Plan your retirement, Ask : Am I healthy?

Am I healthy?

A healthy body is an essential component of quality of life in your retirement years. Even very old people may lead energetic, active, involved and effective lives if they’re realistically healthy and balanced. If you’re in illness or have a impairment, you’ll be restricted in what you can use with your spare time.

In planning your retirement, think about how emotionally active your thoughts will be. Do you see one self playing golf, playing tennis, strolling, walking or swimming? What about having fun with your grand kids or traveling? You have to be in good condition for these activities.

Before you decide to retire, have a good review of your health. Are you in shape now, or are you looking to take steps to enhance your wellbeing so that you can take pleasure in an energetic retirement? If you haven’t seen a doctor in a while, schedule a checkup.

If you have issues about your well being or have a chronic medical problem such as a heart problem or diabetes, speak to your doctor about steps you can take now to make sure optimal fitness as you get older. For instance, if you’re obese, speak to your doctor about a sensible plan for losing weight.

Putting together a practice of normal physical exercise now not only will help keep you in shape to enable you to enjoy a number of actions later but is a very good way to alleviate the stress of the transition to retirement. It also provides you with something to do on a regular basis and can serve as a base from which to investigate new sports or hobbies.

Healthy Weight and Aging

There have been a constant clamor for knowing what’s the right body weight for every single individual. It is not all about looking sexy and slim and fit but more about a longer life span, a healthier you.

There was news that America has become the most obesity laden nation in the twentieth century. Then again, the average life span for Americans have increased and not lessened a bit. If we use this as an indication, too much body weight has nothing to do with health. Or has it?

Well, weight loss has its own pros and cons. It can be good but it can also be bad as well. Weight loss is good when what you are trimming down is body fat. It becomes bad, meanwhile, when you are losing muscle mass rather than fat.

Sarcopenia, or muscle wasting in layman’s term, can be a trigger for making you feel older than your real age. It can ably lessen your quality of life.

The Good and the Bad About your Weight

We all know that excessive weight gain can lead to life-threatening health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart ailments. But did you know that being slightly overweight as you age could improve your quality of life? It could have a say on how long and how well you live.

This should not be an excuse for anyone to lazy around and eat as much as they want and can. We are only saying that you should not feel completely terrible about body weight because it has significant functions to keep us feeling good.

Body fat is a strongly active metabolic tissue in the body, producing a diverse range of hormones, such as leptin, adiponectin, and cytokines.

Excessive weight is often associated with the onset of type 2 diabetes but making a minor weight loss – about five to seven percent of your total weight – can already make an improvement in your blood glucose levels and overall symptom control. There is no need really to lose much because doing so may only make your life go downhill. The risk in losing weight depends on what you are actually losing, as what has been mentioned earlier. Losing as much of your body fat is good but if you are losing muscle mass as well, you will feel and look terribly older than your actual age. Definitely, that is bad all around.

The Healthy Weight

So what tip of the scale should your weight fall? There is something called BMI or the Body Mass Index. This is an indication of an ideal weight for every individual. It is not only about the desirable weight. Most of us know that if you want a supermodel body, you must only be around 90 pounds. For some, however, they could be underweight with only that.

Your ideal weight depends upon the size of your skeleton and the amount of muscle you have. It also depends on your height.

Experts say that generally, it is healthy for people to gain weight as they age, but not too much weight. A gain of ten pounds per ten years or a pound each is year is healthy. That, however, would still depend on a lot of factors. For example, if you have been overweight for the longest time, gaining more is definitely bad for you. You should always start with an ideal weight and that should be confirmed via the BMI index.

Losing Weight? That’s Not It!

People who are overweight should not only strive to lose weight but have a healthier wellbeing as well. They say that losing weight when you are sixty and above can be hazardous to your health. That is a very good boost for you to start early in life and do it seriously.

You know, losing weight is only half the battle. You will still be continuously challenged to maintain in that weight by modifying your everyday diet and increasing your physical activity. Your goal is to lose as much abdominal fat as you can.

There is no particular diet advisable for losing weight. For as long as you eat fewer calories than your body actually require, you will definitely shed those extra baggage. But keep in mind that you need to lose only body fat and not your muscle mass. That is where exercise comes in.

Involving yourself in physical activities while you are into a strict diet is the key. Exercise might slow down your weight loss because you are gaining more muscle but this is for the better. After all, there have been reports of how dangerous extreme weight loss can be. Aside from making you more vulnerable to another bout with rapid weight gain, it is also a known trigger for aging fast because it causes for you to lose muscle and body water.

When you have decided to lose weight, you must remember to keep a technique in mind on how to maintain it. Maintaining your weight and avoiding to regain what you have lost is the bigger battle. Even successful dieters have been challenged by this glitch.

How can you keep the weight off? The key is a significant lifestyle change. It will not help if you will only absent yourself from doing what you have been doing when you were gaining those pounds. You need to completely give that life up and embrace a healthier lifestyle permanently.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the National Weight Control Registry. It has been keeping track of people who lost at least thirty pounds and maintained that loss for at least a year.

What have they found? That exercise is critical for maintaining your ideal weight, especially after weight loss. It is definitely important that you make healthy choices regarding food as well. But exercise is obviously the key in your battle against weight loss and regain.

Exercise and Losing Weight

Yes, weight loss and weight gain is all about the calories. But it is not merely about the calories you gain by eating but how those calories are used up by your body. This is where strength training comes in. When you are involved with an exercise routine, you are able to have enough muscle mass beneath the body fat, which burns the calories continuously so you are able to eat as much without gaining weight.

A high metabolism brought about by stronger muscles and bones can give you the lean body mass that is ideal for a healthier weight and a younger-looking you.

Don’t make the same mistake of starving yourself. Because that will not only make it impossible for you to manage your weight but also make you looking too old for your age. When you have to lose weight, don’t lose your muscle mass. Instead, gain more muscles in order to have high metabolism and a stronger self.

Few things you got to know about Drinking Water

How water helps in anti aging?

Water is considered to be one of our most important nutrition and one can survive without water only for a maximum period of 3 days. Water also plays an important role as it is included in each and every metabolic reaction of our body. In spite of the fact that water is very healthy for us, most of the times, we ignore drinking water.

Consider these facts regarding water –

  1. Water is amongst the important nutrients which are essential for existence of life .
  2. We are able to stay alive for weeks without food but just for several days without water.
  3. Two-thirds of your entire body as well as 85 % of your brain is water.
  4. Water is necessary for almost every internal body processes, which includes food digestion, absorption, circulation, as well as excretion.
  5. Blood and lymph are mainly constituted of Water.
  6. Water maintains the normal body temperature .
  7. Water acts as a lubricant for joints and organs.
  8. Water provides skin the necessary moisture..
  9. Water maintains muscle strong.
  10. Dehydration, particularly in high temperature and also at the time of exercising, cause loss of electrolytes, which includes potassium and sodium, and could possibly be life-threatening when it comes to advanced stages.
  11. Our body requires about two quarts of water a day, or perhaps about 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. To replenish the water loss during exercising, it’s important to drink water after the exercise.
  12. If you drink a glass of water before having the meal it will reduce your appetite.
  13. Drinking steam-distilled water, helps in absorbing and removing toxins from your body.

How much water do we need per day?

We lose water through sweating sometimes noted and other times without even thinking about it – exhaling, urinating as well as during bowel movements daily. For our body to function properly, we need to replenish this water by taking in beverages as well as foods which contains high water content.

We must realize that when our body is properly hydrated, our blood vessels and our heart will only function much better. Apart from that, lots of other changes can be experienced within ourselves such as – we begin to think better, we all will live for longer period, we get strong and our endurance also is better, we feel healthier, we feel much better etc.

A stronger cardiovascular system and healthy blood circulation ensures that you live a long healthy life.

Sufficient hydration also has other added benefits which help us eat less and thereby giving a feeling of satisfaction which is the most important ingredient for maintaining and achieving a healthy and lean body. Eating less is important for longevity as well.(link)

Here is one study regarding calorie restriction and longevity to ponder about. It was reported in the Science Journal (Edition of November, 2002), a research conducted regarding studies with fruit flies, that have many genes which are very much similar to mammals, has shown that enzymes (rpd3 histone deacetylase) were likely to be the key towards longevity and it also proved that when we begin reducing intake of calories drastically, it helps in extending our lifespan.

They were in fact planning to develop a drug that will mimic the effect without the need to consume lesser food. But, during this period, since most of the studies have proved that consuming low calorie food helps us in different other ways apart from providing longer lives such as fewer cancers, better muscle tone, better memory, delaying of gray hair, fewer heart problems etc. we might just begin counting our calorie intake because of the various benefits it provides along with controlling our weight.

So, effectively, drinking lots of water will help you eat less which in turn will help you love longer.

During one of the studies conducted by Michael Boschmannthe at Berlins Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center, he along with his fellow workers tracked the expenses of energy from seven women and seven men, all of whom were totally healthy and not overweight.

Each of them were given about 17 ounces of water for drinking during which period their metabolic rates (the rate at which the calories get burned) were increased by almost 30 percent.

So, drinking water also helps in having a healthy metabolism, thereby cutting down body fat and we all know weight loss is important for longevity and anti aging. Body fat is linked to decrease in growth hormone levels.

The increase in the metabolic rates began to take place within 10 minutes and it reached its maximum level after just about 30 to 40 minutes. This study also proved that an increase in the rate of metabolism also differed from both men and women.

In men, it was found out that the extra consumption of water in their bodies allowed their body burn extra fat, thereby increasing the level of metabolism while in women, the extra consumption of water increased their carbohydrate breakdown which also increased their metabolism rate.

Research proved that about 40% of the calorie burning increase occurred because of the body’s attempt to heat ingested water. Therefore, it was concluded after this research that the colder the water, the better it is for human beings.

So the question is, How much water do we need per day?

This can be quite a tough. For an average healthy adult, every day water consumption may vary widely. Most of the people drink water to satisfy their thirst, to provide perceived water requirements and “out of habit.” A minimum of three approaches calculate the overall water needs for a healthy, less active adults living in a temperate climate.

Replacement approach. The standard urine excretion for adults is normally 1.5 liters per day. We lose approximately a liter of water every day through respiration, sweating as well as bowel movements. Meals we take constitutes about 20 percent of our water intake, So, if we drink about 2 liters of water or any other drinks each day (a bit more than eight glasses), together with our regular diet, we can replenish the lost body fluid.

Dietary recommendations. As recommended by the institute of medicine, men consume about 3 liters of water or any other bevareges per day and women consume 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages per day.

Eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. A less scientific method to estimate the water intake is the “8 x 8 rule” – which states to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (about 1.9 liters). Water enthusiasts take this rule as “drink eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day,” as every fluid contributes to the daily total.



Some of the food which has High Water content

Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, authors of the best selling book named ‘Fit for Life’ emphasized that human beings who drink water on a daily basis, must also concentrate on eating foods that contains high water content in its natural state.

Our planet Earth requires 70% water for survival and therefore so it might be true that even our body requires equal amount of water for survival? That is the reason why we must opt for water content food to void the gap between what we take in and what we require when it comes to water.

Water based foods which consist of 70% water which we need to consume apart from drinking normal water are fruits and vegetables. The balance 30% must consist of whole grains, dairy products, legumes, meats etc.

In case you get to eat ‘live’ foods which contains lots of water content, it generally means that you are eating foods which meets almost all the specifications that is required by our body. All the required amount of vitamins, proteins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates that are required by a person can all be found in most of the vegetables and fruits.

When we eat water filled vegetables and fruits, it will automatically transport all the nutrients into the intestines of human body where it gets soaked up which in turn acts like a purifier and cleanser of our body and also helps in transporting all the toxic wastes from body cells.

Just drinking normal water will not help in the internal cleansing which your body craves to receive. Drinking only water does not provide the required amount of enzymes that vegetables and fruits contain. The vitamins and minerals found in the natural live foods get absorbed in a better way by our body than the supplements that are found in drug stores.

Water reduces free radicals

In spite of the free radicals which naturally occur in our body which are a byproduct of metabolism, our body will not be willing to take charge of the excess amount of free radicals which induces life shortening damages. The external source of free radicals which we have at times also includes what we prefer eating. A normal American diet consists of mostly processed, high fat, preserved, chemically treated and pesticide laden foods and is most likely lacking in antioxidant rich, free radical fighting vegetables and fruits.

When we consume more than 10% calories from fat, it will dramatically reduce our body’s load of free radical.

We must remember that the more amount of fat we ingest in our body, the more amount of free radicals our body prepares. That is exactly the reason why diseases such as cancer and heart attacks occur. Both these diseases are directly related to accruing free radical damages and are most commonly found in people who have the habit of consuming high fat diets.

What Water to drink?

Simultaneously, frequently drinking good water is very important. I am of the belief that the best water which we can drink without fear is the water which is being refined by reverse osmosis.

The next best drinking water apart from reverse osmosis is the spring water. Tap water which we receive at home is not at all good since it contains fluoride (though this is just not good) and chlorine which is put to kill the bacteria in the water, but at the same time these are harmful for human beings.

Distilled water is also not at all good as its energy has been changed. If ever you travel in Europe, you will find distilled water being labeled as ‘Not for consumption for humans’. Even mineral water which you buy in bottles from stores is not good for human health mainly because the minerals that are included are not actually meant for a human body.

Water that you receive and which comes from the top of the mountains is also not good since these waters lack the sufficient quantity of oxygen.

Many people can actually solve their anti aging problem and their health problems by only improving their consuming more quantity of good water.

So, now you know how water can benefit your anti aging efforts, go grab a glass of water!

Introduction to TheHghPlan


Using the nutritional information given here, you can put together your own diet that incorporates all seven elements of the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program. These are

1. Take GH-releasers.

2. Bulk up on protein.

3. Keep fats low.

4. Eat carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index.

5. Keep meals at least four hours apart.

6. Fast one day every two weeks (optional).

7. Do GH-releasing exercises.


The key to losing fat and gaining muscle is taking growth hormone releasers. By stimulating higher levels of endogenous growth hormone and IGF-1, you will prime your body to do naturally what it did when you were younger, burn the fat for energy and use the amino acids to build muscle.

Most people should take growth hormone releasers only before going to sleep. (You can also try supplements that combine most effective growth hormone releasers all into one product – like Genf20 Plus.)

This will do two things: give you the best sleep you’ve had in years and cause the biggest spurts of GH to occur in the first two hours of sleep when they do naturally. If you are exercising heavily, especially if you are doing heavy weight lifting, taking GH releasers an hour (for powders) to an hour and a half (for pills and tablets) before exercising will enhance your strength and performance levels.


Most of us grew up at a time when protein was the hero, lauded for its contribution to strong muscles, bone, teeth, and hair. Then it got slammed for the bad company it kept, especially saturated fats like red meat. More recently, some nutritionists have pointed out that high protein puts a burden on the digestive system and kidneys and have recommended even lower levels of 12 to 15 percent. Now we’re telling you to raise protein! What’s going on?

Okay here’s the skinny on protein. If you’re going to sit around and sedentate, stick to the protein levels of 15 to 20 percent or even lower. But if you take GH-releasers and exercise vigorously, your body’s requirements are going to change.

Brawn Food

Muscles don’t appear out of thin air. They are made from the amino acid that the body gets from breaking down protein. If not enough protein is supplied from the outside in the form of food or nutritional supplements, the body draws on its own tissue, in effect eating its own muscle. This is muscle-wasting.

When this occurs the body is in a state of negative nitrogen balance. That means it does not have enough nitrogen, which comes from the amino acids, for tissue-building. Some athletes use anabolic steroids to keep themselves in positive nitrogen balance, which means that they are retaining more nitrogen, and thus more protein building blocks for muscle growth. This is the anabolic state versus the catabolic state, in which more tissue is being broken down than built up.

But anabolic steroids are a dangerous and unnatural way to bulk up muscles. The right way to do this is by increasing the percentage of protein you eat in your diet and replacing your growth hormone levels with GH-releasers.

Effect of GH on Protein

Remember what growth hormone does to lean body mass??? It builds it up by increasing protein synthesis. And it puts this protein into the lean body mass, including muscles. Ordinarily your body likes to convert some of the calories in protein to sugar and then changes that sugar into fat, which it stores for future use. But growth hormone performs this alchemy trick where it uses the protein for muscle-building and mobilizes the stored fat so that it can be used as fuel. This means that you have to feed the protein-making machinery with more protein, so that you don’t get into negative nitrogen balance, where you are digesting your own muscles to get the needed protein.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

We can get some idea of the protein needed for a GH-enhancement diet from studies of elite athletes. According to a 1984 article by Peter Lemon and co-workers in Sports Medicine, “Athletes should consume 1.8 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day (or .8 to .9 grams per pound). This is approximately twice the recommended requirement for sedentary individuals.”

Other researchers suggest even higher percentages. A study of elite weight lifters in Rumania found that when they increased their dietary program to 1 to 2 grams per pound of body weight (225 percent to 438 percent of the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance), they increased their muscle mass about 5 percent and their strength performance by about 5 percent. Russian researchers who experimented with high-protein diets and vigorous weight rifting found that during periods of intensive training, the athletes required about 2.2 to 2.6 grams per kilogram of body weight, or about 1 to 1.2 grams per pound. Some athletes even went into negative nitrogen balance when they went below 2 grams per kilogram during intensive training.

We recommend that you get anywhere from .5 to 2 or even more grams per kilogram of body weight. If you are a diabetic, have kidney problems, are sedentary, or are over age sixty-five, it is best to stay on the low side. However, many of you will want to increase your exercise levels, including resistance weight training. Depending on your level, you can go between 1 and 2 grams, or even higher. It is important that you drink between 10 and 12 glasses of water to help the kidneys flush out toxins.

The best sources of dietary protein are lean chicken, fish, occasional lean meat, soy products, egg whites, and whey protein. Some bodybuilders swear that they get bigger muscles when they eat chicken and turkey instead of red meat. And who are we to argue with bodybuilders? But red meat also contains carnitine, a metabolic enhancer.

Then there is the wonderful, versatile soy protein. Tofu, or “to-faux” as we like to call it, can be made to resemble almost everything under the sun from chicken salad to hamburgers to ice cream. Orthodox Jews who always secretly craved cheeseburgers can now indulge in real hamburgers made with “to-faux” cheese. Soy protein contains a powerful antioxidant, genistein, and a protease inhibitor that provide a double whammy against cancer.

It also boosts HDL levels, lowers triglycerides, and maintains blood glucose at healthy levels. The best sources of soy protein are soy flour, soy milk, tofu, soy nuts, miso, and tempeh. Not soy sauce or soybean oil, which contain very little of the protein.

Soy protein has yet another remarkable effect that will light up the life of anyone trying to lose weight.

Egg whites are pure protein. You can make egg whites from hard-boiled eggs palatable by chopping them up with low-fat mayonnaise and a little salt. Whey protein is another favorite of bodybuilders. Whey is the runny stuff that’s left when you make, cheese.

The easiest way to get your protein, and the one we recommend if you are going in for the whole program, is a high-quality protein shake. Here is one recipe:


2 to 6 boiled eggs with the yolks removed

lto2 bananas

Half cup strawberries

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix in blender at high speed until well blended.

You can vary your shakes by adding skim milk or soy protein or even vegetables like broccoli. You can also buy commercially made

protein shakes at the health food store and add water, milk, juice, or fruit, and blend it, according to the instructions. If you are using protein shakes to meet your protein requirements, take one or two protein shakes a day, the first between breakfast and lunch, and the second between lunch and dinner or immediately after exercising.


Fat is the enemy of growth hormone. It blocks both the production and the release of GH. “If you’re eating 40% to 50% every day and you’re taking growth hormone, it’s like putting on the heat and the air conditioner at the same time,” says Dr. Terry.

We give you a range of up to 30 percent because many people find it difficult to go below this. But for best results, aim for the low end, with most of this coming from unsaturated fats or monounsaturates like olive oil. While growth hormone raises HDL levels and lowers LDL levels, there’s no sense in working against this action by eating saturated fats that increase cholesterol.


The glycemic index is a measure of how fast a carbohydrate enters the bloodstream and raises your blood sugar level. The index forms a basic part of the GH diet because when blood sugar is raised, it triggers the release of insulin. The higher the food is on the glycemic index, the more insulin is secreted. And high insulin blocks the fat-melting action of growth hormone just as growth hormone interferes with the fat-storage action of insulin.

Many of the carbohydrates you would expect to be low on the glycemic index are, such as most vegetables. But then there are surprising exceptions like carrots, corn, and beets, which are all very high. Most fruits, even very sweet ones like berries, are low because their fiber content slows the entrance into the bloodstream and because fructose, the sugar in fruits, has a slower entry rate than glucose.

This brings us to the most surprising and least intuitive carbohydrates that are high on the index. Glucose is the sugar found in grains and starches like bread, cereal, potatoes, rice, and pasta. These are the very foods that have been touted as the basis of the new healthier, low-fat way to eat. But these are also the foods that raise the level of insulin, which encourages the storage of fat.

In fact, some nutritional experts believe that the glycemic index helps explain why Americans are getting fatter while they claim to eat less fat than ever before. As a nation, we are eating less fat, especially saturated fat, which helps account for the significant drop in the rate of heart disease. But the pasta and grains we conscientiously substitute for meat have raised insulin levels, generated weight gain, and caused the rate of insulin-resistant, type 2 diabetes to rise dramatically!

This does not mean that you should cut out all high-glycemic foods. Almost everything, including a dish of Haagen-Dazs, is all right if done in moderation. Incidentally, ice cream is low on the glycemic index and low-fat ice cream or frozen yogurt is even better. But it does mean that you should familiarize yourself with the glycemic index (see table below) and try to eat foods that are on the low end rather than on the high end. This means, for instance, eating sweet potatoes rather than regular potatoes and whole wheat spaghetti rather than white rice. Adding fiber is a good way to retard the rate of insulin’s entry into the bloodstream. High-fiber oatmeal, for instance, has a glycemic index of 49, while cornflakes are 80.


Take advantage of the feast-fast cycle (see above) by spacing your meals and snacks so that they are between four hours and five hours apart. This time interval will allow the insulin to disappear from your bloodstream so that the growth hormone can work unimpeded to build muscle and lean body tissue. But don’t go beyond five hours or you will suffer from the effects of hypoglycemia. The slower-absorbed proteins in your diet should keep you from becoming hungry. Have your last meal at least four hours before you plan to go to bed. When you go to bed at night, you’ll be taking your growth hormone releasers on an empty stomach so that they can be fully absorbed.


As we mentioned, the greatest spikes of growth hormone occur during fasting. In fact, the anti-aging effects of growth hormone may help explain why caloric restriction, or fasting every other day, has doubled the life span of experimental animals.

It is probably one of the body’s survival mechanisms in times of food shortage, maintaining stamina and strength. People who are in good health can try fasting for one day every two weeks to really get their growth hormone levels surging. Roy Walford, M.D., one of the nation’s pre-eminent gerontologists and author of the 120-Year Diet, has used fasting for two days of every week for years as an expedient way to cut down calories for life-extension purposes.

Since you will not be taking in energy in the form of food, plan to fast when the physical and mental demands on your time are at their lowest. For most people, not eating for twenty-four hours makes it difficult to perform vigorous exercise or other taxing activities. To prepare your body for a fast, a day or two before, switch to a simple diet of cooked vegetables, salads, and juices, while avoiding grains, breads, dairy products, meat, and fish. Another pre-fast approach is to skip a meal or two for a few days before beginning the fast. Fasting for a single day is not very difficult to do, and many people report that they experience a euphoric feeling similar to a runner’s high.

In addition to hiking GH levels, fasting allows the digestive enzymes to move through the empty stomach directly into the bloodstream and intestines, cleanses the bloodstream of metabolic wastes, purifies the colon, and relieves allergies, headaches, inflammations, blood pressure problems, and various skin diseases. Important: Do not attempt to fast without consulting your physician, especially if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, or other medical conditions.

When fasting, here are a few simple rules to follow:

1. Drink two to three quarts of liquid, or eight to twelve glasses. This can be in the form of fresh vegetable or fruit juice, divided up during the day, with one to two glasses in the morning as breakfast; one glass at midday; one to two glasses for lunch; and one to two glasses for dinner. The rest of the time, drink water.

2. Do not maintain a busy schedule this day. Relax, do light exercise, and nap when necessary. You shouldn’t really need as much sleep as usual, since your body doesn’t have to work to digest food.


Both aerobic exercise at very high levels and weight training will stimulate growth hormone. The workout plan together with growth hormone releasers and the GH diet will take decades off your body.

I’ll be updating all workouts in TheHGHPlan here on TheHGHBlog, so stay tuned and subscribe!

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding hGH

Is it necessary that I have to regularly exercise and also eat a healthy diet in order for the treatment of HGH to be effective?

There are no such rules which state that you will have to do regular exercises on a daily basis and also eat a healthy diet rather than whatever food consumption you are currently having in order for the treatment of HGH to be effective.

In the event you are currently in the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food at fast food joints and not exercising, there is no need that you have to change your current routine in order to undergo HGH treatment.

Well, though I do highly recommend avoiding the above lifestyle choices in order, actually have a healthy lifestyle and doing exercise regularly.

But I would also like to mention here that you will probably have a great feeling while using HGH treatment inspite of your unhealthy eating and living lifestyle which you have been continuing.

Could you tell me the time that it takes for my body to impart the changes once I begin with the HGH treatment?

The results of HGH treatment greatly depend from one person to another but many people who have been administered with injectable HGH treatment have encountered positive changes in their body within few couple of weeks/ month period. However there are few problems with injection therapy – 1). It’s expansive and 2). It requires a close monitoring under a really good anti aging expert, otherwise you might be jeopardizing your health.

With a good anti aging doctor, these positive results could be easily felt in their body and in the overall improved general sense of well being usually accompanied by an increase in the levels of energy.

Going the natural route is also a very good option, it’s without side effects and if combined with a smart workout plans, it can work wonders. There are people who have dramatically improved their health in like 2-3 months. There are some good natural hGH releasers on the market as well.

Are there any chances for me to purchase hGH injections online?

NO, I do not recommend anybody to purchase HGH injections online though you can find plenty of websites offering cheap HGH injections. You must only purchase after consulting with your physician. You will have to find out the level of your HGH and also undergo some physical tests on your body. The results are obtained only after the above mentioned procedure is complete and then the proper dosage of HGH will be provided to the patient, so that they do not suffer from any side effects. Therefore never rely on any online purchase of HGH injections.

The physician, who will provide you with the right type of HGH injection, will also call you on certain days to check out the effects of the HGH treatment on your body which you might not be able to get when you purchase an injection online.

When I begin using HGH treatment, will I get a chance for better performance in sports?

I strongly do not recommend HGH treatment to increase and improve the energy levels of a sportsman. But yes, HGH treatment can help in recovering faster during any injuries that occurs in sports. Therefore, it can be considered before you plan to return back to the competition. Read how growth hormone heals.

Can we say that HGH is a kind of steroid?

No! This is a common myth faced by many people. Let us speak on the technical part of HGH. HGH consists of a lengthy chain of polypeptide, a series of amino acids that are connected together. Therefore, HGH is considered to be a protein. Proteins are naturally produced in our bodies and we do not naturally produce steroids which are commonly sold in the market today. These are synthetics.

What is the minimum age during which I can begin administering HGH injection?

The best year for administering HGH injection is once a person attains the age of 40 years. But remember, it is very important that you conduct an HGH test before administering the treatment. Only when the physician feels that your body can adapt to this treatment, you can go ahead with this.

What will be the cost of an HGH injection?

When it comes to men, the cost of administering HGH treatment can run even up to $400 in a particular month, while for women since their requirement for HGH is comparatively lesser as compared to men; their cost will also work out to be less. If you wish to take oral HGH treatment instead of injections, the cost will work out to be a lot cheaper at just about $20 per month.

What will happen in the event I stop undergoing the HGH therapy after few couple of months or a year period?

Well, there are no side effects which can harm your body in the event you plan to stop this treatment midway. The only drawback which you might face is that your energy levels might change back to where it was before you began administering this treatment – that is all.

GHR 1000 review

I believe that ghr1000 and genf20 are the best hgh products out there.They are safe and reliable and don’t bear adverse effects or any dangers.

Based on a number of reviews and consumer reports, what I have concluded that GHR1000 and genf20 both worked for almost everybody with very few exceptions. GHR1000 is an excellent product that thousands have had great success with. GHR1000 works by revitalizing the function of the pituitary gland to deliver more growth hormone. GHR1000 also comes with a hassle free 75 day money back guarantee.

While on the other hand, GenF20 combines effectiveness, affordability and excellent service in one HGH product and service package. This brand is a non-prescription drug which has shown solid results.

Both these products come with solid ingredients that have clinically proven track record to release hgh naturally. They have been proven to:

Reduce fat, while boosting lean muscle

Enrich the look and texture of your skin

Develop bone density and even reverse osteoporosis

Develop the brain, and sustain memory even as you age

Enhance the sex drive

Tone and enhance overall physical and mental well being

Give rise to to better sleep Improve mood

You can be sure they can’t have side effects as they are natural releasers of hgh and free from side effects that injectable hgh has. Choose assiduously to get the highest quality products from the choices in this genuinely advantageous grouping. Go with goods from a company that has a good name, like GenF20 HGH — this one bears out its safety and reliability.

There are neither adverse effects nor identified drug interactions with GenF20 HGH. This product is manufactured in GMP approved laboratories, that is, pharmaceutical quality labs of the highest standards. These are the types of safety checks to look for. Consult with your doctor if you have special concerns.

What side effects would be experienced?

There are no acknowledged side effects with HGH releasers. Many studies have been made in all age categories, and no side effects whatsoever have been proven. Just make sure the product you use is made in a GMP authorized laboratory.

How long can I take HGH?

At the start, it’s suggested that you take the product for about 6 months to bring your body’s HGH production levels up. At this time, you may opt to take a “break” of up to 1 year, as you continue to enjoy the advantages of raised levels of HGH. Your body’s latest HGH production levels will not fall suddenly at this period. Then you can repeat the steps to enhance HGH production in the long term. If you are having problems coming up with a product that follows these specifications, I suggest GenF20 and GHR1000 as products you can be sure of.

A review of GenF20 Plus HGH system – Can it work wonders?

Both Genf20 and GHR1000 fall under the categories of secretagogues. By definition a secretagogue is any substance which causes another substance to be secreted. With regards to human growth hormone, a secretagogue is any substance that causes the anterior pituitary gland to release more growth hormone.

GenF20 and GHR1000 HGH Anti aging pills stimulate the pituitary gland. As we all know, the pituitary gland is responsible for excretion of growth hormones. Unlike HGH injection that artificially inflates your HGH level, GenF20 HGH does not inflate your HGH levels directly from outside since it is not the growth hormone itself, but a precursor to HGH. It causes your body to produce its own hgh, which is a much safer strategy.

HGH Precursors, or HGH Releasers as they are often called, the safest and most effective way to stimulate the pituitary gland so it can produce more hormones. Both the products’ efficacy is very well documented and proven.

Unlike oral sprays that do not hold any usable HGH within them despite claims to the contrary, and are usually scams, Genf20 and GHR1000 are effective and their science of working is well documented and proven.

Anti aging ingredients (hgh releasers) do the magic

Their ingredients are Vitamin B6, L-Arginine HCI, L-Glutamine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Omithine HCL, L-Valine, GABA, Glycine, Tribulus Terrestris and Colostrum.

These natural ingredients are proven to be natural hgh releasers. While this is a good list of widely available nutritional supplements that can do the trick, my readers have been asking me if there is an all in one supplement so they don’t have to use different nutritional supplements for anti aging. So, I did a research and came across GenF20 Plus.

GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System consisting of hGH releasing pills and spray is an excellent, affordable alternative to expensive HGH injections, because it encourages your body to naturally produce more HGH on its own. Here is another comprehensive review of the product.

The spray included in the GenF20 Plus Triple-Advantage System is different as it does not claim to be “real hgh”, in fact selling real hGH is sureshot SCAM. Rather this spray consists of several good ingredients that stimulate and increase the production of growth hormone from your pituitary gland.

These products are made up of a mixture of amino acids in the proper ratio combined with other growth-inducing ingredients in a capsule or tablets form.

This is one of a kind of hgh product as it has been tested clinically, you can see the research here and is being actively backed by many medical professionals.

So What Can Genf20 Plus do?

Do you think that Genf20 Plus will be able to shave twenty years off your age? It’s evidently not possible by using a just using a hgh releasing product. No product on the planet today can quite do that. Additionally, assuming that you just need a sensible upgrade in the way you look, and a tremendous upgrade in the way you feel, then Genf20 Plus is able to offer you that! Besides, I believe following a good anti aging lifestyle in combination with trying Genf20 Plus is a good strategy that can really work wonders.

Is aging inescapable?

It was earlier that we used to think so. We used to accept that ageing was certain and nothing might prevent someone’s metabolism from moderating after the age of thirty, we could not avoid wrinkles and avoid signs of aging on skin and body. No matter what individuals did to stop it, or even to ease it off, nothing appeared to prevent the determined walk of age. Hell, even experts and fitness gurus, could not avoid aging.

Until the impact of HGH aging was well a disease whose cure was not known. Notwithstanding, now experts and celebrities like Sylvester Stallone know for sure HGH can goad an expansion in lean muscle and reduce body fat, advancing an individual to look and feel more youthful.


Not just does Genf20 Plus have a good mix of the most cutting edge and most strong HGH releasers consolidated into it; it has got medical studies and medical community backing it. Suffice to state that Genf20 Plus will for sure empower you to exist and work simply way you did at the prime of your youth, and will benefit to make a younger, stronger you.

Read GenF20 Faqs!

Ingredients in GenF20 pills

L-Arginine – 130mg

L-Glutamine – 115mg

L-Glycine – 100mg

L-Lysine – 100mg

L-Tyrosine – 100mg

Astragalus Root Extract – 60mg

Deer Velvet Antler – 50mg

GABA – 50mg

Colostrum – 50mg

L-Valine – 40mg

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder* – 30mg

Phosphatidyl Choline – 25mg

L-Ornithine – 25mg

GTF Chromium – 0.1 mg

Ingredients in GenF20 spray

This potent HGH secretogogue in oral spray has been formulated to include a complementary blend of amino acid compounds and botanical agents including the clinically proven HGH booster “Alpha GPC.”

Other known HGH boosters included in GenF20 Plus™ Oral Spray are GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), Mucuna Pruriens (seed), Moomiyo Extract, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Tyrosine, and Glycine

Taking DHEA and Melatonin for Anti-aging


A large number of people are now making use of DHEA and melatonin as a cost-effective alternative to growth hormone. Both products can help in raising hgh levels in the body but the studies are primarily anecdotal.

DHEA: The actual Story

DHEA is really a testosterone precursor that’s been commonly touted by media sources misusing a result of clinical trials as the “the mother hormone” as well as a “true elixir of youth.” Among these hormones, its levels usually diminish in the most dramatic fashion with each passing decade of your life. A good enthusiasm still exists among medical experts and fitness professionals for using DHEA as an antiaging hormone.

You can find DHEA as low as $30 for a one-month supply of 100-milligram capsules. It has not been shown to have as spectacular an age-reversal impact as GH and it has not yet been proven in long-term scientific testing on people. It is a food additive, but the FDA has approved it by prescription only, even though it is freely offered at most nutrition stores and drugstores.

Given it can metabolize to estrogen and testosterone in the blood, the same safety measures apply as for those hormones. It shouldn’t be used by a person with a history of prostate or ovarian cancer. Dosages generally range from 25 and 150 milligrams, but it’s better to start at the low-dose end of about 25 to 50 milligrams daily and enhance the dosage later if needed. In one study, 50 milligrams was enough to bring DHEA up to youthful levels.

For optimum results, consume divided doses three or four times a day. Have your DHEA levels assessed every two to three months. Because taking an excessive amount of DHEA can turn off your own internal production, you can test taking it every second day and alternating with a DHEA precursor, for instance dioscorea, or wild yam capsules.

Seeing a doctor is recommended before you decide on taking DHEA supplements.


Pregnenolone is a hormone manufactured from cholesterol inside the adrenal gland. It’s the precursor for all your other gender-related hormones, for example dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), estrogen, and testosterone, making it in fact the true mother hormone.

Studies during World War II showed that pregnenolone improved the precision of gunmen looking to shoot down planes inside a simulation. What’s more, it allowed factory workers who were making bayonets to create fewer mistakes and work more quickly.

Other studies have demonstrated that pregnenolone is one of most potent memory enhancer ever to be discovered. Unfortunately, these findings were in mice, and effect on humans is still not very well confirmed.

However, Dr. John’s findings haven’t stopped a variety of reporters from quoting him as saying that “pregnenolone is among the most potent memory enhancer” while somehow failing to add the caveat that this finding is merely in mice and not humans. While more principals are underway on this hormone, its supplementation can’t be recommended for humans right now.

Will Melatonin make you a more effective sleeper ?

Melatonin is considered to be a type of magical hormone that has already captured the attention of the general public. Even those people who are not interested in anti aging are also taking this medication which enables them to sleep and relax peacefully after experiencing jet lag.

Melatonin is also considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants which have yet to get its due recognition. This is a cancer fighter, an immune booster, AIDS remedy, mood lift and heart helper. According to Greg Fahy (PhD.) From the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland growth hormone (GH) is likely to hold the keys as to why melatonin supplements have this kind of extensive anti aging effects.

He further says that ‘this has remained as a theory’, and he also mentions that a fall in the level of melatonin in the brain, can lead to puberty. As a person goes through puberty, their levels of growth hormones begin to fall. So, it can be reasoned out that things are all connected with one another. This might just be the reason some experts believe that replacing lost melatonin will help in stimulating the release of growth hormone.

The connection of the two hormones is so strong that a well known expert, Russell Reiter (PhD.) suggests using melatonin for anti aging which is considered to be a low cost and an easy way to help boost the levels of growth hormones.

But remember, this is not highly recommended. While melatonin given in fewer doses is an important part of multi hormonal substitution, it will not be able to replace growth hormone as compared to DHEA.

The only possibility for growth hormone stimulation is either through natural hgh releasers or it should be administered by injection therapy. The Growth Hormone Enhancement Program will also bring the levels of IGF-1 back to youthful which is very important for turning back the problems of age on a human mind and body.

A good natural alternative to prescription sleep pills

Sleep aids that are doctor prescribed may knock you out, but they don’t provide you with restful stage-four delta sleep. These pills can be habit-forming or perhaps physically addicting. You also wake up in a drugged state of mind.

Melatonin supplements are a natural substitute for these sleeping pills, suitable to most people. Mixing them with John Selby’s relaxation techniques is one quite effective sleep strategy. These are frequently promoted in connection with airline personnel and frequent travelers who have made melatonin a preferred encouraged treatment for jet lag.

But it’s not just vital for acquiring restful sleep and Melatonin has many different well-documented benefits. Russian research, for instance, illustrate that melatonin replacement therapy stretches the lifespans of mice by up to 25 percent, a finding that may have human applications.

Melatonin adjusts the system’s circadian rhythm, the daily twenty-four-hour cycle that mandates vital functions. It may be the closest thing we have to a natural sleeping pill. Like GH, its release is almost entirely confined to the night time. The amount of melatonin we make at night is directly related to how well we sleep. Elderly people with insomnia have half the amount of melatonin as young people. The declining levels of growth hormone in the aged also contribute to sleep problems.

Melatonin mechanism

Like a vampire, melatonin comes alive at nighttime and shrinks in the light. Within humans, the pineal gland, about the size of a date pit and shaped like a tiny pinecone at the center of the brain, generates melatonin. The famed seventeenth-century philosopher Descartes called this gland “the seed of the soul.” Surrounded by a rich blood supply, the pineal gland contains one hundred times more serotonin than any part of the human body.

Serotonin acts as a kind of thermostat system in your body. A vital neurotransmitter, relaying and amplifying signals between neurons and other cells, serotonin functions as an important precursor or direct parent of melatonin.

Melatonin also controls the production of the stress-regulator cortisol and the sex hormone testosterone, which relates to energy, libido, and red blood cell production-while also safeguarding the body against osteoporosis. The daily circadian rhythms regulated and managed by melatonin range from the secretion of growth hormone. Most crucial for anti-aging, melatonin energizes the pituitary gland’s production of it, which peaks during rapid eye movement sleep.

The vitality of melatonin also extends to their sexual function, not just reawakening youthful interest and vigor, but actually fixing and regenerating their sexual organs so they were comparable to those of younger animals.

Melatonin also energizes the thymus, a key organ of the immune system working in the production of disease-fighting T-cells. Melatonin levels and the size of the thymus gland seem to be related.

Just like hgh, the body’s production of melatonin diminishes as people age. Melatonin levels peak from ages fifteen to twenty-five, before declining to 15 to 20 percent of those levels by age seventy. The issue grows more complicated because serotonin levels remain high in mature people.

As a result, the balance between melatonin and serotonin weighs in favor of serotonin the older we get. Among mature people, a number of negative symptoms can emerge from this imbalance, especially interrupted sleep patterns, central sleep apnea, sexual disorders, depression, and an inclination to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The eventual prominence of serotonin in mature people comes out as a harmful development, generally because melatonin plays a crucial role in enhancing the essential sleep process, essential to the body’s healing. Keep in mind that physicians know a good night’s sleep serves as nature’s best healing medicine. It’s no chance that most heart attacks occur in the early morning hours.

Though researchers started out studying melatonin in the 1950s, they didn’t really realize this hormone’s advantages until the late 1980s. Medical results consistently show how this hormone battles free radicals hidden in toxic substances absorbed from food, water, and the environment, toxins that can give rise to the aging process.

Melatonin also defends thinking processes by preventing free radicals. It may also decrease heart disease and immune deficiency diseases. In a research at the University of Texas Health Center in San Antonio, rats given carcinogens before melatonin treatments had 50 percent less genetic damage than those without such therapy. Melatonin enhances the defense mechanisms while helping AIDS patients and people struggling with chronic depression.

Considering melatonin supplementation ?

Physicians have discovered that mature people who have never taken melatonin have reduced quality and duration of sleep, while their immune system functions, their vitality and longevity diminish as well.

Thanks to the pineal gland’s strategic location within the brain, the system produces melatonin straight into the cerebrospinal fluid and the general circulatory system. Nonetheless, our systems significantly reduce the production of melatonin during daylight hours, right after its usual peak at about 3 o’clock in the morning.

Medical experts say that melatonin acts as the body’s biological clock due to the hormone’s relationship to light and dark cycles. Periodic changes impact this process, when daylight hours expand during summers and shorten during winters.

Can you use Melatonin?

The main problem of consuming melatonin is very simple – Melatonin is a type of hormone.

Yes, it is true – Melatonin is a hormone just like estrogen or testosterone. The procedure is the same, just the way we consume estrogen (whether the estrogen is consumed in the form of a pill or in the form of hormone replacement therapy) or testosterone therapy, we must not forget that melatonin supplementation invites lots of risks.

As opposed to using natural hgh releasers for anti aging, (which are not hormones themselves but stimulate production of growth hormone in the body), melatonin is itself a hormone and its supplementation can disrupt some endocrine balance.

When we regularly use melatonin, usually in the dosage of about 3 to 6 milligrams, it can trigger a type of vicious cycle inside the brain. In order to get proper sleep, melatonin is essential but when you supplement it regularly, this will ensure that your body will produce less (due to negative feedback) and even create a greater need for the hormone.

In order to get proper sleep, you do not require depending upon melatonin; instead try out your hands on an aerobic workout. This will help provoke circulation, serotonin production and hormones.

Cut down on the consumption of alcohol. It is very important that you spend about 30 minutes to get your heart racing. It is also advised to eat small and protein rich meals which include some kind of fiber before going to bed and ensure keeping it light.

More sleeping tips here.

A few other natural nonaddictive sleep remedies to consider include Valerium, Chamomiles, passion flower, SHTP, and Kava-kava. Some homeopathic sleep remedies you might investigate include Arsenicum album, Cocculus, Ignatia amara, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Silicea, and Sulphur taken from St. John’s wort, and certain teas.

Another problem with melatonin supplementation is that discovering the right dose is a matter of trial and error. Many people do well on less than 200 micrograms, however some frequently need around 60 milligrams. If you don’t need it to sleep well or to reset your system time clock after crossing time zones, there does not seem to be much dependence on anti-aging unless you are sixty or older.

To maintain your pineal gland in a great melatonin-producing state before that, do what people did for aeons before Edison lit up the world: Rest in a darkened room and rollup your window blinds first thing each morning and take in the sunlight. Remember the vampire effect !

People older than fifty who use melatonin supplements should start such routines by taking lower doses, such as 1 to 3 mg at bedtime. This process usually entails taking melatonin every other day or a maximum five to six days per week. Be sure to avoid taking melatonin at least one day per week in order to allow the pineal gland to continue making this hormone uninhibited.

For those who have insomnia issues, try raising the dosage to 5 or 10 milligrams, although some people might require 20 milligrams or even more to get an effect. Many experts prudently recommend taking it every second day as well as more occasionally so that you don’t reduce the capability of your pineal gland to secrete its own stores of melatonin. Should you decide to quit melatonin, taper off by cutting the dosage back in increments over several days for a duration of one to two weeks to avoid rebound insomnia.

Sleep apnea is a condition marked by very dangerous pauses in breathing while asleep and it affects up to 20 percent of people older than fifty. Physicians have been struggling to find or develop an effective prescription drug to treat this condition. But melatonin in higher doses, as much as 10 or 20 mg taken before bedtime, may lessen the unwanted effects of sleep apnea.


Melatonin shouldn’t be employed for any reason by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children, women trying to get pregnant (high doses act as a contraceptive), or those who are on prescription steroids or who’ve mental sickness, depressive disorders, severe allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), or immune system cancers (such as lymphoma and leukemia). Check with your personal anti-aging physician before beginning any hormonal replacement therapy.

User reviews

I do not see any harm in consuming melatonin daily as it is considered to be natural and does not form any habits. But since this is a type of hormone, it is better to be safe rather than feel sorry and begin consuming it only during the days whenever you feel that you are having trouble getting sufficient sleep.

1 tablet of ‘Optimum Melatonin’ 3mg is all what I require just before going to bed. The tablet helps me sleep peacefully and wake up feeling completely refreshed. I felt drowsiness only when I began taking the tablets continuously in a row. I would also like to mention that I used to get weird dreams more often during the time I used to take the tablets continuously for multiple days. This is a very fair and simple, short review. It is very effective and for only about 2 dollars, we can get about 100 melatonin tablets which also make it a great value for money – Ron.

Well, it does allow you to go to sleep, and at times I consume only about half the tablet in the event I have to wake up early the next day. A whole tablet (1 serving) will put me to sleep very fast and the problem I face is that I am unable to wake up early the next morning and even in the event if I am able to wake up, I feel drowsy and tired the whole day through – Jacob.

Why you should never drink soft drinks ?

Soft Drinks Fail To Be an alternative to Drinking water.

An incredibly informative article which examines the advantages of drinking water to Coca Cola has been published on multilple web sites for some time now. I don’t know about the author, but the content matter of that article is mighty important and must be included here:



• 75% of People in America are chronically dehydrated. (This most likely is applicable to 50 % the world population).

• In 37% of Americans, the thirst system is so weak that it is often wrongly recognized for craving for food.

• One glass of water turns off midnight food cravings for nearly 100% of the people on diet.( researched by University of Washington).


• Study suggests that 8-10 glasses of water a day can substantially relieve hack and joint pain for approximately 80% of affected individuals.

• Even MILD dehydration will decelerate your metabolism by around 3%.

• Insufficient water is the #1 cause of morning and daytime tiredness and lethargy.

• Just a 2% fall in body water can bring about unclear short-term memory, issues with solving easiest math problems, and hardship in concentrating on the computer screen or on a printed document or newspaper.

• Consuming 5 glasses of water every day diminishes the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can cut the possibility of breast cancer by 79%, and there is 50% less chance of someone acquiring bladder cancer.



Are you ingesting the quantity of water you need to daily?

Before you go for a Softdrink or cola to satisfy your thirst, bear this in mind:

• It is possible to put a T-hone steak in a bowl of coke and it will go away in two days.

• In several states (in the USA) the highway patrol has two gallons of Coke in the trunk to clear away blood from the the roads following a motor vehicle accident.

The bitter side of sweetened drinks

Have you ever noticed that during hot climate, we tend to gulp plenty of soft drinks instead of water with the feel that no matter what it is, both come in liquid form? In the bargain, we end up drinking plenty of gallons of aerated soft drinks a year.

Snagging a sugar-laden cold drink on a hot day may seem an harmless, if not diet-friendly, enough action, but research recently demonstrates daily consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, including carbonated drinks and sweetened fruit juices, raises the risk of heart attack by about 20%.

The risk increased with the number of drinks drank per day (independent of overall diet quality and body mass index). This research was carried out in over 40,000 men, but comparable outcomes have been discovered in women.

Investigation in almost 90,000 women established that taking in more than two sugary drinks per day enhanced the risk of heart attack by almost 40% compared with less than one drink per month, separate from other dietary and lifestyle factors.

Added sugar may increase waist Circumference, blood pressure. or blood triglyceride. cholesterol and blood sugar levels (together known as metabolic syndrome when these measures are above a specific level) and possibly cause the development of type II diabetes, all of which elevate the likelihood of cardiovascular illnesses. Sugar-sweetened drinks can also spark the body’s inflammatory response, an identified risk factor for heart disease.

Before deciding to drink a bottle of soft drink to destroy your thirst remind yourself that each bottle contains apart from water, sugar (which is 6 teaspoons ever 8 ounces at 15 calories each teaspoon) plus coloring, carbon dioxide, flavors, acids, caffeine, preservatives, sodium, potassium, sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame sucralose & acesulfane.

Caffeine is something we find in coffee which is addictive in nature. Similar group of chemicals found are morphine, purvine, cocaine, strychnine etc.

Most of the soft drinks contain caffeine which draws water from our body and those soft drinks that contain sodium allow a body to hold water.

In fact, sodium is a substance that make a person feel the need to drink more… and who is benefiting from all this? Do I need to explain? I guess not.

Many soft drinks contain Aspartame also commonly known as NutraSweet, which is famous for creating disorders in human beings right from headaches/ nausea to rashes, seizures, brain damage and even blindness.

One more substance present in a lot of soft drinks is benzene. Benzene is a cancer causing substance.

It is typically launched into the air from emissions from vehicles and burning up coal and oil.

Heat and light exposure can result in changes in all those beverages which contain benzoate salts and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) causing their composition to create benzene.

DIET DRINKS NO Significantly better

It’s common for soft drinks to include dangerous amounts of sugar. Thus, sugar substitutes are often replaced to reduce the number of calories and therein lies the concept of diet drinks.

Although drink producers assert these foods have a lesser number of calories, they can still bring about elevated body weight through toxic build up.

FDA guidelines require that the flavors employed in any refined food, such as soft drinks, be an extract of a real product, even so, often these agents are actually synthetic compositions.

This drastically enhances the level of toxins in these products, causing them to be much more hazardous.

One particular flavoring agent employed by soft drink corporations is caffeine. Caffeine is addictive and besides that the consumption of caffeine can result in increased levels of anxiety, irritability, and depression, trouble focusing and hyperactive conduct.

Choosing diet drinks as opposed to regular sugar-sweetened drinks is probably not a healthier choice, too. In diet soft drinks, the artificial sweetener, aspartame, is employed as an alternative for sugar.

Despite the fact that aspartame consists of no calories, it increases a number of health risks, such as cancer.

One research revealed that daily usage of artificially sweetened drinks was connected with a more than 40% increase in the risk of heart disease.

Like sugar-sweetened drinks, diet drinks can raise the risk of metabolic syndrome and, eventually, heart disease.

Having said that, study on diet drinks is sort of inconclusive and the way in which artificial sweeteners may increase heart disease risk is uncertain.

The American Heart Association suggests restricting sugar intake to about 5 teaspoons per day in women and 9 in men (one typical can of soft drink is made up of about 8 teaspoons of sugar.

In case you want to know if a particular diet drink is better for your health, then find out whether its ingredients contain NutraSweet(Aspartame) or not.

If it contains, than probably you have an answer to yourself and chances are that you might be getting frequent headaches after drinking diet drinks.

Most of us have the habit of drinking Crystal Light Pink Lemonade during afternoons to refresh our mind and get back to work with the feel that lemonades do not contain sugar & come without calories. But, we end up with severe migraine which is mainly caused due to Crystal Light.

Acidulants mainly act as preservatives & provide a soothing flavor. The two main ingredients which are mostly found in soft-drinks are citric & phosphoric acids.

At times even tartaric & malic acids are used. Excess intake of phosphoric acids inside our body is very harmful for our health mainly because it upsets the calcium phosphorus balance of our body and pulls out calcium from our bones, which can cause serious illness such as osteoporosis (which means the bones of our body begin to weaken, which can have an adverse affect when we get old).

Moreover, hydrochloric acid inside our stomach is attacked leading to indigestion & bloating.

Now we know sweetened drinks provide little if any nourishment, they in fact INCREASE the human body’s requirement for water.

Soft drinks and sodas may cause premature aging. This habit of consuming fizzy drinks forces you to grow old in advance of your time, experts have warned. Studies have shown that phosphate, which gives many sodas their tangy flavor, can speed up ageing.

The nutrient, which is also combined with refined and packaged meats, cakes and breads, can make the skin and muscles deteriorate and may additionally harm the heart and kidneys.

Even though studies were done in mice, the scientists think that the outcomes of their study show the possible repercussions of high doses of the mineral.

Weakening of bones, pancreatic cancer, muscle weakness and paralysis have already been associated with soft drinks, with just two cans per week considered enough to boost the risk.

For durability and a long healthy life, a healthy diet plan and retaining the balance of phosphate in the diet can be much more critical than it might seem. Steer clear of phosphate poisoning and revel in a healthy life.

Eliminating toxins- Eliminate soft and diet drinks

For the reason that your body is an extremely robust miraculous resource, it can take a long time for the abuse manifesting from a poor lifestyle.

But ultimately once the body gets to its total capacity for being overloaded with detrimental stuff like grease, salt, sugar, preserved, refined and junk fast foods, sickly, blocked blood vessels are formed!

Thereafter illnesses materialize – Cataracts, Arthritis, hearing issues. Varicose veins cripple the legs, stomach and colon problems. Heaps and lethal fissures invade the rectum. These are over 4,000 devastating ailments that can make life miserable.

Nature is a harsh teacher, first comes the ailment, then comes the lesson. Go to any clinic and discover the poor, wretched, struggling humans, those who never realized the truly great natural laws.

They couldn’t quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, cola and soft drinks and stuffed their bodies with refined and dead foods.

Consumers in the world’s developed nations eat plenty of fresh meat as well as a myriad of smoked, salted and preserved meats. These days folks throughout the world consume several products made out of processed white sugar and today the toxic sugar substitute – aspartame.

In addition to being a lethal toxin,, aspartame really plays a role in putting on weight by triggering a craving for carbs. Learn more about the fatal health conditions resulting from Monsanto’s toxic sweetener on this site:

Lots of individuals are afflicted by bowel irregularity due to dehydration since they don’t consume enough water.

Bear in mind salt, black tea, coffee, alcohol, cola, soft drinks are dehydrating. One purpose of the lower digestive tract is to get rid of excess water from the waste.

Potassium and sodium are essential for the body and tend to be undamaging in modest quantities. Sodium accounts for controlling and transporting fluids inside the body.

Having said that, its intake should be restricted; consequently, diet sodas, being loaded with sodium, must be eliminated completely by anyone who has kidney disease, adrenal, thyroid or pituitary gland functional issues, diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Minimize soft drinks, Eliminate toxins

Find alternatives to soft and diet drinks. Drinking is good for you, depending on what you drink of course. Well, juicing can be a great alternative and so can a drink from Solaltech.

I recommend this fruit and veggie boost drink without all the sugar and calories? NEW SOLAL 24-in 1 SuperFruit & Vegetable Drink – offers 18 fruit and vegetable extracts, 5 antioxidants and 500 million probiotics. and contains 75% less sugar than fruit juices with only 17 CALORIES PER SERVING.

They also have a specific Detox Drink having liver-detoxifying and kidney flushing nutrients and herbs such as spirulina, chlorella, milk thistle, vitamin B, and curcumin.

These help eliminate toxins from the body such as metabolites from alcohol that cause hangovers and all those toxins you have accumulated through years of drinking diet sodas and colas and so on. Also helps with metals and environmental chemicals.

Hgh benefits on body hydration and skin health

Maintain Baby Smooth Skin

Every one of us loves baby’s skin – the adolescent skin, the beautiful glow and the vibrancy which comes from the skin is incomparable and unforgettable.

The reason why baby’s skin is smooth, soft, cushiony and plump are mainly due to the fact that babies’ bodies are composed of 90 percent water.

Aging on the other hand is completely opposite of a baby’s skin. Aging wears out the glow of the youth.

During the aging process, your body becomes desiccated (moisture from the body is taken out), dehydrated and even dry. Those kids who are mainly affected by GH-deficient or ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency’ means that they have been affected by dry skin. These kids often look much older than their real age.

Your system survives on water. Are you aware that water accounts for over fifty percent of your body weight?

Every cell, tissue and organ inside you requires water to operate properly. To illustrate, your body makes use of water to retain its temperature, eliminate waste and lubricate joints. Water is crucial for superior health and for anti aging.

What adequate skin hydration can do: Develop a plumper looking skin, significantly more healthy and softer. Skin that is replenished with water efficiently happens to age slowly than moisture-deprived skin and is more strongly shielded from ecological influences.

Also, as we grow older, our skin diminishes in effectiveness at controlling the skin’s water balance, so it turns out to be a lot more crucial that you incorporate moisturization in your every day routine.

GH (Growth Hormone) and dehydration

Growth Hormone (GH) can actually turn a prune into plump all over again. It has got hydrating capacity which runs through the kidneys and thereby retaining water & sodium. This action is often known as ‘Antinatriuretic Action’.

Those patients who are on hgh injections therapy sometimes complain about swelling, joint paints & even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

This occurs mainly because of the hydrating affects that take place. In case you too are experiencing similar syndromes during treatment, what you will have to do is immediately reduce your dosage.

The best part of growth hormone therapy is that most anti aging specialists are able to provide individualized treatments to patients so that they do not experience any side effects and instead enjoy all the other benefits of life.

GH and Hair Regrowth

There’ve been reports amongst patients with regards to the improvement in the quality of hair related to the usage of growth hormone therapy. It would appear that the power hormone likewise has a tonic influence on hair.

According to a study performed by Terry and Chein, thirty eight % of the overall 202 sufferers reported absolutely new hair regrowth.

Apart from those testimonials, there are many more which report that they were able to experience not only increased growth of hair but also eyelashes becoming fuller and finger nails and toenails developing much faster and certainly looking significantly better.

GH Cosmetics

You’ll find several amazing things going within the world of growth hormone. It has even penetrated the industry of cosmetics.

The brand new skin lotions and creams on the market make use of a blend of retinoic acids similar to Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acids or AHA, anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, and growth factors. The blend of the highly effective ingredients has been discovered to generate dramatic effects.

For example take Agera, a favorite skin regimen which particularly works best for sun damaged skin. The study behind Agera have encouraged the use of hgh in this cosmetic as a master active ingredient.

It’s intended to be just the thing for smoothing out scars, open skin pores and wrinkles and you can blend the peel with microdermabrasion for best results.

GH helps increase the entry of proteins and nucleic acids in to cells, thereby enabling them to play important roles in cell repair and restoration.

By making use of this kind of skin care program, it isn’t difficult to spot a change around the plumpness and vibrancy of the skin in approximately 14 days.

The ingredients of Agera likewise helps in the skin colour, slowing down the impact of far too much sun exposure, bad eating behaviour, and smoking. Using it, you possibly can help decelerate or perhaps stop the process of aging of the skin so you can benefit from the youthful glow possibly even after age 60!

The simplest way to get higher HGH levels naturally

The simplest way might not be the easiest way for you especially if you hate the word exercise. But still this stuff works- plain and simple.

Here is the best way to get the highest peaks and the longest duration of growth hormone secretion. If you are obese or a sedentary older person, start out with fifteen to twenty minutes of brisk walking.

As you get into better shape, increase to a twenty-minute race-walk or jogging and add ten minutes of weight lifting exercise.

For those who are more fit, start with a thirty-minute jog-run and fifteen minutes of weight-training, increasing ultimately to forty minutes of running and twenty to thirty minutes of weight training. It requires a workout of a little more than an hour five times a week once you are in fit condition.

To get the fullest growth hormone enhancement effect, reverse the usual order of things. Begin with your warm-ups, progress to resistance training, and end with your aerobic exercise as follows:

1. Start with resistant exercises for about twenty to thirty minutes. This will get the spurts of GH going and tone and strengthen the body.

2. Then do thirty to forty minutes of aerobics that will maintain a high level of growth hormone for several hours afterward. At the same time, you get the cardiovascular benefit and augment the burning of fat.


For maximum weight-loss, muscle-gain effect, do what the bodybuilders do. In the morning when you wake up, drink water, preferably, or tea or coffee.

Take some carbohydrate fluid for energy. Then do the GH workout outlined above. In this way you burn off yesterday’s calories. And you get your thermogenic and metabolic rate higher for the day.

When you finish your workout, eat breakfast, following a high protein, low fats, moderate carbohydrate menu for optimal body contour. To help replace protein lost during exercise, you can supplement with branched-chain amino acids at this time.


The optimal weekly schedule is: Exercise for three days, rest one day, exercise for two days, rest one day.

Alternate resistance exercise so that you don’t work the same body parts in a row.

For example, shoulders and arms one day, chest and back the next day, legs and abs the day after. Then rest one day and start the weight-lifting routine again.

Exercises to promote growth hormone

Certain workouts can specifically reverse the aging process by stimulating the production of growth hormone.

It will help in boosting your muscle mass, cutting down fat, improving skin thickness and bone mass. The disease fighting capability also gets enhanced.

Exercises for instance squats and dead lifts cause the large muscles like gluteus, biceps, quadriceps, back muscles and hamstrings to burn energy. This could certainly improve the secretion of human growth hormone.

The two main types of exercise which stimulate growth hormones and they achieve it in two different ways.

Research suggests that both constant and irregular exercising is advisable to promote increase in GH secretion in 24-hour in overweight as well as non-obese people, based on research workers at the University of Virginia as well as Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Aerobic exercise leads to continual long-term release of growth hormones in the plasma for two hours or even longer as soon as you stop working out. Resistance exercise such as weight-training brings about the bursts of growth hormone that activate IGF-1.

Reasonable intensity instead of high intensity might be sufficient to stimulate growth hormone release.

Selecting A GH-RELEASING Exercise

You may select an aerobic exercise for boosting GH plasma levels. This consists of running, race-walking, treadmill machine running, as well as stationary bicycle.

Stick to these guidelines when you exercise:

1. Begin from low intensity and increase gradually.

2. Work out for a half-hour.

3. Workout 3 to 6 times per week.

4. If you are above forty and also have been previously less active, go for gentle intensity in the beginning. When you are trained, you can begin attempting for higher intensity levels of 60, 70, or even 80 % of optimum oxygen uptake.


Never try to begin any workout program with out obtaining a comprehensive sports guidance and medication advice by an experienced physician.