How to Sleep Better for Longer Life

Sleep for anti aging

The bottomline is, sleep is among the most effective anti-aging tool available, together with good nourishment and exercise. Try getting sufficient rest and see what it can do for you. You’ll both feel and look better.

When you’re sleeping all the tissue cells within your body revive and restore. Daily stress ages your face and the body as a result of release of cortisol and the strengthening of bad neurotransmitters like norepinephrine.

What Is Enough Sleep?

For most people, eight hours of sleep is required every night. You may require more or less based upon your lifestyle and needs, since each person is different.

To find out whether you’re getting enough, first of all, are you constantly tired? To test yourself, pick a day when you don’t have to get up to go to work or do another activity. Sleep simply until you wake up without use of an alarm clock, or by the dog needing to go out for a walk, etc.

If you wake up at about the same time you get up every morning, without an alarm clock or other artificial means, then you probably get enough sleep. However, if you need an alarm clock or other artificial means to wake yourself up, then you probably aren’t getting enough sleep.

How Much Sleep Should I Aim at Getting?

Everybody has a set minimum quantity of rest on which they can do the job adequately in the course of the day; this minimal quantity of sleep is referred to as your core sleep.

The quantity of core sleep required to function effectively may differ from person to person. It also relies upon the sturdiness of your sleeping process, and on the lifestyle you presently have got.

The amount of core sleep you need will change if you employ the behaviors and strategies we talk about here. If you incorporate the power nap system, your core sleep will change as well.

At times the quantity of sleep required is determined by genetic factors.

It will probably be less difficult for you to sleep significantly less the older you get, this is due to the fact that melatonin generation diminishes as we grow older. That’s why seniors sleep typically 5 to 6 hours.

As you employ the techniques of enhancing your sleep, you will need to do some trial and error assessing to figure out how much rest is just appropriate for you.

What is the reason that we require to sleep ?

Sleep not only heals but also reinvigorates our body. As we go to sleep, our body begins to use the energy and all the required nutrition that would under normal circumstances be given for a more active waking hours. This is so as to repair our body.

When we sleep, our cells begin to re-generate, our immune system gets restored and all the other required healing activities begin to happen during our rest hours. So, in case you wish to slow down the process of your aging, it is very important that you get a sufficient amount of sleep.

When we get sound sleep, our body automatically starts to produce growth hormone (the youth hormone), the most important tool for anti aging. During our sleep, our body also starts to release melatonin that provides some incredible positive effects for our skin and our immune system.

Tips for better and sound sleep

You’ll never get a good night’s sleep if you don’t have a great place to sleep that isn’t cluttered with lots of distractions.

This means a bedroom limited to three basic functions: getting dressed and undressed, sleeping, and sex. Likewise, your bed should be limited to bedtime reading, sleeping, and sex.

You must ensure that the place where you sleep, that is your bedroom is very clean, tidy and neat. When your bedroom is filled with loads of unpaid electric or water bills, heaps of laundry stuff, doctor or medical reports and other types of half finished documents, all these tend to distract and keep you from sleeping soundly.

When you see such piled up things in your bedroom, you might even end up thinking the whole night through about what you could have done, or what you would have done, should have done and so on. All such thoughts will automatically not allow us to sleep comfortably. Therefore it is essential that we ensure to keep our bedroom free from all these items.

The best kinds of bedrooms are cool, dark and quiet. We were meant to sleep in darkness; you really want your bedroom to be dark. When you get ready to go to bed, pull the curtains and shut the door. If you can’t get the room near a pitch-black state, use eyeshades.

Any kind of sound that even exceeds say 70 decibels can actually provoke our nervous system to remain alert the whole night through.

Therefore, for goodness sake, if you have a master bedroom and you can hear the sound of your dripping faucet from your bathroom, try to fix it up the next day, and in case you have an alarm clock in your bedroom to remind you to wake up early morning which makes that stupid tick-tick-tick distracting sound, it is better that you replace it with a new one where only the sound of the morning alarm is heard and not the sound of the ‘seconds’ needle.

Some of the sounds for that matter are difficult to control such as dogs barking in your neighborhood, alarm of cars, noisy radiators, your stupid neighbors blasting TV sound, meowing cats, vehicle sirens and so on.

In case such nuisances disturb you during your sleep, go and purchase a ‘white noise’ machines like SleepMate which completely masks out all the disturbances with a low and soothing sound. You can also try earplugs similar to the ones which you get on flights.

If none of them are of any help, then you can at least tune in your FM radio to a neutral spot within 2 channels and leave it switched on at a very low volume. You will really like SleepMate and its ‘pseudo white noise’ actually works and you might just get addicted to it very soon.



Avoid Caffeine

Surprisingly, coffee that a lot of of us made a decision to take in to help “wake us up”, prevents us from going through appropriate relaxing sleep. If most people merely realized the strategies to sleeping effectively, there wouldn’t be a requirement for coffee!

Coffee contains caffeine, which is also present in a wide variety of junk our bodies don’t need: Cola, Pop, Candy Bars…

Caffeine raises heart rate and blood pressure, it encourages alertness and decreases fatigue. These benefits ar there only for a few moments or can last for up to seven hours!

If you happen to be consuming caffeine, you’re placing needless strain on your consciousness and awake system, which is deteriorating your sleep process.

Men and women who drink caffeine are likely to often get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This is the consequence of the body attempting to cleanse itself. The invigorating effect that caffeine gives you is only short-term.

Receiving just 10 minutes of high vibrance light would be 10x more invigorating for the rest of your day, more advantageous to your sleep system, and your well being.

Employ Good Bedding

Simultaneously to get a good and disturbance free sleep, apart from all the points that are mentioned above, you must also ensure that you have a very good bedding which is clean with good quality bed sheets and pillow cases and ensure that these are made of linen which will create a soothing feel while you sleep.

It will also make a lot of difference in how fast you go into a real deep sleep. It is very important that you have a firm mattress and a great pillow which can give you the required support that you need in all the right places and also it will protect you from acquiring any back or neck pain. Contour and neck roll pillows can provide some excellent cervical support which come highly recommended.

Adjust room or body temperature

One factor that might be causing you difficulty in falling asleep at night is due to the fact that your body temperature just isn’t shedding!

If this is the case, it could either mean: You’re not obtaining enough sunlight or physical activity throughout the day. Or… you just need less sleep! Stay awake for a longer time and this won’t be an issue 🙂


Keep the temperature in your bedroom in the range of 60 to 65 degrees. If it is any warmer than this, or if you sleep with too many blankets and bedclothes, you’re much more likely to have night-mares or wake up in a sweat.

Some people like fresh air when they sleep, which is fine, but it is not a prerequisite. If your bedroom air is dry, a humidifier will also help.

If this trouble continues, you having a hot shower before heading to sleep can aid in dropping your body temperature, nevertheless, you must do this right. Many have contradictory viewpoints regarding getting a hot shower or bath prior to sleep and whether it truly works.

If you get a hot bath or shower, you must consider it at least 60-90 minutes prior to proceeding to bed, not less. As soon as you get a hot shower, your body temperature goes up really speedily.

This is why you appear so rejuvenated and alert after a hot shower in the morning. Nevertheless, after this fast increase, the body temperature tempo will begin to fall rapidly in reaction after about 60 minutes.

This is the reason why we commonly feel worn out and fatigued in the first hour in the morning (except if you workout in the morning.) The majority decides on to fight this drop of body temperature with caffeine…a big mistake!

If you presently take rest in an extremely hot or humid room, you may encounter problems with resting profoundly as your system will face challenges reducing your body temperature.

Scientific tests indicate that going down asleep in a cool room with a simple environment is less difficult than going down asleep in hot surroundings. You also snooze more profoundly when you’re in a cool atmosphere.

As you recollect, melatonin is a hormonal agent in your system which regulates your sleep, and is controlled in response to the quantity of light accessible to a person. Melatonin is created when you’re subjected to darkness.

Note: You must use your bed just for getting to sleep and love-making. This will produce a fine connection in your mind that the bed = sleep; reduce time it normally takes for a person to fall asleep, and eliminate the risk of insomnia.

Aging and Body Fat – 2 Factors that kill hgh production

Raising your growth hormone and IGF-1 levels will burn away fat and build muscle mass without diet or physical exercise. This is true provided the levels of your hormone have fallen beneath what they were when you were young which means the majority of us over the age of thirty-five or forty.

However a Growth Hormone Plan, incorporating GH releasers, hormonal dietary adjustment, and GH-releasing workouts, will enhance and also accelerate these benefits substantially.

You may turn into a shape-shifter, tapering your own abdominals, reducing excess fat off your entire belly, smoothing your thighs and leg and buttocks, tightening and also building up muscle tissue which means you come across as much better at forty, 50, sixty, seventy, and past than you were at 19.

Let’s understand how to drop off unwanted fat and gain lean muscle mass without counting calories or quitting the foods you love. And we’ll demonstrate the best way to do it properly and effortlessly. It’s also possible to make use of this diet regime to achieve fat-free weight as your muscle mass increases.

You are able to get to the ideal weight with natural HGH-Human Growth Hormone supplements. This is absolutely legal and helps your system in its own creation of what it’s required to produce naturally. As all people age, this growth hormones reduces and results in aging in addition to an increase in weight as well as detrimental unwanted fat.

In most cases it is preferable to look for a natural product which will help your system to generate what it’s designed to produce by itself.


The greatest reversible hurdle to be able to release growth hormone is surplus fat. Actually, being overweight is really as outstanding a factor responsible for the loss of growth hormones as aging.

Based on the scientific research, two factors reduced the rate of twenty-four-hour manufacturing of growth hormone progressing from age twenty-one to forty-five or enhancing the BMI (Body Mass Index) through 21 to 28. To be able to say it a different way, the lower the actual percentage of body fat, the better the level of growth hormone.

The more extra fat you’ve got, the reduced the highs of the secretory bursts. In case your anterior pituitary gland is intact, you are able to enhance your level of hgh without taking any type of drug whatsoever.

And which together with exercise and reduced calorie consumption is awesome. Age isn’t the only thief; additionally it is excess body fat. Starvation, workout and reduction in unwanted fat will probably be three items that start your GH secretion going.


The following is a great bonus to shed pounds, added to all of the ones you’ve usually recognized, like being confident; reducing your risk factors for coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes, and the majority of cancers; and extending your lifetime.

As you lose fat, you receive an enhancement of hgh levels which, consequently, makes it possible to shed whole lot fat. And when you enhance your muscle mass through weight training additionally you release high concentrations of hgh, that really help you develop more muscle.

The fact that physical activity provides a major induction for your natural secretion of hgh (hGH) is an established fact, however, there is little proof to suggest how this could happen.

Several scientific studies have recommended it can easily often be stimulated by exercise-induced increases in adrenaline, blood lactate, nitric oxide, acidity or even nerve activity, either separately or together.

Today, it seems to be definite and is also proven that an increase in the release of the natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) benefits both athletes as well as women without the need to worry regarding the various side effects that are associated with the hormonal abuse like joint disease, joint pain, muscle mass weakness, abnormal heart growth, increase blood fat, diabetic issues, impaired glucose regulation, impotence etc.

A Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion diet should have sleep and exercise patterns as very important elements. Since the greatest rate of release of HGH is also likely to take place just about an hour following the beginning of the much required night time rest, adequate sleep and peace of mind is great for anti aging.

If you do not get proper sleep or the quality of your sleep is not up to the mark, you will find a cut back in the released quantity of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) with outcomes bad for your fitness and health.

A person don’t have to carry around excess weight any more. It’s never too late to get started on the good healthy eating plan (not really a diet), get some moderate physical exercise and take a good organic HGH supplement to change high body fat and get to the goal of the ideal excess fat percentage for your body


The very best description for the way growth hormone actively functions to decrease fat and develop muscle, according to Danish researcher Jens San-dahl Christiansen, develops from a paper on the metabolic action associated with growth hormone that was published anyway in 1963.

Let us understand how it works. Whenever we have a meal, we have to pass through 3 different stage cycle of fast and feast.

That means, during the first hour of consuming food (this is stage one), the level of our blood sugar in our body rises and the insulin gets released, which supports the storing and build up of excess fat and carbohydrates in our body.

Once this stage is complete, the next stage is after completion of the second hour (this is stage two), the Growth Hormone (GH) gets discharged and the level of the blood sugar and that of the insulin begins to fall.

It is during this stage that the growth hormone helps build the body muscle protein, an activity which happens due to the alterations in HGH and insulin levels during the Feast Famine Cycle.

The last stage, that is stage three, which is also called as post-absorptive phase occurs after about four hours after we have finished eating (that is after the fasting stage), the concentrations of growth hormone tends to remain at a very high level, while the insulin seems to disappear.

During this stage, the growth hormone begins to act exclusively to move the fat stored in our body meant for burning as fuel.

Usually, the body of a person makes complete use of the entire glucose for energy, before it seeks out similar energy resources from the fat reserves.

Human growth hormone (HGH) on the other hand, forces our body to find energy first from the fat reserves. This, on the contrary leads to considerable amount of weight loss.

Since it is understood that Human growth hormone (HGH) makes use of our own system for losing fat for energy, it indicates that we will end up slimming down even while not performing any physical activity.

No matter what, our body requires sufficient amount of energy from food for our daily living. And we can enjoy all those meals without adding extra pounds in our bodies.


When we are young, our levels of growth hormone are high as compared to insulin. That is beneficial simply because insulin actively works to build fat (lipogenesis), whilst growth hormone functions to disintegrate fat to be used as energy (lipolysis).

Growth hormone provides a brake on insulin, maintaining its fat development and storage space at the very least. For this reason, whenever you were young, you could potentially eat all the pizza and fries and shakes whatever you desired without having to pay the consequences.

There seems to be a little doubt that Human growth hormone (HGH) is linked with lipolysis although the hormones for example insulin or catecholamines (combination of epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and dopamine) play a more primary role. Hgh plays a very unique secondary role.

There are apparently other types of hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, interleukin-6, estrogen including a very new player known as atrial-natriurietic peptide (ANP), all of which seems to be involved as well.

Lipolysis – Lipolysis is the breakup of fat stored (technically the fat named triglycerides) inside fat cells that has to be released into the bloodstream.

While there seem to be plenty of other steps that can help us lose body fat, but in the event we are unable to get our body fat out of the cells, on the whole there is not much other things can do when it comes to fat loss.

So, basically the process of Lipolysis implies that the fatty acids that are stored in fat cells are broken down in order to get released in the bloodstream, which will eventually get burned at some other place within our body (most likely the liver or the skeletal muscle).

Now, let’s consider what goes on when you age. Commencing around your mid- to late thirties, perhaps in the 20s for some people, you begin to gain fat despite the fact that your eating habits and exercising haven’t changed.

This is because the balance between growth hormone and insulin has shifted.

Growth hormone has dropped while the levels of insulin, if anything, have remained the identical or maybe increased. Insulin is an important hormone needed for the metabolism of glucose.

Insulin also induces muscle mass growth but to a significantly lesser extent than GH. However with less hgh around, insulin is free to change each and every calorie you do not right away expend into fat for later use. Insulin and growth hormone tend to be our friends; it is the balance between them that is the problem.

By simply bringing growth hormone back to youthful ranges, not beyond, which may have unwanted effects, we are able to restore the balance between GH and insulin so they really both come together as discussed in the feast-fast cycle above.

This way, when GH and insulin are equally in the bloodstream together, they assist to stimulate protein synthesis and muscle mass growth.

Simultaneously the greater levels of GH work to block insulin’s fat cell function effect. And throughout the postabsorptive phase when insulin vanishes from your bloodstream, hgh can burn away fat without interference.

High Intensity Interval Training (hiit training) as an Effective HGH Releaser

If you want to get all those important growth hormone surges and want them at the highest peak, you have to to go for the burn. (It’s the bursts of GH that will get the hormonal signals to all the cells of our body.)

In one analysis, the high-level athletes acquire much greater growth hormone peaks in comparison with their measurements before they began running, however there had been little enhancement in GH release of moderate level athletes.

Along with all the related benefits, such as enhanced body composition as well as well-being. Both groups of intensive exercisers appreciably enhanced their lean body mass as the outcome of one year of exercising.

Running at high intensity, observed by the researchers, also forces up the level of beta endorphin in the blood, the “runner’s high,” that has already been proven to stimulate GH release.

This kind of stamina training, altered to match the particular person, may also increase growth hormone levels in both overweight individuals as well as the older people.



Gaining unfair advantage with hgh

While raising the exercising package may possibly raise the growth hormone levels, stepping up growth hormones in people who are lacking it, raises their capacity to do exercise without escalating their effort!

Surprisingly, throughout the period of optimum exercise, there was simply no difference between the GH-treated group and the controls in terms of effort, such as the highest beating or resting heart rate, or in the subjective experience of exercise.

Evidently, the raise in growth hormone levels, together with the improvements in body composition, lifted them right onto a greater level of strength and overall performance.

The capability to do more work devoid of more effort possesses great importance in daily life.

Human growth hormone enhancement in people who are hgh deficient boosts oxygen uptake as well as exercise potential.

All these enhancements in pulmonary parameters may be due to the boost in respiratory muscle strength and partially to the modifications in muscle volume per se witnessed during hgh replacement therapy.

Yet another benefit of growth hormone, is that it guards the body from cortisol, the stress hormone, which is released during exercising. “Cortisol, is actually the enemy we all struggle each day with its catabolic impact of shredding down our bodies.

When you exercise intensely and take growth hormone, you get much less catabolic effect from cortisol. You develop stamina and muscle faster, execute less harm to your own tissue, as well as restore faster.

However many healthcare professional-users of growth hormone and also GH stimulators realize that the blend of exercise and hormone replacement is driving their middle-aged physiques to Huge heights.

Stressful endurance running may be required to revive those youthful GH pulses as well as to activate the IGF-1, that has many essential benefits.

Strenuous exercising produces lactic acid, which in turn benefits the heart, and also eliminates toxic metals which accumulate within our bodies. The lactate limit is the the moment when you experience muscle exhaustion as well as strain.

If you are running at the lactate limit, you will certainly be taken to the level of professional runners.


Treadmill High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In the book, “It’s Better to Believe” written by Kenneth Cooper, the author listed the goals for the elite runners or walkers, for the people under forty-nine as eleven minutes and thirty seconds per mile; for ages fifty to fifty-nine, the goal is very same; for the people above sixty, it is thirteen minutes per mile; and for those over seventy, it is fifteen minutes per mile.

Since lactate limit needs to be personalized, any person thinking about running or race-walking at this limit must work with a doctor or a physician or a personal trainer.


The biochemical connection between brain and body is termed as the neuroendocrine system.

Running or race walking or aerobic exercise actually activates the Neuroendocrine system , liberating the brain chemicals which work upon the body’s cells as well as tissues.

Current research clearly shows that the release of beta endorphin (the so-called runner’s high) as well as the catecholamines, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and also epinephrine, have proven to be related to the level of exercise and the lactate levels.

Each and every of these brain chemicals stimulate growth hormones release.

However the exercise has to be of really high intensity, because exercising at 60 percent of V02 max (maximum oxygen uptake) have no effect on endorphin ranges, while boosting it to seventy to eighty percent of V02 max substantially elevate the distributing ranges of endorphin.

In other words, rigorous workout is equivalent to taking an effective growth hormone releaser!

A Sweet Tooth Prematurely Ages You

Medical research has me overwhelmed over the fact that sugar is addictive, and the more you eat of it, the faster you prematurely age. That also includes not just an effect from white sugar, but from the high fructose corn syrup found in most carbonated beverages and processed foods.

Want some evidence? Think about these studies:

– The journal Clinical Dermatology reported in July 2010 that sugar ages skin by the simple act of cross-linking the skin’s collagen fibers, making them incapable of easy repair.

– When lab animals were fed sugar-sweetened beverages, according to a May 2008 report in the journal Bone, severe effects on bone mass and strength were measured.

– In the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences a 2007 study found that premature aging occurred in skin cells called keratinocytes when they were exposed over three days to sugar treatments of glucose.

– Consumption of fructose severely affected a range of factors involved in the aging process among lab animals exposed to it over the course of a year in this 1998 study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Your Food Choices Can Determine Skin Wrinkling

Look at this extra evidence for the good anti-aging and bad faster-aging food groupings. On the subject of skin wrinkling, a February 2001 study published in the American College of Nutrition found a direct connection to the quality of the nutrients that you absorb.

Groups of people living in Greece, Australia, and Sweden had their skin condition and nutrient intakes assessed by a team of researchers.

Here is what they found: Less skin damage and wrinkling occurred with age for persons who had a higher consumption of vegetables, olive oil, fish, and legumes.

Those who ate more butter, margarine, milk, and sugar products exhibited much more skin wrinkling and damage, which would be to say, they looked much older than their healthy-eating counterparts.



What Consumers Don’t Know

There are certain things that food companies consider in their tasting panels, including focus groups and other areas of feedback.

Most of the consumers do not actually know what exactly they are eating. We often hear consumers saying that they keep trying avoiding certain fat ingredients in their food, but when a blind test is conducted, it has been noted that they prefer eating food that consists of more fat.

They are not able to estimate the required amount of salt and sugar in a particular product and are also not able to even understand when a particular beverage has completely satisfied their thirst. We can only say that the food industry has really done a marvelous job in creating confusions in the minds of consumers.

At times there can be a high quantity of salt, sugar and fat in our food which are often masked with other flavors that it becomes impossible for us to realize that these kind of ingredients are being put in the food.

It has been found out that there are certain kinds of breads which have plenty of sugar, such as the sweetness found in a McDonald’s hamburger bun which has got the rating of about 7 to 8 points out of a total of 15 points.

Tomato ketchup has got points of about 8 to 9 only for sweetness while other sauce which are found in a Pizza Hut pizza fetches about 10 to 12 point range.

Another revelation is Crackers.

Most of the consumers know that crackers are salty but never go to find out the amount of sugar and fat that are contained in it.

Then we have the greatest popularity of ranch dressing. The main primary ingredients are buttermilk and mayonnaise and the content of fat might be predictable but we are not able to predict the content of sweetness in it.

Depending on different brands, the ranch dressing can have a sweetness level that ranges anywhere from 7.5 and 10. The developers of food products seem to perfectly agree exploiting such lack in consumer awareness.

In case any food includes more of sugar as compared to all the other ingredients included in it, Federal Regulations have strictly warned that sugar has to be listed as the first ingredient on its label.

But in case a food consists of various other types of sweeteners then, they can be separately listed thereby pushing each ingredient farther below the list.

Tips to beat sugar

Pay attention to what happens between the first, second, and third bites. The pleasure per-bite ratio typically drops off. SLOW DOWN Before you taste your food, take a moment to really experience how it looks and smells.

CHOOSE WELL If you feel neutral about a certain food, skip it and save the calories for something healthy you really enjoy.

Try an all natural sweetener like Splenda Essentials (comes with Vitamin B) and Xylitol which does not have the same damaging effects of sugar.


Try nuts. Sugar caravers are more likely to enjoy nuts. In a test of nine kinds of nuts, researchers found that walnuts had the highest levels of polyphenols, potent antioxidants reputed to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

TRY IT! For a flavorful snack, toss walnuts with honey, cinnamon, and salt, and toast them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

Research has shown that Diets that are high in sugar can increase free radicals and oxidative stress, which eventually lead to aging. One way to beat the oxidative stress that has already been caused by sugar is to take antioxidant supplements and go for organic super foods.

You can’t turn back time, but you can take steps to resist the aging processes that impact vitality. Antioxidants and multi-vitamins will help you get started and will help in reversing the oxidative damage caused by sugar.

Without you knowing it, your body may silently undergo 4 aging processes: oxidative stress; metabolic inflammation; cellular energy loss and excess toxins. While excess sugar can directly impact the first two, there might be indirect ways as to how it affects the latter two.

So, taking an antioxidant or comprehensive multivitamin that addresses these problems with potent anti-aging nutrients is highly recommended.

These products support cellular energy like CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid; healthy inflammation with resveratrol and organic foods like turmeric; while delivering high potencies of vitamins and minerals, along with cutting-edge antioxidants.

They would also support your body’s energy, heart and brain functions, sugar balance and immune system, thereby going a long way to help you beat sugar addiction. You can read more about that here.

So go ahead: Resist aging and live life with vitality.

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Growth Hormone Heals !

Can you take a look back to your childhood days and recollect how you could immediately recover from wounds and bruises.

When you were a child, your cells automatically regenerate and tend to repair faster; your broken bones can be easily knit. That is the specialty of a tender young age; the same can now be enjoyed even for a person who is 50 years old and above.

The Growth Hormone (GH) will not actually help restore and repair an 8 year old child, but it can greatly help and improve cell regeneration methods & speed up the healing process of an elderly person, ultimately providing them with a great feel of being young and well.

Healing Powers of Growth Hormone (GH)

The best advantage of Growth Hormone (GH) therapy is its healing power. According to a study conducted by a physician who was 63 years of age and thought of undergoing GH after he fell from his bike fracturing his elbow. Within a matter of just 6 weeks, the physician was back to not only being normal but was also steadily taking push ups. Orthopedic doctors and surgeons were pretty much amazed that his fracture was healed this fast as patients of his age usually takes about 5 months to be completely healed from fractures. With this success, he went on to become the advocate for GH and he also applied to the FDA to conduct all possible studies on HGH in the elderly population within his community after the success he achieved in his treatment.

The very healing ability of growth hormone is absolutely remarkable. Actually, it’s been commonly used amongst sufferers with accidental injuries, and also to individuals who are greatly burned or perhaps dealing with surgery. Growth hormone encourages the development of collagen, enhances the tensile strength of the wounds, and even makes the wounds shut quicker.

A particular research onto rats presented results which state growth hormone treatments may cure cuts sooner, beef up the bones shortly after bone fracture, and help out undo weakness and muscle atrophy immediately after surgery.

Another research established that growth hormone may help promote protein synthesis, that is required to cure the entire body and enhance the blood circulation in burned patients and one more study established that growth hormone injections could help enhance the positive nitrogen balance required for the development of a brand new tissue.

There are many facts pointing on the amazing therapeutic capabilities of HGH. On the other hand, this still is subjected to intense research. Even though the healing abilities of growth hormone amongst individuals who are suffering from fracture, injury, or burn are actually designated, the most beneficial dosage amounts and the time period that it’s to be utilized are yet being figured out.

Growth hormone might particularly be the amazing pill that the human race is looking forward to. It’s not only an efficient weight-loss treatment. It’ll likewise make the body function the way it would when you were young.

Effects of hgh on energy, sleep and stress


The most important benefit from hgh treatment that people experience is a boost in their energy that too within just a few days period.

For many, this can be treated as a complete wake up call. This effect benefits those patients who have got low energy levels and who often get tired very fast.

Dr. Bengtsson, while working with Growth Hormone Deficiency patients found out that the most common complaint of patients was fatigue or tiredness.

Fatigue or Tiredness often reduces an individual working capacity which can affect their professional career and even hinders their other leisure activities.

Researchers at the famous St. Thomas Hospital located in London have found out that Growth Hormone injections or supplements often provide a thoughtful effect and helps in increasing the energy levels of a person and they automatically have a feeling of well being.

Apart from the antidepressant (mainly used for treatment of depression) action, Growth Hormone treatment has an immediate effect on a person’s body water.

The dehydration levels that are linked with lower levels of Growth Hormones do not only make people feel dull or sluggish but also completely dries the body skin.

The situation is similar to plenty of water to a dangling plant and by providing Growth Hormone injections or supplements completely rehydrates a patient’s body tissue & benefits the patient.

Secondly, Growth Hormone also increases the energy levels & vitality of patients since the hormones speed the cellular metabolism, which pushes all working cells in high gear which is required for the youthful body of a person.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) brings about an anabolic effect on body tissues which also include internal organs and muscle tissues.

HGH experts claim that this will be able to considerably enhance the flexibility, strength, tissue resilience and endurance in healthy human beings.

HGH can be regarded as a very important tool for anti aging mainly due to the fact that it has the ability to regenerate and repair tissue and degrading of body tissues( the wear and tear) is perhaps one of the strongest marker of aging.

Research conducted on using of the HGH in mostly elderly person has suggested that those groups who have been taking HGH supplements showed a stoppage in bone density loss due to their growing age and also it has been found out that the muscle mass was significantly increased.

Some of the other additional advantages from HGH include increased endurance, level of energy and sexual performance.

For almost about 40 years, Human Growth Hormones has been used for enhancing the athletic performances in many sports persons.

Many physicians who have been themselves using the growth hormones during their practices have found out that GH is greatly beneficial in managing chronic fatigue syndrome.

In one of the cases, where a patient was being treated by Dr. Ullis, it was found out that the particular patient was suffering from Epstein-Barr Virus that too in high levels and this comes along with the syndrome and the poor functioning of the thymus gland.

When treated with hgh, he witnessed extraordinary improvement in his energy levels and was able to do weight lifting and also other types of weight training exercises.


It is when we’re fast asleep that the growth hormone release is triggered most effectively. The pattern of hgh release rises and falls following the stages of sleep.

If we deprive ourselves of sound sleep we release lesser growth hormone, which often can give an explanation of the dismal feeling after only one sleepless night spent.

Adults with severe growth hormone deficiency have irregular sleep patterns. They usually take more time for sleeping but the “slow wave” and “REM sleep” are less dominant in their sleeping pattern.

Giving growth hormone injections or natural releasers to these adult patients with pituitary deficiency reestablishes normal sleep.

With aging, there is a comparable disruption in sleep patterns.

With growth hormone replacement, many of us will see improvement in our sleep enhancing the sense of being well rested and well being.

Enhancing your energy and the quality of sleep via HGH supplements. Read “A comprehensive guide on Raising hgh levels naturally“. Many of the supplements I talk about in that post help in boosting metabolism and sound sleep.

Benefits of a Diet Rich in Fish Oil

Some of the longest-living people on the planet would be the Japanese who take in plenty of their daily calories as fish (almost 7 percent).

By means of comparison, People in America consume less than 1 percent of their calories as oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in cold water oceans.

Fish like salmon and mackerel are already associated with a lots of potential health gains, such as better heart health, sharper mental function, enhanced power to fight off sickness, and less frequent cancer.


An elevated ingestion of the main oils in fish is definitely connected with a lower risk of heart attacks, sudden death, and Alzheimer’s disease, which, amongst other things, is associated with omega-3 fatty acid deficiencies in the brain.

Why is eating fish healthy?

The reason why fish is considered to be a very good and a very healthy meal for all human beings is because of the fact that our body requires Omega-3 fatty acids which cannot be produced by our body automatically.

The Omega-3 fatty acids are best found in fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are also termed as ‘good’ fats and therefore it is very important that you make the fish an important part of your daily diet.

Apart from Omega-3 fatty acids, fish is also considered to be very high in proteins and is a low fat food which provides plenty of health benefits to humans. White fleshed fish comparatively has a lower content of fat in it as compared to any other type of animal proteins.

Oily fish contain good amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids also known as ‘good’ fats. As our systems are unable to create these acids on its own, fish plays a very crucial role and has to be included in our diet.

Also, almost all the fish are very low in the so called ‘bad’ fats, which are usually found in red meat and which are known as Omega-6 fatty acids.

Omega-3s that are found in fish (DHA and EPA) seem to offer some greatly remarkable health benefits. Fish manages to gain entry to the list of fat burning foods.

Fish that contain plenty of omega-3s, have lower amounts of environmental toxins and are also eco-friendly are these:

wild salmon from Alaska (fresh, frozen and canned),
Arctic char,
Atlantic mackerel,
farmed oysters
farmed rainbow trout and
albacore tuna from the U.S. and Canada.

Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids are found in abundance in most of the vegetable oils available in the supermarkets today. Oils such as sunflower, corn and safflower are rich in the above mentioned fatty acids.

During the prehistoric days, consuming patterns of Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids were adequate, but today an average American consumes just about lesser quantities of the healthy fatty acids omega-3 and more of Omega-6s in almost a ratio of 1:10.

Reduced intake of Omega-3 fatty acid and the extensive use of the vegetable oils that are rich in Omega-6 fatty acids have caused this.

Considering the style that our body processes both these fatty acids, it is very unhealthy to consume them in amounts we are taking them today.

In order to improve our health, it is important that we consider lowering our intake of Omega-6 fatty acids and increasing the quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids or just simply increase the quantity of the latter.

In case you are unable to eat or tolerate fish, then you can opt to take Omega-3 fatty acid supplements or you can also consider taking fish oil which contains about 1.8 grams of these healthy and good fats.

You can also consider toxin free fish- Vital Choice Salmon. Here are some more tips regarding eating toxin free fish.

Benefits of hgh on body’s immune system


Scientists often had a doubt whether GH plays any role in the shrinking process or involution of the thymus gland. This gland which is situated behind on the top of the breastbone is considered as one of the prime organ of a human body’s immune system. For unknown reasons, it has been found out that the thymus gland begins to shrink at a young age of about 12 years.

By age 40, it becomes shriveled shadow and by the time a person reaches 60 years of age, the gland is almost invisible and is difficult to be even found behind on the top of the breastbone.

The thymus gland is important for the development of the T-cell lymphocytes. T-Cell lymphocytes are the main soldiers that fight against all odds of diseases.

It is these T-Cell lymphocytes which actually fight against the deadly AIDS virus and when they fail to function, AIDS captures the whole body of a person and eventually kills him.

When the thymus gland begins to shrink with age, many other diseases which occur due to aging process such as cancer, autoimmune & other infectious diseases takes effect and begin to build up in a human body.

Simultaneously, there occur declines in the T-cells along with the immune factors like Interleukin 2. In short, aging can be considered as a slow form of the deadly disease AIDS.

According to Dr. Kelley, ‘The Thymus gland is considered as the key biomarkers for aging’.

He is surprised with the fact that by the time a human being attains puberty with growth hormone at its highest, the thymus gland begins to shrink.

This is actually the time when humans burst with activity and their body bones begin to grow and shoot up. As a person grows in age, their thymus gland begins to become smaller & the growth hormone goes down. Is there any connection between the two? He kept wondering.

To try out this research, he tested it by injecting GH3 cells in old rats whose thymus glands had nearly disappeared. These cells are grown inside a laboratory which secrete high quantity of Growth Hormone (GH).

To his surprise, his experiment was successful. The Thymus gland began to grow back in old rats and was as big and strong as that which was found in younger rats.

Hgh and Chemotaxis

Chemotaxis provides a greater immune response which gets triggered by encroachment of different infecting agents.

Chemotaxis is a type of signal which calls for high amount of immune cells mostly to the site where you find all the bacteria and viruses.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has proved to increase the body’s chemotactic response. It drives more macrophages to the infected site which will engulf and kill all the infecting agents.


Recently scientists have found that growth hormone is made not only by the pituitary gland but by the lymphocyte cells of the immune system.

There are receptors in both the immune system and the neuroendocrine system for all the important players in the action of growth hormone, that is, growth hormone itself, growth hormone-releasing hormone, somatostatin, and IGF-1.

While the details of how growth hormone from the brain and that produced in the immune system affect each other have yet to be worked out, the important and fascinating thing is that growth hormone serves as a connecting link between the mind and the body.

If, indeed, the brain and the immune system talk to each other through the medium of growth hormone, it could explain how the stimulation of GH could have such a therapeutic effect on the mind, the emotions, and the resistance against disease.


Increased immunity not only means less disease but a longer, healthier life span. In fact, many gerontologists believe that the immune system is the key to longevity.

Scientists have shown a one-third extension of average life span in older mice treated with growth hormone and agree that growth hormone may rejuvenate the immune system and not just by bringing back cells that have disappeared with age.

Since the receptors for Growth Hormone (GH) are located at human lymphocytes, and the potential of hgh to be able to influence and adjust the immune reactions in animals, both demonstrate a link between Growth Hormone and the immune functions in man.

Hgh has a comprehensive effect on immune system

When a person attains puberty age, their thymus gland performs at the highest level. Later as the years pass by, the same thymus gland starts shrinking.

By the time a person reaches the age of 40 years, this gland is barely visible and detectable. And by the time they reach 60 years of age, it is almost difficult to find out the thymus gland.

HGH therapy truly helps in regrowing and redeveloping diminishing and shrinking organs and also the thymus gland. Hgh improves the immune activities including –

– The production of new antibodies.
– Greater processes for fighting cancer cells.
– Increase in the production of immune factors and T-cells.
– Greater activity levels and amounts of disease combating white blood cells.
– Activating cells that battle bacteria.
– Increase in the manufacturing of Red Blood Cells.

Switching On Cell Regeneration with HGH

The latest evidence that is meant to explain the biology for aging signifies that there is a clock or a counter in the cell of each and every human being’s body.

This clock or counter is controlled by a small DNA piece called a telomere, which is located at the end of every chromosome in the cell nucleus.

Each and every time the cell divides, telomere tends to become smaller and shorter until the cell reaches a stage where it is not able to divide and eventually dies.

Now with another latest invention, researchers have found out an enzyme known as telomerase can actually turn the counter on or off.

This particular enzyme has got the power to extend the lives of body cells & keep it dividing.

But it is found that in most cases of the cells in a human body, telomerase enzyme is often switched off and therefore the cells remain mortal & eventually die.

But in some other areas in the body such as the Hemopoietic cells, telomerase enzymes are switched on and hence the progenitors of the blood cells remain immortal.

But, the bad news is that cancer cells remain immortal. If we go by the telomere theory, it has been proved that cancererous cells do not age mainly due to the fact that it produces telomerase continuously thereby keeping it healthy, alive, youthful & continuously dividing.

Studies and research are being conducted to develop a type of treatment which will completely block telomerase enzymes in cancer cells & prevent them from dividing while at the same time lengthen telomere enzymes in aging cells of a human body thereby keeping their skin youthful & immortal.

 The Aging Cell

There are many other faces of the aging cell. For one, there is where proteins are gummed up in a process known as cross-linking.

During this process, sugar molecules become attached to proteins and DNA resulting to a condition known as accumulated glycosolation end products or AGE. This can cause cataract in the eyes, clog in the blood vessels, and jam in the filter o the kidneys.

There are also free radicals at work. The free radicals that are generated by the breakdown of oxygen in the body damage the cells. The DNA in this case becomes torn apart that no rate of repair can actually keep up with the rate of damage.

The Disease: Aging; The Cure: HGH

Aging has previously been looked at as a natural course of life. Recent studies suggest, however, that aging is more like a disease. That is probably one of the reasons one aging person is different from another. They may have different manifestations of age, depending on their varied lifestyle.

Looking at aging in this sense allows researchers to develop theories regarding medical intervention. Indeed, this provides some helpful light as to how people can live in ageless beauty and youthful vibrancy throughout their lifespan.

Growth hormone may actually stop aging on the most fundamental level of the body’s organization – the cell, according to Grace Wong, Ph.D., a scientist in the department of molecular oncology at Genentech, the original makers of recombinant growth hormone.

As per Dr. Wong, aging occurs because of the breaking down of proteins inside the cell and also from the RNA and DNA and which function by providing the blueprint that is required for the production of proteins.

Hair, muscle, skin and bones are all being made with the help of proteins. These proteins tend to deteriorate along with the things that are made from them. The hair falls off, the skin begins to wrinkle, muscles begin to shrink and the bones begin to lose there density.

When it comes to the brain, the situation is worse mainly due to the fact that the main brain cells known as the neurons will not be able to regenerate. Due to this, a human being’s mental power begins to decline when they reach their middle age.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, can tackle these oxygen free-radicals and render the proteases  inactive.

But growth hormone can act directly on the proteases and it works by stimulating a cellular defense force known as protease inhibitors.

This means that even though oxygen free-radicals are still present in the cell, the protease inhibitors prevent them from doing their damaging function. Talk about bulletproofing cells from the process of aging!

Protease inhibitors, such as ritonavir and saquinavir, are now being used in the treatment of AIDS, and preliminary reports indicate that they bring the virus down to virtually undetectable levels in affected people.

In laboratory experiments, growth hormone was able to protect animals against the free-radical-killing influences of radiation and hyperoxia. In one experiment, the animals were given a mixture of 98 percent oxygen, which could have been quite damaging and toxic but hgh saved them.

Dr. Wong believes that the decline in growth hormone with age may be a major factor in the loss of proteins that occurs in later life.

“As you age,” she says, “you are releasing less growth hormone, your immune response is decreasing, and at the same time the amount of oxygen free radicals are increasing.”

Without growth hormone in the cell to produce a bulletproofing effect by inducing protease inhibitors, the proteases activated by the oxygen free-radicals can destroy the cell’s proteins without any blockage.

Benefits of hgh on skin aging

For most of us the onset of 30s seems to indicate the start of aging. In fact, most people over 30 begin noticing the first fine lines showing up in the folds between nose and mouth.

Why skin ages? Evidently this may seem like an uncomplicated question, fact is skin aging is definitely very complex. It consists of a lot of separate but related systems that go on throughout life.

With age, skin becomes slimmer and seems to lose some of its “holding up” components, like collagen and some small blood vessels, while fat tissue redistributes itself. Collagen and elastin (the proteins that make skin firm and flexible) get a bit lagging and weaker.

When our skin begins to age, the dermis begins to lose around 20% of the volume and even the epidermis begins to grow thinner.

The fat tissues situated in the subcutaneous layer slowly beings to re-distributed, for example, the fat that actually used to grow around the neck, face and the like ultimately collects around the torso.

In the meantime, sweat and oil glands begin to get a little bit inactive and produces less perspiration and sebum. Some follicles of hair tend to surrender early, which leaves with very less hair.

Some of the blood vessels functioning also slows down and hence the circulation might not quite work as effortlessly and successfully as it was earlier, thereby reducing the supply of blood that provides nourishment to the skin.

When all these developments are put together, it will make the skin more wrinkled and dry.

They will also begin to affect and practically slow down the healing attributes of skin (have you ever noticed how fast the children’s skin recovers when they are affected by cuts or bruises?).

These developments can be avoided. There is built in aging known as intrinsic aging and then there is another type of aging which we create among ourselves known as extrinsic aging.

It all depends upon how you plan to live, your dietary habits and lifestyle, which will largely determine the fate of your skin, the most substantial factor in extrinsic aging and the magnitude of exposure which your skin receives to sunlight.

Skin aging mechanism

If you look at the way how tectonic plates (massive slabs of irregularly shaped solid rock) lead to a huge hole in the earth, similarly shifting proteins which are under the surface of the skin leads to skin aging.

Human skin comprises of several layers. Most of the damage is caused on the center of the dermal area where the Elastin proteins & Collagen proteins exist. Both Elastin & Collagen proteins are very important for the vital function of human skin.

Elastin proteins provide our skin with flexibility that allows us to stretch & bend and even return to its actual position and works similar to a rubber band.

Collagen proteins on the other hand provide our skin with strength. It also connects organs and our cells. Without Collagen proteins, even if we try to stand up, we will automatically collapse because of the lack of adjustability.

The skin would naturally deteriorate without the functions and properties of the above mentioned 2 proteins.

Not only will it cause skin aging, but also it would cause wrinkles, blemishes, skin sags, spot lines etc. Also remember, the main cause for a human aging is the Sun or to be more specific the UV rays that are released by the sun.

During the time when your belly is gathering fat, the fat on your face loses its charm because of the UV rays. The face will look like that of a Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome patient.

It means that these people look like as though they are in their 50’s or 60’s having saggy faces mainly because they loose the fatty tissues from their faces by 1 or 2 percent every year.

They loose the entire fat cushion lying under the skin and also the body water. The facial skin begins to thin, sag and droop completely removing the glow of the face including subcutaneous fat loss. Decrease in the water turn the young faces to prunes which are all associated with the aging process.

At birth, we naturally have high levels of the proteins elastin and collagen which are then repeatedly produced by our tissue functions. Having said that, over the years and as we age, the tissues lose their effectiveness to regenerate these proteins thus the amounts of collagen and elastin we have in our body fall down substantially.

Besides our diet go a long way to control skin aging. Generally, People in America get 40 percent of calories from saturated fat (this includes fat that comes from animal sources, dairy products, even certain plants).

This high-fat diet continues to be associated with many health conditions, such as atherosclerosis (clogged blood vessels) and heart disease.

If not dealt with, heart disease and atherosclerosis hinder healthy circulation and lower the flow of blood to the skin. Eventually, reduced blood flow brings about fragile skin, sores, slower wound healing, and unhealthy color.

Check If your diet does not contain much of fruit and vegetables. I recommend to make a serious effort to add them to your diet.

I believe, no dietary supplement is as excellent as the natural whole food product. Consider organic foods, fruits and vegetables.

There is one problem, most people can’t manage to have a well balanced diet for some reason or the other. Enter the vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamin A (retinol), B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C and Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) are particularly important.

All vitamins and minerals are vital to healthy life, and, subsequently, to beautiful skin. Each has a role to play, even the ingredients of which you need only very small amounts, such as iron and zinc.


Those who undergo HGH therapy start to look noticeably younger typically within a few weeks of treatment. Crow’s-feet vanish.

Not only do the fine lines go away and deeper wrinkles diminish, but the facial skin really undergoes an alteration in contour just as the body composition changes.

We have talked about fat burning mechanism of hgh. Excess fat diminishes and the muscle mass increase, so that puffs of fat (causing puffy eyes) under the eyes disappear, while the facial muscles that lift and strengthen the skin turn out to be more robust.

And it boosts the synthesis of new proteins, and helps to recover the underlying matrix.

John Cantwell, M.D., of San Jose, California incorporated HGH in the treatment of two fifty-year-old men who were previously on hormone replacement therapies.

After only 90 days, the men had much less wrinkles, and their skin texture, flexibility and firmness was much increased.


Hgh therapy is like undergoing a face-lift without going under the knife. Since one of its main benefits is stimulation of protein functionality, growth hormone and its co-factor, IGF-1, trigger the creation of skin proteins like elastin and collagen.

Research has proven that it increased the strength and collagen content of the skin. Collagen and elastin are the cornerstone of the epidermis. The turgor, or bounciness, that is a sign of young skin also come back.

So, effectively growth hormone boosts the collagen synthesis and improves the muscle mass under the wrinkles. You are genuinely carrying out medical cosmetic plastic surgery.

There is another way hgh can help in making your skin younger. We have talked about the benefits of hgh in relation to exercise and how the hgh-exercise-hgh creates an upward spiral.

What is more important that regular exercise not only benefits by boosting your metabolism and will keep your blood moving healthfully to your skin (and everywhere else, for that matter).

Routine workouts can also help deal with the changes that occur with age. Between ages 30 and 65, muscle tissue decreases by typically 10 to 12 percent. This dissipates the muscle tissue that assists to anchor and support skin.

Your lifestyle also goes a long way in deciding the fate of your skin. Besides, how you treat your skin has a lot to do with how well it ages.

Good nourishment has amazing benefits on your skin , both directly and indirectly. A low-fat diet generally seems to lower your risk of certain skin cancers and premalignant skin lesions.