supplements.

Allergic reactions which happen are tightness feeling in the throat or the chest, pain in the chest, rashes in the skin or hives, itchiness or swelling in the skin etc. In case a patient is undergoing any of the above allergic reaction, immediately alert or consult your doctor or emergency medical personnel.

Live Young Oral HGH by Trimedica

Finally we now have a homeopathic human growth hormone product that is not available in a spray bottle.  This is HGH pills.  We still take the stance that you can not legally make a homeopathic product from a prescription drug.

All the sites advertising this product claim that it was proven in double blind, placebo controlled trials.  Nobody offers any proof that these trials were actually done.   The sole certification we’re able to find on line regarded a law suit that the company lost involving a product called Grobust.  The trial and appeals court essentially decided that the trials for that product were misrepresented.

The active component is supposed to be USP Recombinant human growth hormone 6C + 100C + 200C.  Halfway to nothing and a whole lot of zeros on the other side of nothing.

We discuss homeopathic potency in a number of our reviews.

The suggested retail price is $49.95 but you can easily find it for at least 33% off.  Seems people think you can slap HGH on a homeopathic product and charge twice as much as regular homeopathic remedies.

Live Young Oral HGH is not recommended.